Bersih, BERSIH, Bersih–A Great Success

November 20, 2016

Bersih, BERSIH, Bersih–A Great Success

by Dean Johns

BERSIH wants him to get lost

Here’s to success for BERSIH in its fifth public rally in support of its campaign for clean, free and fair elections in Malaysia.

Not that I, or I imagine anybody else, expects anything like success, at least in the short-term. But even false optimism beats succumbing to feelings of despair and defeat.

Though it must be terribly difficult not to concede defeat in the face of an electoral system so corrupt that it leaves Malaysians with no choice but to vote with their feet.


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Bersih, BERSIH, Bersih

To either walk away from the criminal cesspit to which the UMNO-BN regime has systematically reduced the country, as millions of Malaysians including my wife and daughter have done, or to stay and walk the talk like the BERSIH marchers are doing on November 19.

Of course both sets of walkers are playing their parts in striving to perform the feat of forcing UMNO-BN to clean-up the disgusting mess it has made of the country in its greed for power and plunder, or to clear-out in favour of an honest, people-friendly government.

Countless Malaysian emigrants and expatriates around the world in Global BERSIH gather together to agitate, rally and march in support of their fellows back home.

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Congrats to Maria Chin, Ambiga, and Your Colleagues

And many work hard individually for clean, free and fair elections and clean, free and fair government for Malaysia.

My wife, for example, who as a Malay-Chinese married to a mat salleh is a living exemplar of multi-ethnic accord, is close to completing a PhD at Sydney University on the possibility or otherwise of Malaysian’s achievement of a unifying national identity despite UMNO-BN’s determination to maintain its domination of the nation by preaching unity but actually promoting racial and religious division and discord.

A PhD that wouldn’t be totally impossible to pursue in any of Malaysia’s local or internationally-affiliated universities, given their all-too-obvious domination by regime-friendly management and academic appointees.

Meanwhile our daughter, as dearly as she loves going balik kampong to spend time with her maternal relatives, has been inspired by the fact that she feels physically and spiritually ‘grubby’ every time she visits UMNO-BN’s Malaysia, to aspire to an eventual career in human-rights law.

My own motivation for at least metaphorically walking in support of BERSIH and indeed all other Malaysian organisations and individuals working to clean-up the malodorous mess that UMNO-BN has made of Malaysia by writing this Malaysiakini column for the past decade or so is both personal and a matter of principle.

Driven to seek the light

As vividly aware as I am of the unceasing power-struggles within our human psyches between opposing forces for either good or evil like virtue and vice, greed and generosity, creation and destruction, co-operation and conflict, truth and falsehood and so on, I find myself driven to support and seek the light along with those of my fellows who similarly try and avoid the dark.

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Dean Johns–Malaysia’s Mat Salleh Friend

And thus I’m delighted to declare my solidarity and write if not literally walk in step with BERSIH and its supporters, especially those with sufficient spine to stride out on the streets in demonstration of their disgust at government corruption and sundry other criminalities, rather than settling for complaining in secret.

All of which is a very long-winded way of saying that I wish all power to BERSIH in its latest street-march calling for Malaysians to be accorded their constitutional right to clean, free and fair elections, and by extension clean, free and fair government.

And conversely, all the bad luck in the world to every member, supporter and crony of the discredited UMNO-BN regime, from its alleged 1MDB-billionaire Crime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and his cabinet, through its Judiciary, Police Force and fawning mainstream media, on down to its very dregs, those dedak-hungry so-called red-shirts, all united in their efforts to keep empowering and enriching themselves and in the process sending Malaysia and Malaysians on the road to ruin.

7 thoughts on “Bersih, BERSIH, Bersih–A Great Success

  1. Dr M and Anwar Ibrahim have reconciled.

    Time for us Malaysians to get Anwar Ibrahim out of jail,
    become our Prime Minister, and halt the
    downward spiral of our economy and society.

    Malaysia Boleh ! Yes We Can !

  2. The turnout was larger than the last one but still smaller than the record turnout. But the issue is not its effect on UMNO but the effect on Hadi’s PAS that matters. The most important effect is to make Hadi’s PAS back off on their ‘if I cannot win, you must lose” attitude against PH or lose-lose attitude against PH or at least shake enough enough to come to the table.

    Unfortunately Hadi’s PAS have a range of deep-seated denials they can and will resort to. Bersih numbers indicate if Hadi’s PAS do not come to the table, they will not only lose most seats they gain under PH, they will lose Kelantan. But if they insist not talk about it but self-righteous arrogance, then all is for nought..

  3. I’m extremely touched when a friend emailed me the news of a small but extremely strong and passionate group of Malaysian students, braving the cold and harsh weather in Ohio, Columbus, showed their love for their country and their solidarity with Bersih 5 and their fellow countrymen who are fighting for a better Malaysia. Way to go, kids, while studying in the United States, you have not forgotten your responsibility to build a better Malaysia.

  4. The fact that there is now no longer any fear that “Bersih 6, 7, 8…….” are possible and yet to come is “Bersih 5’s” success.

    Bersih 5 called Najib’s bluff and won.

  5. Brother Din is right when he says “the war of attrition is not for the timid and fainthearted.” Dr. Sun Yat Sen received the nickname of Sun Ta-pao (Big Gun Sun, in Cantonese slang Ta-pao also means exaggerator or bullshitter) because of his exaggerated announcements of military expeditions and the many abortive attempts to overthrow the Manchu government. Many then thought he was kidding himself and misleading others. He succeeded on his tenth attempt. This is only Bersih 5.

  6. Lamoy,
    Oh come on! At least, he got involved in the thick of the battle just like Winston Churchill. Of course that angmoh sucker doggie would say otherwise about anything chinamen.

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