Listen to this Janus-Faced Malay Chauvinist Najib Razak at the UMNO General Assembly

December 2, 2016

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Malaysia: Members of the International Community–Listen to this Janus-Faced Malay Chauvinist Najib Razak at the UMNO General Assembly

The most corrupt UMNO Leader will use race and Islam for his own political survival. He is a Malay, a Muslim and a bumiputra who is the worst Prime Minister in Malaysia’s history. If the Malays do not realise this fact, they deserve all the crap  they are getting from Najib Razak  at this UNMO General Assembly. He is talking tough in his home ground. Hanya berani di rumah sendiri. We should teach him a lesson in the 14th General Election. What makes me sick is his audacity to compare himself to the much admired Prophet of Islam pbuh.–Din Merican

READ: Translation of Najib’s Policy Speech @2016 UMNO General Assembly.–The New Straits Times

13 thoughts on “Listen to this Janus-Faced Malay Chauvinist Najib Razak at the UMNO General Assembly

  1. Janus-Face = Dua Muka? Too complicated and polite. Penipu, pembohong, pencuri, Perengek?

    Isu bukan DAP. bukam pengkhianat Mahathir. Isu nya. Melayu bodoh atau tidak percaya Najib dan Hadi dan tidak bermaruah makan dedak..

  2. What a racially charged speech! According to Najib, the Malays should keep choosing UMNO forever, for Islam will be belittled if DAP came to power and Malays must fear the “adverse effects” and “nightmares” that they may face. Under what Islamic principles is Najib using to loot 1MDB? Isn’t he the one belittling Islam by stealing from the people?

    “God willing, we will fight until the death and until the last drop of blood,” Najib told delegates. May 13 Episode Two is in the making. Same old same old UMNO, a band of racist gangsters, cheats and philanderers.

  3. Unfortunately all politicians are by nature Janus-Faced.So we may be successful in removing one during the next election only to be replaced with a similar one within a few years after that and we have to keep on swearing and cursing for the next decade or two.As long as we are proud of our race,country or religion,these Janus-Faced politicians will keep on exploiting our own egos for their unrelenting desire for money and power.Please take a look at the man in the mirror.

  4. your imaginary prophet of islam also as BAD as this guy! anyway point to me in the quran where it says Muhammad is the so called final prophet . belajar tinggi2 , cakap berapi-rapi tak guna lah brader kalau benda basic pun tak boleh berfikir. apa guna ilmu pengetahuan! patutlah banyak melayu jadi bodoh. anyway jangan marah, just point to me, intellectually please. 🙂
    Don’t be smart ass on this blog. It may not be in the Quran (you are one of those who think that everything has to be in the Quran to be legitimate). The Prophet is renown by international acclaim. You should read his last sermon and Islamic history. The Prophet warned of false prophets after his death. Maybe others who have a more in depth knowledge of this theological aspects of Islam can comment.–Din Merican

  5. Can’t understand why the UMNO rank and file who dutifully file into the PWTC annually are quite happy to have such faeces thrown onto their faces. Especially by people who are so filthily tainted.

    It cannot be because of the peanuts thrown at them. It cant be the sense of love for the bangsa and agama. Or the joy at being in the august company of the likes of najib, zahid, rosmah, cowgirl, jamal jamban, et al.

    Maybe the inherent love of temasha ( a hindi word, by the way, that connotes all the baser forms of entertainment) is what drives them to be part of a grand scheme where they are given a bit of a song and dance while they get looted via the back door by the merry troupe on the pentas.

  6. Quote:- “Don’t be smart ass on this blog. It may not be in the Quran (you are one of those who think that everything has to be in the Quran to be legitimate)”

    Well, here is what the Bible says:-

    “And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?
    And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.
    For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many”

    Mathew 24

  7. Dato, just ask this batu kayu to read the Quran and if he doesn’t know Arabic read the translation and also the hadith. This is an old question n answered by many Muslim scholars. Cant be replied in this blog fully. If he is not interested just ignore him. Need not call him an ass. Allah is Great.

  8. This is the usual annual gathering of the lanuns. This has started from Mahathir’s time always using race and Islam as a tool to make the Malays bodoh because actually they are bodok. Najib said all those imaginery things about what will happen if DAP take powers. If Malays are bodoh, then they will believe this racist stance. Who is leading PKR the Malays and they are also against UMNO BN. So why that shit did not mention what if Pakatan takes over the power? Because then we can see a Malaysia Baru. Hahaha…

  9. Najib and his UMNO play fear politics to retain power for themselves and their ilks perpetually.

    The DAP is not going to win a GE on its own even for the next 100 years. At best it can be a key component of a winning opposition alliance, perhaps as early as, in the coming GE. So it will still be – and will have to be – a government dominated by leading Malay figures from within the coalition parties. My guess is the PM will still be a Malay figure and so will be the Defence Minister. The DAP will be wise enough to keep the non-Malays away from these two critical posts.

    The danger does not come to the Malays or Malaysians at all – only to UMNO that is controlled now by scoundrels.

    Foot note: The point of contention between Dato and batu kayu (what a name to take!) in essence seems to be not whether the Prophet Muhammad was the last Prophet or not but whether it is proper for Najib to equate himself to the Prophet as protector and defender of Islam.

  10. I think if we are serious in replacing UMNOb/UMNOc .. a solid gabungan of parti without race/religion that respect race, religion and tradition has to come about. As of now, DAP, in spite being the biggest parti pembankang simply does not demonstrate enough will to move beyond being a parti pembangkang to be a ruling party.

    That is the real frustration for me, despite the fact that I am a Chinese and a Christian.

    I am just not convinced that the Lim dynasty could loosen their kungfu grip to allow more to lead? Neither do I see the similar will within Bersatu with the Mahathir last name attached to it.

    Ultimately, it is not exactly chauvinism, but rather feudalism that is choking the nation.

  11. @batu kayu, if I may say, you are doing this merely as a pyrrhic victory as a stance , which is very much against your own puerile reputation , may be in innocent ignorance , or that , you are a non-Muslim ?

    Just this quote for you :

    ” …..Well then , if the Quran were his own composition other men could rival it . Let them produce ten verses like it if they could , and it is obvious they could not ; then let them accept the Quran as on outstanding miracle ” – H.A.R . Gibb ( Mohammadanism, 1953 ) ( with 20 other Comments in Prof Azmi Sharom’s thread dated 24th March 2015 by Western philosophers )

  12. The Gambians have done it. So too the Pirates of Iceland. Not the Caribbean I hope. Anyway nobody thought Trump can win…May the Great Force Be with you my friends @ GE14.

  13. Dato’ Din, please kindly allow me to emphasize one point re batu kayu’s whatever – tq :

    On Baginda Lord Muhammad’s miracle :

    ‘ …….founder of twenty terrestrial empires and one spiritual empire …..within a hundred years to across half the world….., ‘ , any man greater than he ? ? –

    In other Empires, ONLY one (1) empire for one emperor , HOW did this miracle happen to the Prophet (pbh) merely within his short Ministry (up to his demise (wafat) @ 63 years of age ? – 23 Empires of different different people, different values & culture , all seperate ….yet , Baginda unified them in such vast differences ? : THE UNIFICATION WAS ACHIEVED BY ONE (1 ) ‘ Spiritual Empire ‘ of all the different, different Ethnicity , how , how did Baginda achieve this miracle ? ( the Clue is : The Elect or Chosen ones , including 5 preceding Prophets , WERE ‘ VOUCHSAFED ‘ by The One Above , as the guiding Hand ! ! – Nafsi, Nafsi….)

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