Optimism from Hillary Clinton–Gearing for The White House

November 8, 2016

Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump hopscotched from Pennsylvania to North Carolina to Michigan on Monday in the final, frenzied hours of the presidential campaign, offering clashing closing arguments as the sprawling map of the United States was reduced to a string of must-win states.

Accompanied by rock stars, ex-presidents, old friends and their grown children, the Democratic and Republican nominees pleaded with voters to end a traumatic campaign with an emphatic endorsement of their visions for the country.

In Philadelphia, Mrs. Clinton drew the biggest crowd of her 19-month campaign to the vast plaza in front of Independence Hall, where Bruce Springsteen, the balladeer of working-class America, rhapsodized about her values and the candidate portrayed herself as a protector of freedom and equality.

She concluded with an appeal to those who have waited decades for a female president.”Let’s make history together,” she said.

In Manchester, N.H., Mr. Trump took the stage with his family at Southern New Hampshire University Arena as “God Bless the U.S.A.” blared, blue laser beams illuminated the dark hall and a smoke machine piped a haze over the crowd.

Mr. Trump asked a country polarized over his personality and tactics to embrace his plan to thoroughly shake up Washington.

“I am asking for the votes of all Americans, Democrats, Republicans, independents,” Mr. Trump said, “who are so desperately in need of change.”

The contrasts between the candidates and their messages were on vivid display in the campaign’s last full day.

As she embarked on a four-state tour, Mrs. Clinton gave a sunny and optimistic summation of her candidacy for the White House.

“Tomorrow, you can vote for a hopeful, inclusive, big-hearted America,” she told a crowd in Pittsburgh.


Hillary Clinton campaigned at the University of Pittsburgh as part of a four-state trip on Monday. Credit Doug Mills/The New York Times

Mr. Trump, who campaigned in five states on Monday, took a harsher approach, assailing the “crooked media,” attacking a “corrupt Washington establishment” and mocking Mrs. Clinton over and over.

“It’s a rigged, rigged system,” he declared in Raleigh, N.C. “And now it’s up to the American people to deliver the justice that we deserve at the ballot box tomorrow.”

As the campaign wound down, both candidates dispensed with ritual. Mrs. Clinton, who relishes upbraiding her opponent, toned down her usual assault on Mr. Trump’s conduct and temperament. And Mr. Trump, who normally seeks to convey confidence at all times, sounded uncharacteristically vulnerable.

“They say we’ll get a tremendous amount of credit, win or lose,” he said during a rally in Sarasota, Fla. “I said: ‘No, no, no, no. I don’t want any credit if we lose.’”

Despite the ugliness of the campaign, there were signs that Americans were seizing the opportunity to express themselves at the ballot box in large numbers. Turnout in states that allow early voting was high, and in interviews, many voters said they were eager to bring an end to this unusual, exhausting and still suspenseful election.

“I’m totally ready for this election to be over,” said Mary Hoch, 54, who attended Mr. Trump’s rally in Sarasota with a “Make America Great Again” hat on her head and a “Deplorable Lives Matter” pin on her shirt.


Mr. Trump speaking at a campaign rally in Manchester, N.H., on Monday. Credit Damon Winter/The New York Times

Ms. Hoch predicted a Trump victory. “I think there are a lot of silent Trump voters,” she said.

Daniel Saunders, 58, who attended a rally for Mrs. Clinton in Charlotte, N.C., was just as exasperated by the race. “I’m embarrassed by it,” he said.

But Mr. Saunders said he believed that Mrs. Clinton would eke out a win. “These things always tighten up, but I think she’ll pull it out,” he said.

Both Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton sent their running mates, families and allies across the country to maximize their reach in crucial swing states. Mr. Trump relied on his three oldest children — Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr. — along with Rudolph W. Giuliani, the former New York mayor, and Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska and 2008 Republican vice-presidential nominee.

Mrs. Clinton deployed President Obama and former President Bill Clinton, as well as Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and the first lady, Michelle Obama, perhaps the most popular political figure in the country.

“Tomorrow, with your vote, you can say that this country has always been great,” Mrs. Obama said. “That it is the greatest country on earth.”

Mrs. Clinton’s running mate, Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia, spent much of the day campaigning in North Carolina, which Mr. Obama carried in 2008 but lost four years later to Mitt Romney.

“It’s great to see a finish line, isn’t it?” Mr. Kaine said at an outdoor rally in Charlotte.

He expressed confidence in the ticket’s chances on Tuesday, but warned supporters against complacency and implored voters to embrace the chance to elect the nation’s first female president.

“Every election is important, but not every election will change history,” he said. “If we do what we know how to do, this election will change history.”

Mr. Trump’s running mate, Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana, started the day with a brisk jog across a windswept tarmac in an unlikely spot for a Republican: Duluth, Minn.

It was the Republican ticket’s second stop in deep-blue Minnesota in two days, and although few signs point to a Republican upset there, a modest crowd near Mr. Pence’s plane lapped up his attacks on Mrs. Clinton.

“It’s almost hard to keep up, all the headlines, all the scandals flowing out of just her years as secretary of state,” Mr. Pence said.

Both campaigns conspicuously reached across party lines in their final pitches. In Scranton, Pa., Mr. Trump spoke to what he said were “Democratic voters in this country who are thirsting for change.” In Ann Arbor, Mich., Mrs. Clinton reminded an audience of her days as an intern for President Gerald R. Ford, a Republican from Michigan, and of all the Republican leaders who have endorsed her this year.

“We must put country ahead of party when it comes to this election,” she said.

Mr. Trump seemed sensitive to the fact that his final 48 hours on the campaign trail lacked the star power drawn to Mrs. Clinton, who was accompanied by musicians like Jay Z, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Mr. Springsteen. (Collectively, her surrogates have more than 80 Grammy Awards.)

“Beyoncé and Jay Z,” Mr. Trump said dismissively. “I like them.” But, he added mischievously, “I get bigger crowds than they do.”

But the hyper-competitive Mr. Trump could not resist trying to outshine his rival. In Manchester, he read aloud a letter that he said was from Bill Belichick, the coach of the New England Patriots football team.

“Congratulations on a tremendous campaign,” it purportedly read. “You have dealt with an unbelievable slanted and negative media and have come out beautifully.” (A spokesman for the Patriots said he could not confirm or deny the letter’s authenticity Monday night.)

As a final flourish, Mr. Trump claimed that Tom Brady, the team’s quarterback and a hero across New England, had cast a vote for him. In a radio interview on Monday, however, Mr. Brady said he had not yet voted.

7 thoughts on “Optimism from Hillary Clinton–Gearing for The White House

  1. For my two sense worth, yes Americans should give this chance for a Gracious lady to rule America , and will definitely be worthy of its big name – Long live America ! Reasons ? :

    I feel we humans have to have faith in what have been spoken in religious books as well, no matter Christian or Islamic books. So, here I quote from Koran (please narrate to me from the Christian bible ) :

    1 ‘ Heaven lies at the feet of Mothers ” – this include all the female family members , kith & kin , from children to toddlers and kids.

    2. ‘ The rights of women are sacred ‘ & ‘ the world and all things in it is valuable ; but the most valuable thing in the world is a virtuous woman ‘

    3. ‘ Whoever doeth good to girls , it will be a curtain to him from hell-fire …’

    For a change to the worthy cause of America , most Muslims are confident that a Woman POTUS will definitely be excellent for US, and beneficial to the world at large ‘ a better world ‘ – ” Heaven lies at the feet of Mothers ” is the motto !

  2. She is guaranteed to win. The Senate is also very likely to fall to Democrat so the issue is can they be equal in Congress. Truth is Hillary need a lot of strength in Senate and Congress or she will not do well as President but if she has strong legislative support, she can do well maybe even tackle entitlement..

  3. This is all about the age old arguments over gender equality and gender fairness. The former may never see the light of day but the latter is the key to fully utilize the talents of the other half .

  4. Premature optimism to pop the cork. Win or lose, she will be lucky if she does not end up in the jail house, let alone the White House.
    Regardless of the outcome if the Republicans have upper hand in the House and have it their way, they will reopen her investigations and that of the Clinton Foundation. They are not done with her yet.

  5. Why am I not surprised? The writing is on the wall. The will of the American people and common sense has prevailed !!! Fair play to Trump. He won despite lukewarm or no support from his fellow GOP colleagues!
    The high and self righteous scums at Capitol Hill will most definitely be held accountable, starting from Killary, Loretta Lynch and the Clinton Foundation. Looks like crooked Killary will either be heading to the jail house or to Zimbabwe as the next US ambassador lol.
    Trump will drain the swamp and like Reagan will get the house in order and make America great again!
    There is athe least one very happy man in Dublin who just won his €22000 bet on the rank outsider to win! 🙂

  6. Expected because they are in the majority, so its merely to uphold white Supremacy , even if a Clown is bull dozed through to be the POTUS…..

    Great circus , America will be clowning on the world stage for a very long time !

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