Donald J Trump and Hillary R. Clinton at Alfred E. Smith Charity Dinner in NYC

October 21, 2016

Donald J. Trump and Hillary R. Clinton at The ( Governor) Alfred E Smith Memorial Dinner (10/20/2016), New York City

Image result for Hillary and Donald in New York Charity Dinner

Watch and decide  what you think. I am of the view that both Presidential candidates lacked sense of humour. They could not put their bitter rivalry behind them even for this charitable dinner at The Waldorf Astoria, Park Avenue, New York City. It was all politics. However, Hillary’s message of unity resonates with me since this election season has been the most divisive ever in American politics.  I wish American voters all the best as they go to the polls on November 8, 2016 and elect the new POTUS.–Din Merican

3 thoughts on “Donald J Trump and Hillary R. Clinton at Alfred E. Smith Charity Dinner in NYC

  1. The gathering symbolises the power of the powerful both in America and the outside world. They were captains of the corporate world paying hollow homage to what they inwardly know: that all Presidents and Presidential candidates are nothing more than midgets to be controlled and dictated ultimately by the powerful American corporate world. The bishop was brought there to dilute the reality of this harsh truth. He says a few words invoking the name of God and walks away with $6 million for his labour. America really got talent!!

  2. It’s disappointing no doubt. But in such a tense build-up to an upcoming presidential election don’t expect kind words for both sides. Taking pot-shots and making innuendos become the order of the day. I would expect Trump to be more civil but he did not. So was Clinton despite her demeanour.

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