President-Elect Trump–Congratulations

November 9, 2016

President-Elect Trump–Congratulations for a Stunning Victory against overwhelming odds

by Stephen Collinson



Donald Trump will become the 45th president of the United States, CNN projects, a historic victory for outsiders that represents a “stunning repudiation of Washington’s political establishment”.

The billionaire real estate magnate and former reality star needed an almost perfect run through the swing states — and he got it, winning Ohio, North Carolina and Florida.

The Republican swept to victory over Hillary Clinton in the ultimate triumph for a campaign that repeatedly shattered the conventions of politics to pull off a remarkable upset. Clinton conceded to Trump in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton voted in Chappaqua, New York, on Election Day, Tuesday, November 8. Afterward, she and her husband, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, visited with locals outside the voting area.

Hillary Clinton–the defeated rival who fought an outstanding campaign

Speaking at a victory party in New York, Trump was gracious toward Clinton and called for unity.

“We owe (Clinton) a very major debt of gratitude to her for her service to our country,” Trump said. “I say it is time for us to come together as one united people.”

He added: “I pledge to every citizen of our land that I will be president for all Americans.” Trump won with 288 electoral votes compared to 215 for Clinton, according to CNN projections.

Trump’s supporters embraced his plainspoken style, assault on political correctness and vow to crush what he portrayed in the final days of his campaign as a corrupt, globalized elite — epitomized by the Clintons — that he claimed conspired to keep hard-working Americans down.

His winning coalition of largely white, working-class voters suggests a populace desperate for change and disillusioned with an entire generation of political leaders and the economic and political system itself.

Now, Trump faces the task of uniting a nation traumatized by the ugliest campaign in modern history and ripped apart by political divides exacerbated by his own explosive rhetoric — often along the most tender national fault lines such as race and gender.

Trump is sure to follow his own playbook

Trump will be the first president to enter the White House with no political, diplomatic or military executive experience. His victory will send shock waves around the world, given his sparse foreign policy knowledge, haziness over nuclear doctrine, vow to curtail Muslim immigration and disdain for US alliances that have been the bedrock of the post-World War II foreign policy.

His promises to renegotiate or dump trade deals such as NAFTA and to brand China a currency manipulator risk triggering immediate economic shocks around the globe. Global markets already began tumbling late Tuesday.

Trump, 70, will be the oldest president ever sworn in for a first term and will take the helm of a nation left deeply divided by his scorched-earth campaign. His victory was built on fierce anger at the Washington establishment and political elites among his grass-roots voters, many of whom feel they are the victims of a globalized economy that has resulted in the loss of millions of jobs.

His victory ends Clinton’s crusade to become the first woman to ever rise to the nation’s highest office. It’s a humiliating chapter in the long political career of Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

Trump’s win also deals a painful rebuke to President Barack Obama, whom he pursued for years with his birtherism campaign built on the false premise that Obama was born outside the United States. Now Trump will have the power to eviscerate Obama’s political legacy — including the Affordable Care Act, the latter’s proudest domestic achievement.

But there are deeper, more fundamental questions about Trump’s presidency that will be key to his capacity to unify a deeply divided country and appeal to Americans who will feel outraged and disgusted by his victory.

He’s got the attention of the whole world

Trump’s campaign was built on rage, falsehoods and singling out culprits for the ills of modern America, including undocumented migrants, foreign nations such as China and Muslim immigrants.

He mocked a disabled New York Times reporter, vowed to use the power of the presidency to put Clinton in jail and pledged to sue women who accused him of sexual assault.

Trump has promised to build a wall on the southern border and make Mexico pay for it, and to deport undocumented migrants. He has vowed to reintroduce interrogation methods for terror suspects that are more extreme than waterboarding.

So the demeanor that Trump will adopt as president and the manner in which he will behave will be closely watched — not just in the United States, but among nervous leaders abroad.

One of the many uncertainties about Trump’s coming presidency is how his White House will interact with Republicans in Congress — and whether he and GOP leaders will heal their rift from the campaign. Republicans repelled a Democratic bid to recapture the Senate, giving the GOP control over Capitol Hill and the White House.

That means it would fall to the GOP either to rubber stamp policies likely to mark a break from conservative orthodoxy or to provide a check on the power of Trump, who has shown every sign he will use executive power aggressively.

Image result for Speaker Paul Ryan and Donald Trump 2016

House Speaker Paul Ryan will face intense pressure from pro-Trump members of his own coalition to cooperate with the new president. Senate Republicans, meanwhile, are likely to hold Trump’s feet to the fire to ensure he lives up to his promise to appoint justices who could ensure a generational conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Clinton apparently failed to reassemble the diverse coalition that helped Obama win the presidency in 2008 and 2012.

The events of Clinton’s terrible final week on the campaign — the revival of her email controversy by FBI Chief James Comey and a damaging drip, drip, drip of revelations by WikiLeaks which her campaign says was orchestrated by Russian intelligence — could have helped consign her to defeat

There also is the question of Trump’s temperament. Clinton repeatedly warned that he was unfit to control the nuclear codes because he could be baited with a tweet.

Obama passionately denounced Trump as intellectually and temperamentally unfit to succeed him in the Oval Office. But now, he will be forced to greet his successor on the morning of Inauguration Day in January, 2017 and look on while he is sworn in as the 45th president of the United States.

28 thoughts on “President-Elect Trump–Congratulations

  1. Trump is going to appoint the next few Supreme Court judges and has control of Senate and Congress. He is very powerful and will use it. Najib is already looking to make a deal with a self-profess artist and THAT will be the most interesting. A real moderate Muslim country who will work with him will benefit from Trump, an extreme one likely send terrorists to the US. We will see more Malaysian terrorist in the US news..

  2. A simple acceptance speech…If Trump keeps only a fraction of his promises, he might begin to take his country out of the morass it has been dragged into.

    But if I were one of millions of unemployed, homeless and poor Americans, I would not celebrate just yet… another President-elect also promised change…and look what the country ended up as…

    But Trump is a maverick…so who knows…

  3. As recently as two weeks back, I did not rule out a Trump victory. My thinking ran like this. I divided the electorate into two groups. Group A, an overwhelming majority comprising home-soil Americans i.e. the Whites and the Blacks. Group B, immigrants from other countries who became naturalised citizens over the last 50 years, a significant vote block. My assessment was at least 60% from Group A would vote for Trump and some 60% from Group B would vote for Hillary. Mathematically it should point to a Trump victory. But Trump’s own conduct of brashness and the entire American press and TV networks vilifying him ( the power of media to sway people to a desired outcome), had some impact on my reading of events making me hesitant to plunge for an outright victory for Trump.

    Well we get wiser post event. It is like a punter, who before the start of a race, will tell you which horse will win. When the race is over he will tell you exactly why his horse did not win. Cheers!

  4. I am disappointed that Hillary Clinton was resoundingly defeated by her Republican rival. But the American people have made their choice. I respect their choice. The President-Elect must now reassure financial markets and the international community that he is not a trigger happy cowboy President. I welcome his victory speech that he will build partnerships and make friends with all who choose to be America’s friends.–Din Merican

  5. This has got to be the most insincere congratulatory note to a president elect. The man has not even taken the oath of office and his detractors are already geared to run him down.
    Too late to cry over spilt milk and closing the barn door after the horses have bolted.

    The Democrats have only themselves to blame that Trump is the 45th POTUS. Bernie Sanders would have mopped the floor with Trump but the DNC decimated him and picked Hillary instead.

    It will be interesting now to see Hillary put the money where her mouth is, that she will be as good working in support of the winner to unite the nation, as she had claimed she would with the loser if she were the POTUS.

  6. Trump played his brash, arrogant reality TV persona to perfection. The audience lapped it up. No matter how disgusting.

    That’s as anti-Establishment as it comes. Dirty Harry and Rocky all rolled into one. The Medium is the Massage.. (McLuhan’s initial ‘message’)

    It shows us how desperate things are for the average American who needs to put food on the table, serve his community and family the best way he/she knows how.

    Forget about libertarian ‘rubbish’ like Gay Rights, Abortion, Gun-Control and a whole host of non-mainstream or marginal issues – and concentrate on Enabling Existence, Work, Individuality and Promoting American Values. Elections are about People. Numbers, otoh are just that – Virtual. There is no such thing as Statistics to Man’s Behavior.

    All the media talking heads, experts, commentators, pollsters and data crunchers were talking Nonsense. Just as in Brexit – which i welcomed as a foil against Rancid Globalization and Subsuming Man into a Zombie-Robot-Slave.

    I, like many of my Baby-Boomer generation, welcome a realignment of forces that shape our world, because change is the only constant. Democracy at it’s Best/Worst.

    And yes, Putin and Trump will ultimately gang up on PRC. The Business world will remain Anglophilic. And MENA will get much worse, before some measure of stability. Duterte and his ilk will, end up in the whorehouse. Jibros and UMNOb? Watchful waiting, with much Fear and Trembling.

    Crusades? Yeah, that too.

  7. He made a simple and sincere pledge to do his best and be a President the American people can be proud of. He did not promise the moon and the stars . Instead, he gave a sobering reminder of the monumental task of nation building ahead.
    Too early to tell whether he will end up as a pussy like Obama. He will probably manage the country like a chairman of the board.

  8. LaMoy,

    That is the end of the Clinton political dynasty. She blew her chance of becoming the first Lady POTUS. Her fight against Trump was great, but she could not connect with ordinary Americans who want change and are thus sick and tired of politics in Washington which is funded by special interest. By campaigning for her, Obama compromised his legacy. She was being identified with Obama’s policies.

    As you say, being arrogant and elitist, she cannot connect with her struggling compatriots. –Din Merican


    1) I’m reminded of the Weimar Republic days in the Germany of the
    1930s. People in economic despair voting for the Communists (KPD) and the Nazis (NSDAP), finally ending up in the Adolf Hitler victory with about half of the total vote.

    2) Will tensions with China escalate under President Trump ?

    3) Will there be more conflict with the Muslim world under an aggressive
    President Trump, to the benefit and glee of “Muslim” militants and extremists of the Daesh type ?

  10. Divine justice, I call it… for Hillary and her fellow Democrats… for the way they cheated Bernie out of his rightful candidacy…

    If Bernie had faced Trump…read OCHO ONDA’s piece above…

    But Trump’s battle has only just begun..because.the elite are still very much in control…and did anyone notice how the outline of his programme for his country sounded like a second New Deal? …therein lies his biggest challenge…unless he breaks new ground and reaches out to the Democrats…

  11. Once again we in the Third World have analytical ability when it comes to foreign countries. We have the Foreign Ministries to keep an eye on the ball and give sound analysis to the leaders of the Third world. The rest of us should put our noses to the wheel and find solutions to our problems particularly those related to the younger generation.
    Trump will take care of Trump and it will be the duty of the American citizens to keep Trump on track. The rest of should have a healthy interest in the US with the view to implement those things that are good for the people of the US for the citizens of the Third Wold to ensure that young people from the Third World are not forced to move to help the First World through migration.

  12. Well, America lost the chance to have, for the first time, presidents who have slept with each other.
    And, ” we came, we saw, she lost”. Gadaffi and Osama must feel a whole lot better.

  13. So finally that dog called Canis Lupus Flamiaris has common ground with that crazy Gonzo loving Hisham Rais. Hahahahaha…….

    Din, never write off Clinton yet. Remember what happen to Nixon

    Guess what happen in 1968! Hillary Clinton should fight on!

  14. You should include this from Michael Moore……Watch and Listen and you will see why this message is damn important

    To that dog called CLF and that idiot, Hisham Rais…….

    Capitalists will always rulez and go shiok sendiri la………

    Lee Kuan Yew has once said this

    I was there, and oppos are shit there in singapore

  15. In Malaysia, I think we should count our blessing for not having Clinton as the president of the most influential nation of the world. The blessing includes what I have posted here before:

    Trump’s presidency will influence the world (beside to USA) in this direction:

    1) Nations, taking the cue of Trump’s nationalism, will be acting for the good of their respective nations. Globalism will be considered good only for selected areas of world affair. Supra-national organizations such as UN and OIC will take a back seat. This will stabilize the world.

    2) Cultures that are antithetical to modern world norms (which is of image of western civilization) will be confronted, not cuddled. Beheading video will be stopped very soon. Caliphate will become a dirty word. Polygamy, albeit inherently attractive to younger men, is frowned upon, regardless which religions provide implicit or explicit endorsement.

    3) Fundamental American values such as freedom of expression will be promoted again. We will no longer be seeing Clinton attending OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) supporting UN resolution 16/18 which undermines freedom of expression under the guise of Islamic blasphemy law.

    4) As Europe goes down and US goes up, the world will again re-affirm their belief in self-government, and will again reject good-looking socialism, a time-proven failed system of government.

    The above are good enough for the world while they start to learn straight-talking of Trump

  16. My bet was on Trump and he won convincingly. That’s what a clean and efficient general election is all about. The guy is what our crooked and dim-witted Umno leaders are not. If only the same happens here in Bolehland.

    Perhaps our “kecut teloq” Election Commission can learn a thing or two from the Americans.

    With Trump at the helm there goes the TPP Agreement pursued vigorously by Obama with the tacit support of Pinkie Lips. Whatever gains the Pekan walla envisioned from the “illicit” deal will go up in flame. Good for the long-suffering rakyat.

    My sincere hope is for Trump to re-energise the hunt for MO1 and get his US-based cronies behind bars like he had promised Hillary.

    A greenhorn like Trump, who has no excess political baggage and skeletons, is what America needs now and so do we in Bolehland. No, we don’t need a Pekan walla wannabe or the serban-wearing Lebai Hadi Ibni Hudud from Pas.

  17. I’m glad the election is over. The will of the people has spoken, and we have to accept that this is the course that our countrymen have deemed best to follow. I am willing to get behind Trump as our President, give him a chance as a challenge to our system in hope of achieving something new, different, and ultimately good.

    After all the political rhetoric that divided the nation so deeply, I do not know how Trump is going to get the people together, especially when he has both the Democratic and Republican establishments against him. How and what he is going to do to “make America great again.” We are moving into uncharted waters. Great uncertainties are ahead of us.

    But I’ve faith in my fellow Americans, the Average Joe and Jane. Our country is built on principles of freedom, diversity, and acceptance. We do not look alike, love alike. pray alike, or even speak in the same language. Through diversities and adversities, we are stronger together and we will make America better. I do believe.

  18. Din:
    I agree with you, bro. Your analysis is spot on. It is unprecedented for a President to campaign for a candidate. That’s a no no and will go against Obama legacy.

    Hillary is a very lousy communicator. She thought she could simply walk over to win the presidency by the die-hard democrats, women, and ethnic minority votes. That did not happen. Large number of women voted for Thrump, one third of the Hispanic voted against her, Cuban Americans in Florida remain voting against Democrat, Black voters had declined in turning up to vote, and Asian Americans who are mainly disappointed with Obama voted against her….

    I wonder how much of the votes for Trump is sympathy vote, as he is running against both the Democratic and Republican establishments. He is the closest to a Third Party great many Americans are looking for in a very long time.

  19. Many has been said but the truth went against all odds. My take is Trump, himself may not know what he is getting himself into. So good luck American voters. You got what you voted and it’s only fair you face the consequences. Lastly, I just hope he is sounds enough to appoint the right guys to compensate his shortcoming. God Bless America.

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