Double-Speak–The UMNO Political Culture

December 6, 2016

Double-Speak–The UMNO Political Culture

by KJ

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Double-Speak is a political way of life for Malaysia’s Prime Minister–Why can’t we say that he is a liar?

Is double-speak natural to human beings and the only way to become a true-blue politician worth his/her weight? An UMNO Deputy Minister and an equally idiotic Deputy Speaker of Parliament could not see anything wrong with that MP’s wrong speech and impure motives about another MP.

The victim of this abuse was a lady Member of Parliament; whose dignity was obviously denied but our Deputy Speaker appeared to play down the incident. It was clearly recorded vide a video-clip of our parliamentary session distributed to me from Singapore.

Sadly, too, if Parliament is our symbolic leadership head of our nation-state’s parliamentary democracy system; it is sad that the rotting of our fish-head has begun in that August House. My only retort to the deputy minister is: “padan muka” with this note: our grandchildren are watching and learning from your uncouth conduct.

Hadi’s public misinformation

Was Ustaz Abdul Hadi Awang, the President of PAS, also participating in doubles-peak with his Act 355 amendments agenda? While he is a Member of Parliament for Marang, is he not elected to do at least two things; one, is to represent all the people in Marang and two, to speak up on bills and handle concerns in Parliament for both his party and his constituency.

But, my question to him: is he only a Member of Parliament for Muslims with complete disregard for non-Muslims who live in Terengganu?

My take is that Hadi’s Act 355 amendments is simply mischievous and therefore malicious in intention. It is absolutely an attempt to open back doors for hudud implementation in the whole of Malaysia; without labelling it as such. My previous column argued eight reasons against it but allow me now to appeal to all my Muslim friends in Malaysia to explain why we (as Christians) have little choice but to oppose this bill.

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The Village Idiot and UMNO Clown with his Corrupt Boss

First, think of Malaysia as existing practically at three levels of reality. These are federal, state and local levels. That means that when one is a federal citizen, that role ascribes and observes certain rights and obligations to all of Malaysia and to all her citizens; there cannot be inequity of citizenship. That is a universal expectation of citizenry anywhere in the world; even when some are treated more equal than others.

Therefore, while his bill was promoted and projected as a bill for Kelantan (one state) to dispense new Syariah by-laws with new limits; the simple fact is that federal law is being mobilised to enable state level criminal prosecution, and therefore its application is always national and federal.

Allow Kelantanese to breathe green air?

Can we assume, for arguments sake, that Kelantan gets this bill for Syariah system compliance and was not designed with hudud intent in mind. Let us grant this right to one of the nine states with rulers; as their second level of operational reality; state-level existence.

Whether we like it or not, such an enablement includes Sabah and Sarawak, too. But, please help me think through the real consequential issues and concerns of all other state jurisdictions at local levels premised on this Kelantan hypothetical experiment.

Therefore my simple but honest question to every Malaysian living in urban and suburban areas is as follows:

If criminal law is now a jurisdiction of any state and consequently their local government Administrations; cannot these authorities also later be mandated that, for example, only Muslims can live in a particular geography of Kelantan; whatever their logic or reasons?

Can non-Muslims therefore be disallowed to buy homes in some other specified area? Or, can it be stipulated that their beaches, like Pantai Cahaya Bulan (PCB), are now only for Muslim-specific attired swimmers? Non-Muslim can therefore be excluded, right?

Of course, supermarkets with male and female lanes become a mandatory given; if not halal and non-halal carts.Is all the above mere fiction from my head, or is there some element of reality to all of it?

The reason I ask these questions is that only our criminal laws can distinguish between the purity of intentions versus obvious and real evidence of wrongdoing. This is our practical but real level of human existence. Any differences or gaps between one’s espoused theory and the one-in-use is always a matter of spiritual consideration and never the domain of public policy of any state.

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Once Friend, now a Political Foe

Therefore, regardless of what Hadi or anyone says; the new bill gives unlimited jurisdiction for the Kelantan state government to colour their air green and it can insist that everyone can only breathe and live such green air; in Kelantan. How else could the Selangor Islamic Affairs Department (JAIS) have raided Damansara Utama Methodist Church or DUMC (a church complex) without a police search permit merely on suspicion of some wrongdoing?

This gap between intentions and real action causes a lot of doubt and makes citizens question true political motives. For example, in a BBC interview with Maria Chin Abdullah, they could not understand why she was released before the court’s habeas corpus hearing.

My answer is simply that the Home Affairs Minister could not defend their abuse of the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012 (Sosma); as former Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail so clearly already explained from the Hansard records what were the real intentions for the enactment.

God or Allah is our creator

Before the 2013 GE, Ustaz Hadi attended a meeting chaired by Anwar Ibrahim and attended by a whole group of NGOs and promised all of us that the word ‘Allah’ can be equally used by Muslims as with non-Muslims. I was there and heard his promise. But today they do exactly the opposite. Can we trust such politicians, even when they speak with green tongues?

Therefore, my only question to Ustaz Hadi is as follows:

Do we really believe in different Gods?

Is not intention in faith always a personal human faith matter and not a matter anyone else’s religious enforcement? Is not such responsibility for faith always a personal matter and not for the state?

How then can anyone justify all ‘forced limits to human intentions?’ Are we then not taking over God’s role and responsibility, and thereby playing God?


7 thoughts on “Double-Speak–The UMNO Political Culture

  1. MO1 taking 1Malaysia down the path of clerico-fascism :

    Just to save MO1’s own political backside.
    A very naked emperor worthy of nothing but disgust and total contempt.

    Of what use is it if a man gains the whole world but loses
    his very own soul ?
    Dr. Phua,

    Najib does not care about what we think or feel. He is surrounded by sycophants and ampu types, making him an emperor with no clothes.–Din Merican

  2. The original idea of political Islam for Malays was supposed to safeguard the abuse of power of too unIslamic govt. Fact is, before our eyes, it has failed miserably. Just as UMNO has failed its Malay Nationalist ideals, Hadi’s PAS has betrayed the fundamental purpose of Islamic politics in this country.

    The universal idea of freedom of religion DOES NOT include guarantee of the “deen” and especially Syariah jurisprudence. It DOES NOT MAKE SENSE that any system of jurisprudence is considered a fundamental human right. Centuries modern law making tells us any system of jurisprudence is a struggle of ideals and always imperfect. How can it even be possible to guarantee it as a right? It makes no sense.

    Syariah is the way to the “deen” and if the “deen” is NOT guaranteed, so neither is Syariah. Deen and Syariah is to earned. There is nothing in the reading of the Quran says it cannot be although is not the general idea. The Hadith, much more verbose, general does not entertain such an idea. But the fact, is what we know of modernity, it only make sense that the “deen” and “syariah” is to be earned, not demanded and strictly followed.

    Fact is, traditional political Islam is UNWORKABLE, and Malay Muslims know this for a fact otherwise, a corrupt and abusive UMNO that pretends to be Islamic, WOULD NOT HAVE BEATEN PAS FOR SO LONG and today, the most corrupt and immoral leader UMNO ever had, has beaten the most theological Hadi’s PAS. Hadi’s PAS is a monster and the danger is that monster will “curi lampu ajaib” as UMNO self-destruct from the inside out.

    Its time for Malay Muslims to simply just step up and claim their rightful place to push Islamic world for change. Indonesian have shown the way for the future of Islam in the region – with ideas OUR COUNTRY FOUNDERS STARTED ORIGINALLY. The Malay Muslim in this country should see their own regression by comparing to them and should reclaim their ideas and place.

  3. With regards to the Author’s last para:
    Therefore, my only (FEW) question(s) to Ustaz Hadi is as follows:

    Do we really believe in different Gods?

    CLF: “Yes. But if one were to insist on Monotheism, then we are looking at different ‘visions’ or else experiencing different aspects of the One.”

    Is not intention in faith always a personal human faith matter and not a matter anyone else’s religious enforcement?

    CLF: “No. Not to undiscerning submitting minds. Faith can easily devolve into a tagline and utterances of utter simplicity and legality. This is not exclusive to Islam, but found in all reductionist Fundamentalism.”

    Is not such responsibility for faith always a personal matter and not for the state?

    CLF: “No. What can be more emotional than a plea couched in superficial faith and simplistic dogma? The State which requires a large segment of the native submission is in a State of Indoctrination, in which Fascism is de riguer. Control, divide, demonize and conquer. The only Freedom is the ability to Enslave Minds, if not the Body.”

    How then can anyone justify all ‘forced limits to human intentions?’

    CLF: “Justification can be humanly and legalistically imposed. Redemption and Salvation never are – for is the in the Sole Domain of God. Or haven’t you heard.”

    Are we then not taking over God’s role and responsibility, and thereby playing God?

    CLF: “They aren’t playing God. They are Princes of this World who see themselves as the shepherd of 99 sheep. They will bind in Hell whatever they bind on Earth.”

    Did I get my funky theology right? Fail ahh..?
    CLF, interesting answers. I wonder what Conrad and Veritas have to say. I have lost Faith. I think I will have to rely on reason and personal convictions and deal directly with MY Creator when the time comes. He brought me into this world without religion and L learned Islam from my parents who may have screwed it up for me. The clergy or mullah is messing up everything in his wake. –Din Merican.

  4. Speaking as an atheist – I prefer the term heretical Christian, but atheist, just seems easier – I think CLF has the right of it. I think as usual KJ embraces commonality – more political stance then moral one – when it comes to Islam in this country.

    bigjoe99 also articulates the issue extremely well, throwing out the politically correct narratives of the bridge builders which is frankly what this discussion needs.

    But Mr. Merican, your comment on CLF’s post. Now that’s powerful stuff.

  5. Quote:- “Do we really believe in different Gods?”

    Of course, just as we believe in different brands of toothpaste, depending on which brand spends more money on advertising and have better looking models with heavenly teeth.

  6. There is less danger from hudud per se than the lack of proper organisation of the Syariah Court to deliver the so called Islamic Justice.The lack of wisdom among the Yang Ariffs are quite glaring that even simple divorce cases involving child maintainance,custody and the issue of alimony take years to conclude.Therefore giving them extra judicial power like incarcerating people for 30years might not be a good idea at all.Its much better to have a better trained and improved the recruitment of judges and prosecutors in Syariah before allowing them increased power to inflict punishment for offenders otherwise Muslims themselves will ultimately suffer injustice.

  7. I function on a two-switch mode. When reason and logic dominates my thinking I reject the concept of God. But the switch changes automatically when bad tidings confron me and I begin to seek the mercy of God. There have been situations when I was redeemed from dire situations upon appeal to the all mighty. Still my common sense tells me God makes no sense. It is diabolical no doubt and there seems to be no explanation to it.

    But I reject religions, including my own (passed on to me by my parents) completely. I think they were made by ingeneous men as tools of oppression on the poor and the unenlightened and to exact tithes from them for the upkeep of clergy – the guardians of religions.

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