BERSIH 5.0 is on in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

November 19, 2016

BERSIH 5.0 is on in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad is back in Kuala Lumpur from Sudan and will attend BERSIH 5.0. This is a boost to all Malaysians who support BERSIH and want corrupt Najib Razak to resign.–Din Merican

Najib Razak, wherever you may be, watch this. The BERSIH movement will hound you if you remain in office as Prime Minister of Malaysia. Enough of your corrupt ways and abuses of power. It is time you get the message and make yourself scarce, the sooner the better.–Din Merican



7 thoughts on “BERSIH 5.0 is on in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  1. Even as the crowd grows, Najib’s bootlicker continue to pointless statements and threats. Anything but admit it’s not working for them.

    Frankly, Najib’s bootlicker do not sound desperate enough. Because Hadi’s PAS has stayed silent. So long as Hadi’s PAS do not get worried, then they think they do not have to worry.

  2. Watching from the YouTube, I must say the Bersih organizers have done a very professional job. Having organized several demonstrations, I know how difficult a job it is in crowd control. The demonstrators are orderly, restrained, and well-behaved, unlike the Red Shirt thugs who remind me of the terrorists in the Middle East covering their faces. Are they ashamed of taking the loot money for their attendance? Or are they saying Najib nak merompak lagi?

  3. Abdul Hadi Awang’s PAS will suffer heavy defeat in the next General Election.

    Meanwhile, I will be voting for my AMANAH MP in Shah Alam at the
    next GE. I strongly encourage all non-Muslim Malaysians to support
    AMANAH at the next GE.

  4. By being peaceful, orderly Bersih had carried and maintained the moral high ground. This is and always should be the Malaysian way as an example for all future assemblies of concerned citizens whatever the causes.

    The police on the ground had all in all taken a reasonably neutral stand under the circumstances as it should be notwithstanding the behavior of the top brass pre-D-Day.

    The Red Shirts, (only a miserable couple of hundred came), covered their faces because they knew deep in their hearts that they could not openly face their fellow peaceful Malaysians without any feelings of shame for they would get an earful should any relatives or friends recognized them.

    Violence from the Red Shirts? Nah, it would have been 20 to 1 if any accidental fight started. Those show case silat demonstrations only involved a couple of true practitioners; the rest were just pounchy couch potatoes with sedentary day jobs which they had to return to on Monday morning. How many of them would, for money alone, actually risk life and limb for Najib and Rosmah?

    And Jamal Ikan Bakar asked to be remanded by the police so that he need not risk doing any actual fighting and this showed up his empty boasts about his “flying kriss” which were only good for scaring women MPs. You think he would risked being badly hurt by the Malays from the Bersih crowd? The Chinese or Indians may not, but some Malays from the Bersih crowd may be just as fanatical in the heat of the moment. And would his wife happily say…OK bang, go and get yourself killed so that Najib could declare emergency rule?

    At the end of the day, Malays of whatever colored shirt have always been reminded that Islam, (the non-political kind), is a religion of peace and no “Najibs” or “Jamals” could change that.

    The verdict which we could unashamedly show to the civilized World is that Malaysians won regardless of any sour grape sentiments that Bersih achieved nothing. Let future history be the judge for we still have some way to go as a nation. And 19th November 2016 is as good a day as any to start the journey.

    Bon Voyage!!!!!!!!!!

  5. LaMoy, Red SHirts are rent a mob made up of Mat Rempits who have nothing better to do. They are happy with nasi bungkus and bottled water for lunch and maybe RM 20 for their presence and given a red t shirt as souvenir. That’s why they cover their faces, as most are dropouts and have no idea or inkling about what democracy is all about.

  6. The “redshirts” ? A lot of Bangladeshis who received money to take part.

    At least one report of a 17 year old schoolboy from small town who was paid RM50 to take part.

    Some hard core neo-fascists/neo-Nazis/race supremacists there too, but probably just in their hundreds.

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