7 thoughts on “Listen to Clare Rewcastle Brown on Malaysia’s No 1 Corruption Scandal

  1. Not condoning those responsible for 1MDB and the preceding Unchecked Scandals costing the Rakyat in the order of a Trillion Ringgit, today’s value, that had led the country to this Dire state, and having also forced to endure the consequence of quality-less leaderships,

    What is Clare Rewcastle Brown’s motives?
    She is not a Malaysian .

    She should have spoken 20 years ago
    Thanks,but no, thanks.

  2. Her motive? She’s a reporter. They report on things. As she says she was born in Sarawak. She loves the country, and like many of us is appalled at what has been done to it, and to Malaysia. She has revealed the facts when she knew them. 1Mdb happened in the last few years, not 20 years ago.

    Thank, Clare.

  3. Rewcastle-Brown was born in Sarawak.

    First began exposing the destruction of Sarawak’s rainforests and then, shocked by the extent of gross corruption in 1Malaysia, she also started
    investigative journalism about 1MDB, MO1 and Jolow.

    She should be given honorary Malaysian citizenship if we ever get a regime change.

  4. I reiterate that I am “NOT condoning those responsible for 1MDB scandal and all the preceding scandals…..,” that followed.

    Clare Brown piece is journalism manufactured, rather than truely professional.

    The root problem of Malaysia is the deeply embedded culture of MACCP of Umno Baru(Bn) Leaders. It had permeated into the delivery systems of government and substantively the public and private institutions.This had led to the dire state at the expense of people.

    Najib is part of the problem, the root Mahathir had created, after removing 4 DPMs he appointed. He had also “appointed ” 2 PMs,one of which he had removed, the other he now struggling to remove, all at an unimaginable costs and expense to the country….and the practice of one or more or all of elements in MACCP had made it possible negatively.

    In the widely practice of MACCP, the conquences are,
    the country is left without leaderships of quality, the replications of countless unchecked scandals, a broken judiciary, a fractured governmental delivery system,incompetency and unaccountability set in, divisiveness, bigotry, racial and religious disharmony, distrusts are manifested, public confidence dissipated, personal agendas for profits and to gain and sustain power are made routine….,….

    …..the list of woes, political, social and economic, continue….., leaving behind little or no alternative for the people to choose.

    Btw, Steve,
    the mother of all scandals (including 1MDB) is,
    the ” RM 2.5 b BMF (Bank Bumiputera Finance) Loan Loss”
    By the same token, you are recognized as Mr. George because of parentage

    @ Dr Phua,
    The destruction of rain forest not only in Sarawak but also in Sabah started way back in the 60s and gather momentum into 70’s 80s 90s ..


  5. Thank u , Clare Brown,thank again for exposing his 1,MDB financial scandal but it is no more important to us Malaysian co’s the money is spread all over the world and it will never return to where it lost but we cannot lost our PM,Najib co’s there is no such intelligent hardworking far sighted to name a few but he have the wills to make Malaysia more successful than Singapore using a.short time but have to have to see this two railways on services which is the day that Malaysia is transformed 13 active dragons Our PM.Najib will keep his promise and he himself will be highly appreciated by all Malaysian so please don’t take it as reading a story and if possible let please let 1MDB clean and shining in history co’s a no human life or death is sacrifice so it’s the wills of heaven.GodsBlessAllMalaysian

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