Xmas is Just around the Corner: Peace and Goodwill

December 10, 2o16

Xmas is Just Around the Corner–Let there  be Peace, Harmony and Goodwill Among us

Image result for Din Merican and Dr. Kamsiah Haider

Only 2 weeks away, so let the Christmas spirit open our hearts. It is a time of great cheer among us irrespective of race, colour, creed and religion ( except for those bigoted Muslims in Malaysia). Dr. Kamsiah Haider and Din Merican present you all around the world with a collection of Xmas songs. Enjoy your holidays .–Dr, Kamisah Haider and Din Merican

4 thoughts on “Xmas is Just around the Corner: Peace and Goodwill

  1. Christmas can be crazy and chaotic, but also a beautiful and meaningful time of year. My wife and I have been crazily busy shopping presents for family and friends. I like listening to the classic carols in the shopping malls, looking at lights and elaborate decorations. Christmas can be so meaningful if you know that someone who loves you, is planning something special, specifically with you in mind.

    I remember the first time my wife brought me home to meet her parents for Christmas at Des Moine, Iowa. I was very, very nervous about to meet the parents of the beautiful white girl I intended to marry. My then girlfriend must have told them ahead of time and they were not surprised to see their darling little girl bringing home a Chinaboy for Christmas. In fact, they embraced me affectionately. When her father jokingly saying he would come after me with his shotgun if I mistreated his little girl, immediately I knew I got his blessing. What a relief.

    This year I will take my family, all 18 of us, to my cabin in Lake Tahoe over the Christmas holidays and just hang out. We may go for a ride deep into the mountains and look at the quiet beauty around us. If there are enough snow I may get to teach my grandchildren how to ski.

    The one that is most excited has always been my daughter-in-law, a Muslim Lebanese. She is just fascinated with snow and I love her dearly seeing her playing with the snow like a child. I am glad we are in America where no religion nor race can prevent one from marrying in love, and no one has to convert into the other’s religion. And one does not have to be a Christian to celebrate Christmas.

  2. Merry Christmas, Dato Din. Many don’t experience similar joy during this season. Myself included. Sincerely, pray this would not be the case this season. May peace and goodwill be with all of us, no matter the circumstances that confront us.

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