Malaysia–Ratsocratic Regime led by UMNO’s Na-Cheap Ratzak

November 6, 2016

Malaysia–Ratsocratic Regime led by  UMNO’s Na-Cheap Ratzak

by Dean Johns

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The spectacle of Malaysia’s so-called ‘mainstream’ news media whipping-up public outrage about an infestation of rats in Mid Valley Megamall is the most ludicrous exercise in hypocrisy I’ve seen for some time.

Because these are the very same fake ‘news’ organisations that for decades have been ratting-out the Malaysian people with a combination of secrecy, half-truths and lies for the purpose of supporting, protecting and generally promoting the interests of the pests and parasites of the pernicious UMNO-BN regime.

Ever since former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad discovered how to employ the ‘rat’ in ‘democratic’ for his own nefarious ends, UMNO-BN and its accomplices and cronies have been steadily gnawing and nibbling their way through everything from the nation’s natural resources and public funds to Malaysian citizens’ rights, freedoms and protections.

Witness any of literally countless examples ranging from the sucking of untold fortunes in oil revenues out of Petronas (Pestronas?) and the billions that Abdul Taib ‘The Termite’ Mahmud has made from chomping through Malaysia’s rainforests, to the white-anting of the forces of law-and-order so as to turn the police into trained regime lice.

This latter all for the express purpose, of course, of protecting the rats of UMNO, the mice of MIC, MCA, Gerakan and the members of other mosquito BN-member parties from the eradication they so richly deserve.

Image result for Najib the UMNO rat

The Rat Fighters

And now every species of Putrapest, from Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak (Ratzak?) and his consort Rosmah (Roachmah?) Mansor on down through the big-time blood-suckers heading government or rather grubernment ministries and departments to the slugs, worms and weavils they pay to do their dirty-work in the media and electoral commission and on the streets, are totally out of control.

Some of us, despite decades of having our optimism dashed, have been hoping that, with increasing international efforts at pest control, by the US Department of Justice and similar agencies in many other countries, some of the rats and other UMNO-BN vermin would start deserting the pirate (pirat?) Najib’s sinking, stinking ship.

But apart from a handful of his scurvy crew, most of whom in any case have been rejected by the regime rather than reformed, most still remain resolutely on board.

And, apparently, like the similarly pestiferous President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, Najib is now leading them on a voyage to the People’s Ratpublic of China in search of immoral support.

This move certainly seems to make good sense from the UMNO-BN point-of-view, as China is clearly on a mission to make as big a pest of itself as possible around Asia, and throwing heaps of cash around in its attempts to buy or bribe as many allies as possible.

In need of fresh financial fodder

And certainly Malaysia’s ratty regime is desperately in need of fresh financial fodder now that the allegedly embezzled and laundered 1MDB billions have been frozen or started to run out.

Apparently China is hell-bent on building a super railway line all the way from Beijing to Singapore, a project that to a good many of us suspiciously like an invasion of South-East Asia by stealth.

Image result for Bandar Malaysia

For China

But never mind. Part of the plan, apparently, is the construction in KL of a super new station complete with a huge ‘underground city’. To me, given the larceny, corruption, contempt for the rule of law and the criminal maltreatment of the common people that characterise both the current Malaysian and Chinese regimes, and the alleged massive rake-offs it would provide for the parasites of UMNO-BN, this projected edifice should more accurately be called an ‘underworld’ city.

And in any case, given that UMNO-BN’s Malaysia is notorious for how poorly it maintains projects after they are completed and all the alleged kickbacks have been received and secretly banked by the usual suspects, an underground or underworld city would very soon as likely as not become as disastrously prone to flash-flooding as KL’s notorious so-called ‘smart’ tunnel.

Not to mention every bit as literally riddled with real, live rats as the Mid Valley Megamall, and as figuratively infested with vermin as every single item of UMNO-BN expenditure inevitably is when it involves other people’s money.

4 thoughts on “Malaysia–Ratsocratic Regime led by UMNO’s Na-Cheap Ratzak

  1. Don’t take it as a joke, this Foreboding by John Deans is going to become a reality IF the PeeEM and his gang of smart Politicians are Planning to build the so-called Underground city , within the larger city , it will definitely be a Catastrophe ? Imagine the gush of Waters like the Tsunami from around the entire Klang Valley will recede into this huge underground port hole , and swallow up the entire population , when the huge flood-waters will be sucked into this Underground or lower ground area…..It will be disastrous to thousands of lives in the entire vicinity, whilst those getting the kick-backs will get away with impunity…..

    Just imagine the Mess it will create and will take another 50 years to REBUILD…..

  2. Quote:- “Imagine the gush of Waters like the Tsunami from around the entire Klang Valley will recede into this huge underground port hole , and swallow up the entire population…”

    Yes, “Tanah Air?”

  3. Ho ho , orang malaya , good one because they think they are stronger than ‘ besi ‘ , and determined to undertake the planned underground City , despite being swallowed by possible tsunami – very determined indeed , because they hope to turn as in the process of Alchemy , into ‘ Gold ‘ ! Touch of Midas, everything they touch becomes Gold……

    Can we get a bit of their Lion share , even as much as the tiny piece of ‘bone ‘ ?

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