Ode of the Struggling Malaysian

November 5, 2016

A Message to Prime Minister Najib  from The Man in the Street–Ode of the Struggling Malaysian

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A Nation of Caring UMNO Leaders

Dear Mr. Najib Razak,

I’m doing this on behalf of my family, friends and the rest of the rakyat; all of whom have no other way of voicing out pleas that fall on nothing but deaf ears and stone cold hearts.

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The Prime Minister on an Ego Trip to China-Lu Tolong Gua Diplomacy

Today, you decided on an increase on the price of fuel and cooking oil. Today, you decided on going ahead with your plans of increasing the cost of basic necessities for living. Today, you decided to bring upon suffering to people who are helpless and have nowhere to turn to.

Today, we wake up to news that our income will need to be stretched further when it’s already on the verge of snapping. Today, we wake up to news that we may need to eat plain porridge and cheap fried anchovies more often, because we simply cannot afford anything else anymore. Today, we wake up to news that we will be falling sick more often and even risk premature death due to heart attacks and strokes because we will be forced to have less rest and work longer hours to make more money to survive on a day-to-day basis.

It’s easy for you to say that this move is for the future benefit of the people. It’s easy for you to say that this move is for the future enhancement of living status. It’s easy for you to say that this move is for the future progress of the nation.

However, Mr. Prime Minister. However.You speak from the point of view of someone who doesn’t need to starve just so his child could have something to eat. You speak from the point of view of someone who doesn’t need to think if he has enough money to go to work the next day, and the days after. You speak from the point of view of someone who doesn’t need to worry about paying his backdated monthly bills with money he doesn’t even have.

So don’t lecture us about how we’re being silly or petty about slight changes in price of daily needs. Don’t lecture us about how the GST is improving our economy. Don’t lecture us about how you’re trying hard to bring us to the world stage.

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Rosmah Mansor–The Malaysian Birkin Beauty

You’re privileged enough to be able to wear Armani coats and buy your wife Birkin handbags, and never needing to worry about what you are able to afford to have for dinner. Try being in our shoes for once, and perhaps you might see where we’re coming from. Try being human, and understand the pain you’re putting us through every day.


A despondent, powerless young adult struggling to make ends meet


5 thoughts on “Ode of the Struggling Malaysian

  1. Don’t forget the Botox, Growth Hormone (which causes the coarsening of features), Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen Fillers etc for cosmetic uses, “a despondent, powerless young adult”.

    That was said to be paid from the SRC (aka KWAP) fund.. Once used, there is no proof even on necropsy! The humongous costs will put any Birkin to shame. Heck, it probably sufficient to pay for Petronas shortfall in gomen ‘taxes’..!

    However, i doubt the veracity of the report ‘cuz the dimpling from the cellulite remains gross, unsightly and yucky. Deplorable and unprecedented are New Age words, ya?

    Here’s to the Age of Aquarius:

  2. well Encik Najib did tried to be like us once, going to the wet market for a walk around, and happily declared that you can buy a chicken at RM1 per piece, and then announced that kangkong is the best value Malaysian vegetable that we can chomp on everyday for the rest of our lives – healthy, tasty, and cheap. Even if you cannot afford it, try gathering them at some nearby longkangs.

  3. In a way I am glad this is finally happening.

    This should wake up the slumbering Ketuanan Malays that money does not grow on trees. Wealth has to be created by the hard work of all the people, the ordinary people, not the politicians from all sides, and certainly not the PM and his Cabinet or UMNO or those lapdogs in BN all of whom live comfortable lives as a result.

    In return the people ask of only two things…..to govern well, govern honestly, (even tolerating some corruption on a human scale), and after retirement all of them from the PM down to the ordinary nondescript MPs, (most of whom either slept through their time in Parliament, talk utter nonsense and like Najib does not spend sufficient time there), gets a pension for life.

    Yes, nothing wakes people up faster than a hungry stomach either of themselves or their children.

  4. Your cousin and you once cried for Chinese blood and drew the kris to score your point. Now you are eating from the hands of the very people whom you have branded as “pendatangs” and not worthy of being Malaysians. What an irony! You are as bad as the ones before you or perhaps worse than all of them put together.
    Tok Cik,

    Diapa(Najib and his incompetent cousin) tak ada maruah dan tak malu. Mereka boleh jual negara kita untuk kepentingan diri. Their deals with China are in fact desperate acts, not commercial deals negotiated from a position of strength.Details of these billion ringgit deals should be disclosed to Parliament and the Malaysian public.

    BTW can you explain to me why Riza Aziz is part of the Najib delegation. Is he is looking at China as his safe haven from US DOJ action? You and CLF may have some ideas on the matter?– Din Merican

  5. This should be added to the article:
    “Today you decided that the rakyat should cough up more to finance your excesses and pay for your kleptomaniac tendencies”

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