Berish 5.0: Taking on corrupt UMNO Prime Minister

November 17, 2016

Berish 5.0: Taking on corrupt UMNO Prime Minister

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Electoral reform group Bersih does not regard the red-shirts as their enemy, as the purpose of the November 19 rally is to protest against corruption and Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s alleged wrongdoings.

In a statement today, its chairperson Maria Chin Abdullah said the public have a right and a duty to voice their displeasure over these issues.

“Red-shirts leader Jamal Md Yunos is not our enemy. We are not hitting the streets to fight Jamal and his band of thugs. We are not flexing our muscles or showing who has bigger numbers.

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Malaysia’s Corrupt Couple–A National Disgrace

“We are protesting because keeping silent on corruption and abuse of power is not an option. We are gathering because we have a right to protest against Najib (over his alleged) mega scandals which gave our country the ‘kleptocracy’ label.

“Jamal is just a decoy to shift attention away from public enemy number one: None other than the Prime Minister himself.

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“We must focus on Bersih’s demands (for clean elections and eradication of corruption), which seek to make Malaysia a better place for our children,” she said.

‘Cops will help us’

Maria expressed confidence that the Police will help facilitate a peaceful and orderly rally, just as they did for Bersih 4.

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I was at Bersih 2007, and Bersih 4.0 but my academic duties in Phnom Penh prevent me from joining you this Saturday. However, Dr. Kamsiah and I wish our friends like Ambiga, Maria, Cynthia Gabriel, Dr. Subramaniam Pillay, and fellow Malaysians all the best for a peaceful and orderly protest against this corrupt Rosmah controlled regime.

Beware of agent provocateurs led by buffoon Jamal Ikan Bakar in your midst. Special Branch agents will also be in your company. Exercise restraint and respect public property.–Din Merican in Phnom Penh, Cambodia¬†

“Last year, we saw how the Police kept the peace during the 34-hour long protest, where the red-shirts appeared only at the end. We hope that the Police will be prepared for provocation by Jamal’s camp to divert attention from Bersih’s objectives,” she said.

In view of this, Maria urged Malaysians not to be concerned over Jamal’s threats. They should take part in the Bersih 5 rally and show the world how much Malaysians we detest Najib Razak and his kleptocrats.

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The Police have claimed that the notices submitted by Bersih, as part of the requirement under the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012, were defective and thus the rally on Saturday was unlawful. Nevertheless, Bersih has claimed it has fulfilled the legal requirements and will be pressing ahead.

5 thoughts on “Berish 5.0: Taking on corrupt UMNO Prime Minister

  1. A Racketeering govt is INSANE especially in these days and age where every voter and citizens have information on his handphone. Racketeering by nature is parasitic and destructive. Its UNSUSTAINABLE.. All a rackteering govt can do is keep afloat an illusion by bankrupting the govt. Even with criminal racketeers, their organisation has process to replace and renew their leadership if they fail. Racketeers have been around for thousands of years, they believed traced to the Roman Empire Vs the Greek Democracy. The racketeers have ups and downs but none, criminal or govertment have been sustainable in the long run whereas Greek democracy have only spread and thrived.

    The point is all racketeers are inherently net destructive, no matter what else they build. Najib, despite presiding over one of the highest growth period in Malaysia history, also has declining current account and to a lesser extent a declining trade account. It repudiates any idea of real “transformation”. The Malaysian currency, having appreciated initially is now worst than it ever is, again more proof, no real change has really happened, the decline of Mahathirism continue and he is driving it over the cliff.

    1MDB, SRC, ECRL – RM50billion scandals are not one off and will keep repeating. No number of MACC cases of Sabah Water Dept makes any difference, merely another cover for a rotting system.

    But the problem remain, the hallucinating followers of Hadi’s PAS do not get it, they make it all possible and get what they really do not want in the end. Najib can be thanked for one thing – to confirm PAS is hopeless and political Islam do not work and will not work and the wisdom of the original founders of this country..

  2. 1Malaysia is a crazy country. All the resources of the state and all its political institutions are being (mis)used to save the political backside of one individual i.e. MO1.

  3. Sdr DINmerican: How art thopu faring? I just borrowed an old post from thee “Fareware America”, just added: “A THOUGHT-PROVOKING PIECE borrowed from I used to sing “San Francisco” wit’ him aft Blue Coffee in SJ; hey sin’ing DJ BUMmer, do you r’ber? You went on to the greAt USA; now wit’ TrumpetyDumpty as Prez, is it STEAL greAt? ~
    Desi, great to hear from you. How are things getting on in Malaysia? I assume that you are strong in body and mind to join Malaysians at Bersih 5.0. I am at a loss for words to describe what is happening under hen-pecked Najib.–Din Merican

  4. Quote:- “1Malaysia is a crazy country. All the resources of the state and all its political institutions are being (mis)used to save the political backside of one individual i.e. MO1”

    I disagree. 1Malaysia is not crazy. It actually makes a lot of sense what is happening.

    It makes no sense only if Malaysia is racially homogeneous, like Japan, Korea, Philippines or even Indonesia. But because of the large number of economically successful Chinese, and with the Malays, who sees Malaysia as “belonging” only to them and therefore solely entitled to its riches, (which riches they were robbed of), developing a siege mentality, and so an attack on any one of their kind is an attack on the whole community, and perversely an admission of failure by anyone of them is an admission on behalf of the whole community.

    (that was what Najib meant when he said he made no “personal gain” from 1MDB billions; he did it all for the Malays; so his conscience was crystal clear. Remember the “it was my personal account, but not like my personal account”? He was only a mere trustee)

    Najib, or any other Malay PM, is therefore the common representative of the Malay “face”. An attack on him is an attack on the whole Malay community and conversely defending him is actually defending themselves.

    So the Malays do not see it as (mis)use as you put it, but a legitimate use, even a constitutionally sanctioned one, you know, the “special position” clause?

    So, it is not simply saving the political backside of one individual i.e. MO1. The “face” of the majority race of the country is at stake. Cash of course helps the medicine go down.

  5. Mr Wayne

    There are significant numbers of progressive Malays who oppose
    the 1Malaysia regime, even if a majority support it.

    The most courageous are the Malays in the DAP such as YB Zairil.
    Then there are the ones like AMANAH such as my MP for Shah Alam.
    There are also the Malays in PSM.

    1Malaysia regime wants to divide us along racial lines, we should not fall
    for their trap. The “Malays” are by no mean homogeneous, with some of them being the vociferous Mamaks of Penang UMNO Baru.

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