George Soros-funded international syndicate of saboteurs

December 14, 2016

George Soros-funded international syndicate of saboteurs

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The biography, the Malaysian Maverick: Mahathir Mohamad in Turbulent Times, was conceived through a book that was written by the late Barry Wain, a former correspondent with the AWSJ who was himself based in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur.

Wain, perhaps the closest of Soros’ associates linked to the AWSJ, was said to have been tasked by the billionaire magnate to work on the biography.

It is highly suspect that Wain was paid by Soros to mould the biography in a way that made Mahathir out to be a dictator who would go on witch hunts to identify his detractors and have them punished and ostracised.

Back then, Soros despised Mahathir for the latter’s anti-Semitic bias that infuriated the Khazarian elites.

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Like Wain, many a writer and columnist had benefited immensely through Soros, whose funds and foundations were said to have channelled millions to editors, reporters and correspondents linked to the NYT and the AWSJ.

Some of Soros’ associates with the NYT included columnist Paul Krugman, Editor Andrew Mark Rosenthal, Pulitzer Prize winner Judith Miller and Chief Executive Editor, Dean Baquet.

Back in the day, the focus of Soros’ attacks was Mahathir. Today, both Mahathir and Berthelsen are on a page with Soros and Tony Blair to destroy Najib and the ruling Barisan Nasional.

Following his stint with AWSJ, Berthelsen went on to assume a directorial position at the Dresdner Bank AG, a financial corporation that was once among Germany’s largest and known to enjoy a close relationship with JP Morgan & Co.

Now, this is the same JP Morgan whose officials I accused of being complicit with Blair to leak out confidential information that pertained to 1MDB and its dealings with several Mideast entities.

In 2006, Berthelsen left the Dresdner Bank AG to assist A. Lin Neumann and two others establish the Asia Sentinel, a web-based news portal focused on the Asian audience.

A former chief editor with The Standard newspaper in Hong Kong, Neumann was previously associated with the Committee to Protect Journalists in Asia and was a former editor with the Joong Ang Daily in Seoul.

Not only is Neumann a staunch Soros advocate, he is a close associate of jailed opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim and assisted the sacked deputy premier wage a vendetta against the Mahathir administration.

On Nov 30, 1999, Neumann, then complicit with former United States (US) vice president Albert Arnold Al Gore to inflame reformasi movements in Jakarta, accused Mahathir of winning the then just held Malaysian general election by using his power to “stifle dissent and muzzle mainstream media.”

Neumann seems to have cut himself off Najib’s radar, but is said to be working from behind the curtains to assist both Rewcastle and Berthelsen in their pursuits against the ruling Barisan Nasional.

Through Asia Sentinel, Berthelsen has been complicit with the Sarawak Report chief editor and Tian Chua to blacken Najib’s name and that of his immediate family members.


If what I am told is true, Berthelsen still keeps a cordial relationship with members of the banking fraternity through a nexus linking him to Soros and the Morgan house.

Given that Asia Sentinel is assisted by Soros with funds channelled through Anwar and Rewcastle, it is highly suspect that the billionaire magnate is making a last ditch attempt to prevent me from delving deeper into a complicity involving Blair and former officials from JP Morgan to sabotage 1MDB and its dealings with the Saudi based Mubadala Development Company PJSC and the Abu Dhabi based PetroSaudi International.

But that is not all.

It was brought to my attention last Friday by a close friend of mine that the Berthelsen rebuke bore traits that were signature to Rewcastle, who, together with her husband, was responsible for setting up the Sarawak Report early in 2010.

The portal is currently being funded by team Mahathir and is said to have received an enormous sum of money from persons associated with Blair.


If indeed the Asia Sentinel rebuke was the doing of Rewcastle, she has every reason to fear me, as I continue to peel the masks she and her accomplices hide under strip by strip, stitch by stitch.

In the process, I’ll prove to you that the only thing she has on her mind is to dissuade the Chinese from furthering their energy ambitions in Malaysia, which basically is the central thrust of the Sarawak Report campaign.

Yes, all she wants is to launch a career for her own husband with the Chinese in the business of renewable energy exploration and production.

That’s not far off what Blair wants, which is to advance his own energy ambitions with China in relation to Mubadala and PetroSaudi, two entities that have his name listed as principal advisor (refer part four).

As for Mahathir, he just wants to pave the way for his son to become the Prime Minister of Malaysia by the year 2021. If anything, it appears that I may have come in Rewcastle’s and Blair’s way and am the reason the global conspiracy to sabotage 1MDB may have hit a snag the duo may never be able to recover from. – Malaysia Today

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10 thoughts on “George Soros-funded international syndicate of saboteurs

  1. Yup, another piece of propaganda coming out from the
    Barisan Nasional Strategic Communications Unit (i.e. BN’s propaganda
    unit) based in Putrajaya.

    The whole world knows that MO1 is a totally unprincipled crook, liar, hypocrite, incompetent and thief lah.
    And the whole world knows MO1 is desperately fighting for MO1’s
    political survival lah.

  2. Soros is only taking advantage of the laws approved by the politicians and regulations/procedures/accounting standards which may have been based on the advice of some self serving and colluding financial experts.
    I used to complain at AGMs on the low dividend rate recommended by Directors until one friendly Director advised me to stop wasting my time and start buy and sell shares to make capital gains which are tax exempt.
    His advise was to join the big boys who made big bucks but paid nominal income tax.
    For example the BOD and Sr.Mgt position holders get ESOS which allows them in some cases, to get shares in millions/hundreds of thousands, at prices which when rise provide them hefty tax exempt capital gains.

    THE FIXED SALARIES PERSONS AND LOW INCOME EARNERS/TRADERS ARE THE VICTIMS AS THEY PAY THE HIGHEST PERCENTAGE OF THEIR INCOME AS TAXES COMPARED TO THE ‘FILTHY’ RICH. This sentiment has been expressed by W Buffet and Bill Gates periodically and this is not only in USA jbut also other countries world wide who mainly follow the Westerners in their tax policies.

  3. In the world of politics, there is no permanent friends or enemies.
    RPK is very imaginative when he writes, but who believes him now?
    Regardless of any accusation or conspiracy theory, the truth is what we are after.
    Whoever says the truth is the one we respect whether he is black, brown, yellow or white. No follower to any religion has claim to truth unless it is practised.
    Using religious background to label and accuse anyone is simply disgraceful.
    It is even more disgraceful when it is practised by anyone in position of power and influence.

  4. What does it say about a leader who uses such garbage for his personal political capital and gains? Garbage and that is really why Najib has to go. He is Malay trash and Hadi’s PAS is worst, poison really..

  5. This unprincipled writer has lost the moral bearing to write and convince readers. A dime a dozen people like RPK will sell their souls and perhaps their loved ones for some loose change. I have lost all respect for him.

    Once Najib’s money runs out he’ll be back with a bowl in his hand. Life is hard when you are not gainfully employed and “on the run”.

    However, there are still some who believe and cherish him.

  6. Whenever a writer uses the phrase “If what I am told is true……”, the writer has no credibility because he has already given himself an escape route to run away from the garbage he writes. Such writers have no conviction, no integrity and most importantly, no guts.

  7. It will be interesting to watch a debate between RPK each with Berthelsen, Soros and Rewcastle Brown on media conspiracy and Sabotage.

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