UMNO Grand Poobah, MCA, Hudud and Divisive Politics

December 2, 2016

UMNO Grand Poobah, MCA, Hudud and Divisive Politics

by Cmdr (rtd) S. Thayaparan

Image result for Najib Razak Grand Poobah

Image result for Grand Poobah

UMNO’s Grand Poobah and Poobah Jr.

“Mark my word, if and when these preachers get control of Republican] party, and they’re sure trying to do so, it’s going to be a terrible damn problem. Frankly, these people frighten me. Politics and governing demand compromise. But these Christians believe they are acting in the name of God, so they can’t and won’t compromise. I know, I’ve tried to deal with them.”

– Barry M Goldwater

Not many people know this but close friends know that I have a soft spot for Barry Goldwater; some mistakenly now say was the Donald Trump of his time. Far from reality of course but American punditry being what it is, these misconceptions are peddled as the truth. The above quote deals with Christian American extremists but replace Christian with Muslim, the general principle shines through that religion and politics do not mix.

Which I realise seems like I am backtracking from an earlier article of mine where I argued, “We have to be careful when we cross that line between church and state but cross it we must, if we want to save our country.”

However, PAS’ latest hissy fit that it would derail the proposed amendments to the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976 in retaliation for non-Muslims interference for their carefully laid out plans for turning Malaysia into an Islamofacist state is laughable because these amendments are needed as Islam often interferes in the private and public lives of non-Muslims in Malaysia.

PAS Secretary-General Takiyuddin Hassan talks about “playing fair” but I would argue that people who oppose this bill are the only ones who are thinking fairly in this country. In numerous articles, I have explained how Islam has had an overt effect on the non-Muslims polities of this country. The literature of how a Wahhabi-influenced Islam has taken this country down an intolerant road is cogent, probative and indisputable.

This threat by PAS is exactly why many others and I warned the opposition that they were playing with fire when they embraced PAS and propagated the ‘PAS for all’ propaganda. I know many opposition supporters have no interests in articles like these but instead of going after MCA when it comes to this issue, there should be some attempt at bipartisanship between the opposition parties and their BN counterparts.

This need not be a hug fest but when a BN component party takes a position that aligns with the opposition, the discourse should be moved in the direction of commonality instead of wallowing in the clichés of “running dogs” and dredging up the numerous scandals of the Najib regime that frankly has not gained traction where it counts.

Image result for Dato Ti Lian Ker

MCA’s Ti Lian Ker and UMNO’s Nazri Aziz

This is why MCA religious harmony head Ti Lian Ker’s response against PAS’ threat is something that Malaysians should take heed of instead of merely indulging in partisan politics. While MCA President Liow Tiong Lai’s clarification on his conflicting stand on hudud is welcomed, Malaysians should also take heed of what MCA Wanita chairperson Heng Seai Kie said of the wakil rakyat being elected to serve the people instead of representing the preoccupations of a certain faith.

Moreover, honestly MCA has by far had a more accessible position on this subject instead of the conflicting messages coming out of the Muslim wing of the opposition front and their non-Muslim supporters.

Ti made three important points in his response to PAS.(1) “Muslim criminal offenders (will) face harsher punishments under the hudud enactments (in certain states) as opposed to all suspects being equal before the Penal Code. Implementation of the criminal code must apply equally to all perpetrators.”

He reaffirmed the secular and egalitarian principles of a functional democracy and judicial system. Furthermore, he reminded these religious extremists that all Malaysians should be treated equally before the legal system and that penalising a specific polity because of their faith, should be unacceptable for those claiming to want an egalitarian Malaysia.

(2) Ti said there was no such thing as quid pro quo when it comes to protecting the constitutional rights of all Malaysians.

There can, and should be, compromise in certain issues but when it comes to the constitutional rights of Malaysians, there is no such thing as compromise. We do not barter certain rights at the expense of our Muslim brothers and sisters.

Image result for MCA President Liow

Besides, Malaysian history has shown – and let’s face facts this happened under MCA’s watch – that kowtowing to Islamic extremism when it came to UMNO, had a horrendous effect on the stability and security of Malaysia. As far as appeasement is concerned, Churchill had it right – “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”

And (3) and perhaps the most important point, “Ti also challenged Muslim lawmakers in DAP, PKR, Amanah and Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia to publicly declare if they will support PAS’ threat against non-Muslims to derail the amendments to the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976.”

Signed declaration

I would go further. I want a signed declaration from Muslim oppositional MPs that they will not support PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang’s bill and will endorse the amendments to the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976.

Why is this important? Besides the obvious reasons of course, but the reality is that for far too long Muslim opposition MPs have played this game where they paid lip service to secular and egalitarian principles because they did not want to be perceived as going against Islam and the Malay community.

Well guess what, by virtue of being an opposition MP, the narrative has already been established and promulgated that opposition Muslims MPs are collaborators with the Chinese DAP, agents of foreign powers, aligned with the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) movement, enemies of Islam and traitors to the “Malay race”.

There is really no drawback for publicly stating your position on this bill, unless of course your position is that you don’t support this bill, then the question becomes why is it, Malaysians who want change are voting for you?

DAP’s M Kulasegaran also cuts straight to the chase when he points out the hypocritical moral stance of the PAS MP who made the threat when he writes – “By making the threat, Takiyuddin has inadvertently stated that he would rather vote against having genuine Muslim converts as long as stiffer syariah punishment is enacted.”

The honourable gentleman from Ipoh Barat has always managed in a calm rational manner to point out truths without slipping into the deep partisanship that is contemporary Malaysian politics and has always been a thoughtful politician who writes on issues without banging the war drums – unless needed.

Kulasegaran’s and Ti’s positions should be the common stand taken by MPs regardless of party affiliation and is the kind of position that BN and opposition MPs should get together on instead of grandstanding.

The grand UMNO Grand Poohbah said this recently – “So, when we determine the direction, it will be a vision of all Malaysian citizens, including the younger generation.”

If Muslim opposition MPs really care about the future of all Malaysians, they will not support a bill that would ultimately destroy the Malay community. And that’s a religious truth you can have faith in.


13 thoughts on “UMNO Grand Poobah, MCA, Hudud and Divisive Politics

  1. Excellent analysis Cmdr. Thaya.
    There must be no wiggle room when it comes to matters of such import.

    In this matter, MCA, the proverbial running dogs have my vote – as i’d advise their head honchos’ not to back down, come hell or high water.. Liow’s stand is admirable as Hadi’s bill needs to be debated and passed before it can be taken up by the likes of Jamil boor and his kleptocratic goons – as dodol for their rural conservative dangduts. I believe Liow will keep his word to give up his ministerial post, as i’m personally acquainted with him. Ain’t too sure about the Gelakan and MIC sycophants though – desperate flurs.

    Meanwhile the Oppo flunkies – especially many in PKR, are running hither and thither looking for the proverbial coconut shell to hide under. Even Amanah has said they will do the unthinkable – to stymie such a Monopolistic Bill. DAP is certain to oppose it, but are unable to voice it out (except LKS), for fear of being further hammered into manure as anti-Islam or whatever. Cojones if not lost, have been retracted into their inguinal canal.

    PBB will oppose the Bill, as will most of the mosquito parties in East Malaysia. Ultimately, Ischemic Hadi might just be lost in translation. Then KleptoKing will say: “I tried my darndest, to no avail. Now here’s some dedak to assuage the pain..”

  2. Ahok in Indonesia is being persecuted on the basis of a lie. Hadi himself perpetuate that lie. Frankly, it’s not just ISIS that is wrong about their religion. Sam Harris is being proven right about Islam being ” motherlode of bad ideas’

  3. As big a laughing stock Najib’s UMNO and Hadi’s PAS make the Malays, what is more serious is the IGP siding with Ridhuan Mohd. It’s institutional MALICE. The IGP think he is merely just cutting edge political, but truth is what he represent is institutional malice hence making the Malays as a race and society malicious, even if it is largely from apathy.

  4. Cmdr Thayaparan is wrong to write a piece to suggest all Christians would want a theocratic nation, as mentioned by Goldwater. The same probably applies to some pious Muslims also.

  5. “Cmdr Thayaparan is wrong ….”

    Jesus, what’s the matter with you Christian nutters ? The Cmdr did not write a piece to suggest that all Christians would want a theocratic state. The Goldwater quote was specifically about the corruption of the GOP by religious nutters and this piece was specifically about how there should be bipartisanship when confronting Islamic extremism. In fact the piece before this was about how Christians had a right to defend themselves against a weaponized Islam.

    You remind me of that religious bigot on the Malaysiakini comment section who babbles on about his/her Christian faith and takes offence at even one sentence about his.her nutty religion. He/she also chided Malaysiakini because the Cmdr has a habit about pointing out the toxic nature of Christians adherents as he does, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist believers.

    I can only surmise that reading the Bible does something to mental faculties of some people.
    A good criticism of this article, Conrad.–Din Merican.

  6. I wonder who actually cares about this article?

    The same writer kicks off his latest piece…..

    “The essence of fascism is to make laws forbidding everything and then enforce them selectively against your enemies.”

    – John Lescroart, ‘A Plague of Secrets’

    COMMENT In my last article, which was inspired by Peter Bergen’s use of Robert Paxton’s model of European fascism, I attempted my own take on why I think that Umno and fascism are intimately linked.”

    I see.

    And do Umno, the Malay-speaking Malays, the fence sitter voters care?

    Ask Hillary Clinton about the value of urban liberal bubbles, let alone urban liberal bubbles in the wrong language.

  7. And what’s your point Fin ?

    You cared enough to remind everyone that the people who should care don’t. And really cherry picking the opening of the second part of a two article (no less) in which the author attempts to justify his use of the term “fascist” which most partisan use but never attempt to explain , deserves a little more than an attempt at witticism.

    You could argue that the English media is not doing enough to translate and disseminate such articles but this would expose your ignorance because there are Malay writers who attempt the same with their audiences, just that the rural folks don’t care because they are more then happy voting for the Establishment and viewing those Malay writers as filthy liberals.

    Having said that I have no idea why you would mention the Hillary defeat because obviously in the Malaysian context, the rural urban divide is not analogous to the American experience for various reasons but the fact that our Constitution defines what a “Malay” is should make the differences apparent.

    But y’know Mr. Merican runs an open board, so all opinions are welcomed.

  8. Edit to add.

    And ….um…this particular article is meant for the urban bubble and their divisive politics….so there is ….that.

  9. @Conrad, I actually agree with you in your suggestion about us nutty Christians. I don’t agree with the Moral majority within GOP. That is why I have suggested the Cmdr is wrong in starting the piece with what Barry Goldwater has to say to some Christians in an entirely different context. Barry Goldwater consciously chose to be a Republican GOP candidate, and he didn’t like his religious part of his own party. If the Cmdr wanted to suggest that some within UMNOb to be more like Barry Goldwater, just say so-lah.

    I am no fan of GOP, nor a fan of Barry Goldwater (which is way before my time). I am not a fan of Trump. Like LaMoy, I have voted for Bernie Sanders as a Democrat. I know enough of my own text to agree with the Commander that religion and politics should not cross each other. That is exactly the point I wrote what I wrote.

    The real issue is not about what Christians want. It matters less to even MCA Chinese. Unless some atheist wanted to build a nation without a God, it matters less to even Malaysian atheists to what Hadi’s PAS wanted to suggest for Malaysian Muslims.

    Neither you nor I are Muslims. As such, why are we the non-Muslims the only one worrying about the Hudud motion?

    I think there are enough Malays within this Tanah Melayu to figure out how they would want to live, which the Commander has clearly stated

    // If the Muslim opposition MPs really care about the future of all Malaysians, they will not support a bill that would ultimately destroy the Malay community.

    Yet, IMHO, the problem could be that there is just simply not enough Malays within DAP and the opposition to figure out what a Malaysian Malaysia would mean for a Muslim in Malaysia. Go figure why there are so just few Malay opposition MPs within DAP and other opposition parties?

    Conrad, my sincere apology to you and the Commander for my reply. It is inappropriate on my part.

    I am grateful to DatoDin for allowing me to share here a past which really should have been my future. Why should one bother to write about Layu-layu if one has no care for the nation.

    No apologies required. Differences in considered opinion are welcome.

    I care and think that Hudud is barbaric and antiquated. Najib and Hadi Awang are playing politics because they know that like the Sultan of Brunei they will be exempted from its rulings if they commit adultery for instance. Pemimpin boleh

    Remember Najib was caught in a compromising situation with an actress Ziana Zain in Port Dickson years ago. Under hudud, he and the actress would have been subjected to public canning like what they do in Acheh today. Fortunately for him, false prophet Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad saved him. As for Hadi, he is a hypocrite. God only knows what he was doing behind our backs all these years.–Din Merican

  10. “……. If the Cmdr wanted to suggest that some within UMNOb to be more like Barry Goldwater, just say so-lah.”

    That’s not what he wanted to say at all . What he says is plainly obvious except to those who fixate on the term “Christian”.

    “The real issue is not about what Christians want. ”

    Actually it is. It’s about solidarity and not compromising on certain values, which every Malaysian can relate to but probably won’t because of religious affiliation.

    “Go figure why there are so just few Malay opposition MPs within DAP and other opposition parties?”

    It does not matter if they are few Muslim MPs in the opposition. What matters is the stand they take on this issue. I know why there are few Malays in the DAP, the same reason its always been. Can you guess ?

    “Conrad, my sincere apology to ….”

    Never apologize for taking the trouble to write a response in a civil manner to a fellow contributor on this board. We are here to share ideas and sometimes we may disagree.


  11. “As such, why are we the non-Muslims the only one worrying about the Hudud motion?”

    This is the most asinine statement that a self professed ‘democrat liberal’ can make. Grow up or stuff it. If one cannot differentiate between Corporeal and Spiritual Laws, there is nothing perceptive or discerning in between both tympanic membranes.

    Creeping Islamization (like all hyper-religious enforcement) is not just a sight to behold, but an experience to be avoided at all costs. Or haven’t you heard.

  12. //Creeping Islamization (like all hyper-religious enforcement) is not just a sight to behold, but an experience to be avoided at all costs. Or haven’t you heard.

    I know a Mubarak Egypt has tried to do so. It became a painful experience. The last Shah of Iran has tried that. It did not turn out too well.
    Perhaps, I too am becoming a libertarian Goldwater or Gary Johnson. I am beginning to see the wisdom of what is Aleppo.

    Putting my theistic side apart, I just read too much that many Muslims are having a difficult time going through a sudden fall of a thriving Ottoman Empire.

    I am quite sure many of us pendatang Chinese experienced the same thought in our diaspora moment.

    Perhaps, I am living in a liberal bubble, as I surely am. For non-Muslims, we have all of the rights to oppose Hudud. But, for those Muslims who are borned as one, they now should learn to choose and voice their own opinions. I would hate to pick up a fight thinking I fight for the good of my neighbor, without know that I am actually fighting my neighbor.

    @CLF, putting back my theist theological cap back on. I have shared my own end time view. This is not a time to worry about clashing of civilization. I am an amillenialist.

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