Donald Trump won and why?

November 10, 2016

Donald Trump won and why?

by Ned Resnikoff

AP Photo/Richard Drew

This year’s election was a referendum on multiracial liberal democracy. Liberal democracy lost.

It lost for a lot of reasons, some of which were predictable and some of which were not. It was predictable that African-American turnout would be artificially low in states like North Carolina, where years of voter suppression have reaped their intended result. It was predictable that rural, predominantly white regions of the country would turn out for a candidate whose campaign essentially vowed to protect and extend America’s system of white racial hierarchy. And it was predictable that pluralist, small-r republican government would be proven to rest on shakier foundations than anyone could have imagined a few years ago.

But most polling, and most experienced political forecasters, did not predict this. The unthinkable happened on Tuesday night. The United States has launched itself into an uncertain and very dangerous future.

The danger is not evenly distributed. The disenfranchised black voters of North Carolina are more exposed than white Californians — or white anyone, for that matter. Donald Trump’s entire campaign was a repudiation of the fundamental tenet that people of all races, genders, religions, and orientations should enjoy equal treatment under the law. A Trump presidency would be an assault on liberal democracy, and perhaps a fatal one.

Image result for The dejected Hillary Clinton

Instead of multiracial liberal democracy, the United States has chosen white authoritarian populism. Another way to describe this system would be illiberal democracy, a term favored by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, an ally of Vladimir Putin and a proud illiberal democrat.

Illiberal democracy is still nominally democratic, but its fundamental value is nationhood, wherein the nation means a group of people tied together by shared ethnic and cultural bonds. The history of the United States has often been shaped by a deep-seated tension between this kind of illiberal nationalism and the hope of a liberal, egalitarian pluralism. Until recently, it really looked as if pluralism was winning.

In that regard, America’s choice echoes the recent experience of the United Kingdom. Brexit — the decision of a voting majority to reject internationalism, reject the European project, and reject a policy of relative friendliness to immigrants — spent a long time being unthinkable, until it suddenly wasn’t. The consequences of Brexit are still unspooling, and Great Britain has a long, dark path to travel before we can fully assess the damage.

Trump has occasionally boasted that his election would be “Brexit times five.” In hindsight, that claim sounds uncharacteristically modest.


13 thoughts on “Donald Trump won and why?

  1. Dangerous future?…the biggest danger I see is from angry and bad losers who I feel will stop at nothing to derail the winner…even before he takes office…

  2. Unless one subscribes to Panspermia, not all are created equal.
    Democracy, in the traditional meaning, allows for equal say among peers – but not necessarily equal opportunity or means thereof.

    What is so liberal about democracy? Often times, it’s rigged. Can any truly democratic nation do away with ‘electoral votes’, when competing parties are well aware of this? Dis-allocation, pork-barrelling and gerrymandering, we understand, but illiberal? Another Oxymoronic term. Losers always compensate by coming up with Labels of Misappropriating Blame.

    Does conservatism equal illiberal-ism? Yeah, only among ‘Evangelicals’ and other superficial, literal, fundamentalist nut-jobs – with their holier than thou hypocrisy. Others just wanted hard-working jobs and some measure of dignity with it – which would’ve been stripped away in the guise of a Nanny state spouting ‘Socialism’ and other brainless platitudes of ‘equality for all’, but achieved for None..

    Saying that Trump won is due to ‘illiberal’ democracy is like saying that the USofA is now the equivalent of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea?
    C’mon give the Republican and aligned voters a break..

    What they need is hyper-Capitalism and sense of community aka Distributism.. Ja? Seig Heil Drumpf!

  3. I really wish progressive ideas expounded in this article by Resnikoff stop from poisoning the minds of developing countries like Malaysia. Those progressive ideas are toxic and are rooted nothing more than pigment of imaginations of those over-educated people.

    The equality under the US Constitution, upon which many modern states’s constitutions are emulated, is not equality of cultures nor races nor religions. The equality under US Constitution is equality of individuals (not group of individuals) with respect to inalienable rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. That is, individual liberty.

    What implicitly implied as illiberal or bad by Resnikoff with respect to unequal treatment of laws on race, genders, religions, and sexual orientation is the result of confusion of progressive. The liberal decease is not curable until people like Resnikoff come to realize the role of government must be limited. The limited government is not supposed to create laws that force people to think all cultures and religions are the same IN THE FIRST PLACE.

    What is written by Resnikoff in the following paragraph is the result of the decease of modern day liberalism and he is proud of it:
    “Donald Trump’s entire campaign was a repudiation of the fundamental tenet that people of all races, genders, religions, and orientations should enjoy equal treatment under the law. A Trump presidency would be an assault on liberal democracy, and perhaps a fatal one.”

  4. Why?
    The politicians and the media in America are in self-denials that its Democracy system has significant flaws, gravely hidden beneath the surface of the over-stretched freedom of expression with endless borders where the truth has been obscured.

    The true value of Democracy is being abused and manipulated to serve largely the personal agendas of political leaders, rather the people and their needs.

  5. Donald Trump won with the compliment of James Comey !

    Comey had chosen, not the people the of America.
    He had freely misinformed into becoming his proxies.

  6. Fact is she got only 90% of the vote Obama got. Trump got less vote than Mitt Romney, did not win the popular vote. Hillary lost it NOT that Trump won.

    It’s a lesson on liberty. It’s hard, it’s a lot of responsibility, work and merit. It should have been someone else. Biden, Elizabeth Warren, even Sanders would have won.

  7. The US despite being the leading nation in technology still has not changed its system of electing a President i.e. Electoral College. In todays electronic voting and internet age, votes can be counted and tabulated in real time, instantly. The Electoral College goes against the “One man one vote” philosophy in democracy. Imagine the President of the world most powerful country being determined by just over 500 men/women. That is not a fair representation of the over 300 million US citizens. Result: a President who has less popular votes than his opponent.

  8. Also, neither Trump nor Clinton is the choice of the people,nor the winner.
    The people are the losers .

    The American Democracy system is flawed especially with its electoral college voting system.

    One man is not equal to one vote where a candidate can win the election when losing the popular votes, (which in this case Trump has lost over 2,000,000 votes to Clinton).

  9. I find Shiou’s commentary more appealing than the article by Ned Resnikoff .

    See the latter’s opening line: “This year’s election was a referendum on multiracial liberal democracy. Liberal democracy lost”. Technically he may be right in one respect. One man one vote system and accepting the majority outcome is the basic tenet of democracy. Does the result mirror this cardinal principle? The popular vote was won by Hilary Clinton not Donald Trump. The spoiler is the electoral vote which made the winner the loser. How democratic could that be?

    The electoral vote system was designed originally to protect the smaller states, whose interests tend be sidelined by political office contenders who concentrate on larger states and ignore the smaller ones in order to win larger number of votes. Stragely it both protects and undermines democracy by allowing state interest to upend popular vote. Compared with early generation of voters, the current ones are more intelligent and discriminating and may not want the protective armour of electoral vote any longer. Perhaps American constitutinal experts should revist the idea of electoral vote to tweak or do away with it to reflect current need and reality.

  10. Actually Hawking Eye

    Political science researchers have shown time and time again that the average voter is actually ill-informed on political issues of the day.
    Politics is largely about perception and emotion, not rational decision-making for these ill-informed voters.

  11. Majority had Lost .
    That is Not democracy is all about- freedom, liberty and equal rigths.
    That kind of democracy system had Failed the people of USA, so it had for Malaysia.

    It could be free but it was UNFAIR.

    That is why many many people, (myself included),are so Fed Up with Bersih for letting down the 300,000 over Bersih 4 (August 31, 2015) marchers and supporters of all races regardless of religions and beliefs.

    Bersih had failed the people of Malaysia. From then on the Rakyat had felt Betrayed and disgruntled, because its objectives in fighting for ” a Fair, Free and Clean Election ” was Hijacked and Replaced by Tun Dr Mahathir, and its(Bersih + opposition) leaders in calling for the removal of Najib.

    My take is, Bersih 5 will become irrelevant. It would be lucky if it can draw a crowd of 30,000, come 19 th November.

    It is a grave Irony, Bersih, when calling for change, when in reality, it Urgently needed CHANGE …
    .. very sad …for the Mis-Opportunity for Malaysia …for the people, their empowerment, to ride the momentum and the success of drawing enormous UNDIVIDED crowd of Bersih 4 last year.

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