Adam Adli–Challenging the Corrupt and Unjust

November 16, 2016

Adam Adli–Challenging the Corrupt and Unjust

by Mariam Mokhtar

Activism, or doing what you think is right for the nation, comes at a heavy cost.

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The Iconic Che Guevera

One student has seen his dream of becoming a lecturer dashed because of his activism. He has been in and out of court rooms. He has been threatened with jail. He has been put on remand and he has been fined. When he is not defending himself, he is trying to sort out the nation, which he believes is run by the corrupt and the unjust.

Would you want to swap places with Adam Adli, the student who shot to fame when, on an impulse, he lowered a flag bearing the image of PM Najib Abdul Razak?

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This young man had everything going for him, but his conscience was pricked by issues of justice, governance and democracy. Little did he realise that following the dictates of his conscience would lead to his downfall.

While most of us suffer quietly or moan in the company of friends, the proactive Adam sought to open our minds, show us what it means to fight repression and tell us that when votes are stolen, the country is no longer operating as a democracy.

It all started in December 2011, when Adam, who was then studying at the Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, lowered the flag depicting Najib’s image and replaced it with a flag bearing the words “Academic Freedom”.

He was only trying to expose the repressive nature of the Universities and University Colleges Act.

An unforgiving university administration suspended his student status, first for 18 months and then indefinitely. He could have graduated by now and could be living his ambition of teaching in a university.

But the suspension could not cow him. He continued with his activism. In May 2013, at a forum at the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, Adam questioned the results of the 13th general election and urged Malaysians to get rid of the current government. That speech cost him dearly. He was found guilty of sedition in September 2014.

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Activists for Freedom, Justice and Human Dignity

Adam is appealing against his conviction. He hopes that like his mentor, Hishamuddin Rais, he will escape jail and be fined instead.But the prosecution is appealing against the High Court’s decision to allow him to pay a fine of RM5,000 instead of going to jail.

On Monday, Adam was told that his appeal would be deferred until December. Perhaps this is another tactic to wear the student leader down.

Adam once said, “Why should university students be afraid of those whom we have elected. They should work for us. Do not be afraid to criticise our leaders, no matter who they are.”

Whatever their reasons for prolonging Adam’s mental agony, little do the authorities realise that he is the new face of the fight against the Sedition Act. He is one of our catalysts for change.

What a pity it is that the authorities would persecute Adam, who is upholding justice, but allow Red Shirt leader Jamal Yunos to run free even though he threatens to harm others, especially those fighting to realise true democracy in Malaysia.

4 thoughts on “Adam Adli–Challenging the Corrupt and Unjust

  1. Can Malaysians who can – afford not to attend this Bersih 5 Nov 19 ?
    And seize a chance of showing that a very significant proportion of us collectively refuse to be taken for granted any more and constantly have our intelligence insulted and being treated as fools,while being burdened by falling Rm and rising cost of living.

    Or that it will take more than the likes of shady low lifes like Jamal and his vicious loony cohorts and behind the scenes puppet masters, to cow the people out of their resolve and determination to want to be governed decently by a responsible establishment.

    Can the tactics of intimidation and bullying be allowed to win the day ?
    And that such tactics might have deterred and spooked peace loving law abiding common folk from attending and showing their disaffection and disenchantment with the status quo..
    Then the bully-boy goons of the red shirts will have won , and clearly shows that many Malaysians from among the silent marjority, are still not bothered enough to risk emerging from their comfort zones to collectively protest and show their displeasure with the way things are now.

    Whilst the elite play their unscrupulous diabolical political power games and money /racial /religo politics .
    Malaysians , like ordinary citizens everywhere, merely demand to have responsible Goverment with principled ministers and leaders with at least a measure of integrity and sense of responsibility and dedication to serve the collective interests of all Malaysians and nation.

    And to weed out the self serving selfish greed and power lust of the elite few, appointed to positions of power and influence but who prioritises abuse and misuse of their positions for self enrichment out of greed and lust for even more power and influence.
    But just allocate a small fraction of their time for their duties to dedicate and serve the people.

    Living in denial or ignoring signs of a trouble wounded nation bleeding . Woes by and large inflicted by the clueless irresponsible elite powerful clique of supposed leaders but who are inadvertently steering the nation into financial quaqmire – that will be suffered forward 2 to 3 future generations of Malaysians , who will still be re-paying the massive debt incurred by the current Goverment.
    But the hodge podge of obstinate recalcitrants aka ministerial incompetents- are adamantly in denial , refuses to acknowledge that there may be a problem.-when pointed out to them, they gang up to form a defensive shield of excuses and lame reasonings, or deflect and divert the genuine voices of concern to other petty issues.
    Or go on the offensive and accuse those highlighting the issues of power abuse or misuse of positions and misapproriation- of conspiracy ,of slander, of revolt. etc

    Yet, refuses to acknowledge that there is indeed a massive problem, which the whole country seem to know about. And even off our shores ,we have been gaining notoriety for some very blatant malfeasance of certain V V I Ps.

    Except for those who are administering the country’s bureaucracy, and they that are in charge of maintaining social order and keeping the peace and enforcement against social deviants .
    The ones whose decisions and stand on issues can affect everyone in the country.
    But so hair pulling exasperating, that they seem to be with their heads in the clouds or have had densely fogged up brains.
    It is just so ludicrous these assembled band of bandits have but eyes that refuses to see , common sense that they themselves don’t wish to have any.
    Instead rather be playing the fools ,dancing to the tune of sha la la la la.

    And they are probably more worried this time around of increased participants from the Bumi community,and thus cannot be spun into a thingy of a racial twinge.Explaining the more crude vocal and agrressive tactics of Jamal the Jamban flusher…
    Mindsets across the country needs to see ,before GE 14, just how resentful and disillusioned people are of the current unreliable Govermental institutions. And perhaps , it may just make that difference in successfully removing and uprooting tree stumps and deadwood.

  2. Adam Adlii is not fighting for general ideas like democracy and academic freedom, he fights because our PM is corrupt, a liar and the system of government by racketeer is a broken government and unsustainable.

    A government by rule of power is simple CRAZY STUPID. It’s a fantasy it can go on for long without ending in chaos. Confidence in such a system is a bubble fueled by excesses. Wasting RM50billions on 1MDB, SRC or ECRL is not one off or will stop. It must keep going or it all falls apart.

  3. You can’t keep good men/good women down.

    He will probably end up as a lecturer in a foreign country that
    recognises academic freedom and the rule of law.

  4. bryanbb, stay safe.

    Remember this quote:
    “The mark of the immature man is that he wants to die nobly for a cause, while the mark of the mature man is that he wants to live humbly for one.” – J.D. Salinger.

    There is no one noble in the Layu-land for anyone to die for today.
    There is no cause in today’s Bersih5.0 when all that needs to be said has not been said.

    Live humbly as one today. Stay safe. Adam Adli could not rule, neither can anyone in the Bersih5.0 committee. Tun M doesn’t need a Bersih5.0 to rule. He could no longer rule, if we are realists in considering his age. There is no reputable figure in Bersatu that could generate the momentum needed for change. The same applies for the opposition.

    Have faith that things would turn out better when there is no blood shed.
    Don’t be concern about handsome Jonah. There are much more to be worried about if there were blood shed. 1PM has all the reason to want a blood shed to justify his rule. Just look around which Arab Spring nations has been able to thrive. Today is not the day for change.

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