BERSIH is all we got for Change

November 21, 2016

Given  a dysfunctional Political Opposition, BERSIH is all we got for Change

by TK Chua

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What we need is a sincere identification and assessment of the issues before us. BERSIH is merely a sounding board, a messenger, and a barometer of the nation. Choose to ignore it at our own peril.–TK Chua

BERSIH has been criticised for moving away from its original objectives, manipulating the people, breaking the law, and for being ineffective. The criticism has come not just from Barisan Nasional politicians but also some writers, commentators and citizens.

BERSIH’s original objectives have been widened to include other pertinent issues. What is wrong with that? Surely free and fair elections are not the end. We want free and fair elections because we want a government able to represent the interests of the majority.

Can a government represent the people when there is unexplained malfeasance going on in our midst?

Surely free and fair elections must include striving for a competent, clean and scandal free government. Those who have constantly harped on BÉRSIH’s deviation from its original objectives must have suffered from some form of mental deficiency.

The opposition does not have a monopoly in declaring support of free and fair elections or a clean and competent government. Why then must we accuse the opposition of hijacking BERSIH? Why can’t BN also support BERSIH and its objectives, the original as well as the extended ones?

BERSIH has been constantly criticised for achieving nothing but causing inconvenience to the public. Maybe there is some truth in this, but in any society, it is never easy to achieve fair play and democratic ideals.

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Adam Adli–Young Champion of Free and Fair Elections

If BERSIH has failed as claimed, what has Parliament achieved thus far? What has our Judiciary achieved? What have our other institutions of government achieved?

BERSIH has also been accused of manipulating the people. Are the people really that gullible? What power and mechanism does BERSIH have other than ideas and ideals? If manipulation is easy, why not say the government does the same? Why the need to provide BR1M and other goodies? Similarly, there is no need for the Red Shirts to stop or harass Bersih. They should just manipulate the people into supporting them.

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The Real Reason behind the BERSIH Movement

It is easy to blame BERSIH for eroding confidence in the country, but confidence is rarely dependent on a single factor. It is too late to blame BERSIH’s actions. We should have looked at why there was BERSIH at all? Why have BERSIH’s demands gained traction?

It is poor governance and malfeasance that will adversely affect confidence, not street protests demanding a resolution.

We can all blame each other but that will not solve an iota of our problems. What we need is a sincere identification and assessment of the issues before us. BERSIH is merely a sounding board, a messenger, and a barometer of the nation. Choose to ignore it at our own peril.

3 thoughts on “BERSIH is all we got for Change

  1. If Bersih is all they got, then the cause is done. The responsible thing is to prepare the people for armaggeddon not a futile fight. Bersih does not even deal with the biggest issue before them and that is Hadi’s PAS. Hadi Awang is to PAS, what Mahathir was to UMNO 30 years ago. It has turned to the dark side and too late to turn back.

    Hadi’s PAS is a political party, one with long history and strong roots wrapped in religion that cannot be seperated from its people. BUT Hadi’s PAS is NOT THE RELIGION. THEY ARE NOT ISLAM EVEN IN MALAYSIA EVEN IF THEY ARE ALL ULAMAS.

    The Malay Muslim have to made aware that POLITICAL ISLAM CAN GO BAD EVEN WORST THAN SECULAR UMNO JUST LIKE ANY POLITICAL IDEOLOGY. To be fair, it has not because it is NOT IN POWER. THE MALAY MUSLIMS HAVE TO STOP DEFAULTING POLITICAL ISLAM TO Hadi’s PAS. They have gone Rogue, gone to the dark side and its even scarier than UMNO gone wrong..

  2. Bersih deviated from it purposeful agenda has deep consequences.
    Missing the forest for the tree.

    BMN had once deviated from its mandated role as financial regulator to speculate in the Forex and lost RM 15 billion or more of the Rakyat’s money.
    It became technically insolvent. Much of the public trust and confidence had dissipated . It had taken a long while to recover.

    All that was an enormous “constant harping? ” price that the country and the people were forced to pay. Only those (writers included) never “… have suffered some form of mental

    Bersih is all we need not have, if remain unchanged or unreinvented.

  3. My above comment,

    Whole Paragraph 4 ,

    “All that was an enormous ……..
    ……have suffered some form of mental ”

    should read,

    “All that, was an enormous ‘constant harping?’price that the country and people were forced to pay. Only those (writers included) ‘ NEVER ‘…have suffered some form of mental deficiency ‘ have chosen, in reality to ignore past ‘ harping’ LESSONS, REPEATEDLY from the RM 2.5 BMF LOAN LOSS that was allowed to be REPLICATED countless times, including 1 MDB, till this day.

    All that had led to this Dire state of affair. For those, who endlessly, on ignoring in learning the lessons, are not only at their own risks, but sadly,also at country’s perils. ”

    Errors regretted..

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