The Clinton-Trump Debate: Final Round

October 20, 2016

The Clinton-Trump Debate: Final Round

This is the final round of the Presidential Debate between Hillary R. Clinton and Donald J. Trump. Now it is up to Americans to decide on their POTUS on November 8, 2016, which is 20 days away as of today.

Continuity Vs Disruptive Change? Whatever the outcome at the end of the election, we hope you will have voted the better of the two. Your choice will affect the rest of the world because America remains a major economic and military power.

Watching this debate, I am convinced that Hillary R. Clinton will be the next President of the United States of America. She is the winner of this debate. –Din Merican

28 thoughts on “The Clinton-Trump Debate: Final Round

  1. The last question was rated by most CEOs as the most important question and BOTH had no answer. Less than 10 years to crises in entitlement and they both got NOTHING..

  2. Probably a sizable number of Republicans will vote for Republican Senators and Congressmen/women but abstain from voting for Trump (with some, especially Republican women, even voting for Clinton — “split ticket” voting)

  3. America and the new POTUS must admit that Obama-Bush Middle East Policy was one big mess. ISIS is not going to be a piece of meat. They are not afraid to die in Mosul. –Din Merican

  4. War mongering US Presidents are a mess for world.Heavy capitalistic presidents supporting barons ad wall streets ignoring body-middle calls, legs – lower end of society did internal messes and half baked policy. So two big things to reverse. Its very bad even for the smartest of teams ; Now Donald is definitely an useless, but Hillary not being guided by a Warren-Bernie type body and legs will still do what past presidents have done, very very bad things for USA and world. Obama has serious shortfalls in Obamacare and Middle East. Guantanamo is not closed a dead pre election promise. So despite liking this bloke we much misgivings.

  5. Moral of the debate: change before change changes you. When only the top 10% of the populations benefit then something is wrong. They are wearing their laurels the wrong way.

  6. There are two clear winners in this last and final debate.
    Chris Wallace did a good job and Clinton came better prepared and rightly, concentrated in articulating on policy issues rather than on launching personal attacks.
    Trump will be in trouble if voter sentiment on polling day is based on his performance in this debate.

  7. Hillary’s gonna win?? Hot pretzel-dog!
    How in hogs heaven did that happen! With all the beer guzzling and rum quaffing by the red necks too..

    Trumpism, like all ‘isms is a theory put forward by born losers, who can’t differentiate ham from hogs. Puppetry is their practice. How do almost 40% of the US voters favor Trump remains a mystery to simpletons like me. Perhaps Hillary-Biliary just appear to be too pro-Establishment?

    Anyway come Nov 9th, the 3 time bankrupt and twice divorced bak-kut-teh huckster, el-Trumpeto, will turn into a char-siew-pau – mumbling and grumbling about rigging and nastiness. He who lives by the Media, dies by the Media. Thus says, “The medium is the message” Marshall McLuhan.

    The Clintons will make bacon outta the GOP congressional candidates – or perhaps not, cuz somethings’ gotta to watch slippery Hillary, whom Xi Pu Tin enormously dislike. Meanwhile, Daesh will be al-Qaedified and Caliph al-Baghdadi end up like a hamburger, buried at sea.

    P.S. This message will not appear halal to the gastronomically and literally challenged Jakim blokes in Malusia, who seem to have misplaced their wieners. Btw, MENA has always been in a mess in spite of the Prophet; and there has been hardly any century when ragheads were not in conflict among themselves and Others.

  8. Interesting to see the election outcomes of both the Senate and House of Representatives in the Congress. That will become the main focus leading up to 8 November election.

  9. “How do almost 40% of the US voters favor Trump remains a mystery to simpletons like me, ” C.L.Familiaris.

    I think many Americans want to use Trump as a wrecking ball to knock down the system. Remember that even the US Constitution specifically says that the people have the right to re-constitute the country if the country no longer serves to protect the inalienable rights (given by their Creator, not by the government): the rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

    If Trump is a wrecking ball, then there is no reason to care whether the wrecking ball has any blemishes or even major flaws — as long as he is a wrecking ball.

    After all, most Americans know they can survive without much problem even when the wrecking ball is doing its job. That type of confidence is hard to comprehend by people outside the United States until you are aware that Americans knew their inalienable rights come not from government but from their Creator, and they have the First Amendment (freedom of expression and etc) and the Second Amendment (right to bear arms) to fight with if needed.

    People outside the United States tend to think virtue is what you look for from political leaders. But traditional Americans tend to think a good political leader is the one, albeit dumb or bad-manner, who has less chances to mess up with the inalienable rights.

  10. Ha ha CLF, it’s not rum but moonshine bourbon quaffing rednecks. The 40% are the folks who think that the US is the only country in the world and nothing exists beyond its shores. These are the same people that say they are world champion especially in sports.

    Hilary will make Trump wiener into Lup Cheong. Al Baghdadi will become fish food. There will always be conflicts in MENA. Throughout the ages all the Abrahamic prophets were sent down to the people of MENA, why not elsewhere? I wonder why.

  11. Hooray, the final presidential debate is over! And I can feel the relief in the air. Yes, that’s what I can feel in the air, not on the air. Main stream TV still going blah, blah, blah on the air about the election. But most people I know are tired of this election.

  12. People in the USA also look for virtue in their political leaders. In fact, they tend to emphasise this more than the people from other Western countries.

    The USA is actually one of the most religious (Christianity) and
    moralistic/moralising of the Western countries. It has high rates of church attendance, and most people believe in God. No politician aspiring to high
    political office would dare to declare his or her atheism.

    In countries like France, the citizens do not really care if their politicians have mistresses or even children born out of wedlock e.g. Francois Mitterrand.

    But in the USA, we witness phenomena such as the impeachment of Bill Clinton over his womenising and lying, the great tensions over abortion rights for women,
    the Bible Belt in the South etc.

    Even US foreign policy is tinged with moralising e.g. crusading for Democracy,
    saving the world from Communism and so on. (The USA has regarded itself as a “beacon on a hill” since the days of the Pilgrim Fathers, “leader of the free world” since the coming to power of the Bolsheviks in Russia).

    The question to answer is how the U.S. Religious Right reconciles its ideology with its support for Donald Trump in light of Trump’s attitude and behaviour towards women.

  13. Ya OM, i know about the moonshine stuff – but Jakim doesn’t.
    They banned ‘Rum’ from their list of ‘halal’ certification, besides all the other ‘culinary’ terms.

    I found out that Baskin’ Robbins don’t sell Rum n Raisin ice-cream, nor halal certified bakeries similar cake recipes anymore.. Pissed off many folk including kak Pidah – from her recent invective about the idiocy of mightily afflicted literalists who dwell in the dungeons .

    So perhaps we call it Bourbon n Raisin? Or Moonshine sumpthin’? They also dunno what wieners are.

  14. “But most people I know are tired of this election.”

    Only among some Americans. An old acquaintance in D.C who was one of Bill Clinton’s Assistant Trade Secretary told us that she was appalled at Trumpism (and all it’s implications) with all that NRA barrel-of-the-gun idiocy. She canvasses for Hillary but finds it hard to talk to them, ‘Hick Inbreds’.

    Americans have never been as divided as before – ever since their Civil War. I guess it’s a symptom of the new Millennium and post-modernism.

    A recent survey showed that white Evangelicals were more concerned about their ‘daily bread’, i.e economy and security, as compared to the mainline Protestants and Catholics, who place more emphasis on personal character of the candidates and justice (likely supreme court judges). None were terribly concerned about immigration per se, freedom of religion or position on abortion.

  15. Shiou October 20, 2016 at 10:50 pm

    You have a valid point there. The American people, at least those who still have their heads off the sand box, acknowledge how screwed up and corrupt their political system has become that it has sold their country to the banksters.
    Like the ordinary folks in U.K. and even in Malaysia and elsewhere, they want ownership of the country back. The politicians whom they elected who are supposed to be the custodians of the rights and interests of the people have sold them out as the politikus are of or by the bankters, not the people.

    Going back to America, the only way for them to change the political system, to wipe the slate clean, short of a costly and bloody revolution, is to use, like you said, a wrecking ball. However, the right person to do that job most effectively, is Bernice Sanders but he unfortunately chose the wrong platform and was decimated.

    So realistically now, it doesn’t matter from that angle, whether Trump or Clinton wins, the result can be equally disastrous. Having said that, can Trump do any worse, if a charlatan and muppet like Obama or Bush jnr can run the country? I don’t think he will be using a wrecking ball but, like Reagan before him, make serious fundamental changes to hopefully restore America economically, socially and militarily, to its previous status.

    As outsiders, we can only opine and hope for the best for America but it is really up to the Americans who they choose as POTUS. So hold on to your knickers, regardless of who wins the electiion. Just saying….to those who have a tendency to get theirs knickers twisted up. 🙂

  16. shiou, loose74: I chose USA (in spite of what ocho onda said well on weakness of USA) over Malaysia-Layu-ism many times over, and HKG over USA (partly because HKG is part of China). I still think it is a reasonable choice. What were your choices? We don’t ask what the nation can do for us. That I agree. Yet, I am still asking what I can do for the nations, in spite of the fact that I could choose. For Malaysia, I do what I can by spending time here at Dato.Din’s blog.

    You made the right choice. I had my chance when I was a student at GWU in DC in 1970 after I graduated, but I felt I should return to serve Malaysia as I was a BanK Negara scholar. Many things happened in my life’s journey. And I finally met my Kamsiah Haider. Life has its compensations.–Din Merican

  17. It’s good to hear them out in the open. If dirty linen has to be washed in public, so be it. It’s a no holds barred debate between two rivals and the outcome was there for all to see. I just wonder will our contending leaders do the same?

    Well, don’t expect Pinkie Lips to spar with his opponents. He’ll wet his pants through and through.

    But for those who saw the third debate and the dinner talk that followed it was refreshing indeed. At least we get to dream of a similar battle of words between our “no-teloq” politicians. Forget Jamal Ikan Bakar and Khalid Abu Bakar they are good at “jamban” talks only.

  18. As usual Trump’s Malaysian surrogates seem immune to reality. They are living in a consensual reality of nuttiness ,blathering on about rights and whatnot as if Trump was not the very Establishment the deplorables claim they want to destroy. Destroy I tell ya !

    Now I know why it is dangerous giving teenagers the right to vote.

    This quest for tabula rasa in Washington politics necessarily means wearing blinkers to the reality of who Trump is and what he represents.

    I may have to rethink reading twitter, Antonio French’s description of Trump on foreign policy has value far beyond the chuckle factor :

    “Trump’s foreign policy answers sound like a book report from a teenager who hasn’t read the book. “Oh, the grapes! They had so much wrath!”

  19. “This quest for tabula rasa in Washington politics necessarily means wearing blinkers to the reality..”

    Absolutely! This bloke played/spun the system to the hilt for what it’s worth. He is a product the System. Reaganomics was perhaps expedient at conception, but had grown into a monstrosity that only the top 0.1 % could countenance. The Tax Laws are the most complicated on earth and Trump is an egomaniac with ‘small hands’, who fiddled and muddled with ‘Only in America’. Captain America, without his knickers or shield.

    There are so many things wrong with the confrontational nature of the U.S practice of Democracy – and what they really don’t need is a self aggrandizing moron to add to their woes. You can’t cure brokenness with sledgehammer.

    As for Bernie, the timing was wrong and his ‘presentation’ that played into the hands of the Party’s Centrist and Right (whatever that means). Politically as astute as Ron Paul, the Republican candidate in 2012. Both had good intentions that ultimately paved their way into perdition. But at least, Hillary paid lip to Sanders and i think he may be in her cabinet.

    Tabula rasa (clean slate) is as useful in politics today as F. Galton’s eugenic term ‘Nature vs Nurture’ in the evolutionary non-sense – not that i don’t believe in neo-Darwinism..

  20. If I am eligible, I shall vote into power serveral independent centerists in both Houses of the Congress to balance or tip it against the evil for being caught with no choice or the evil that may do more harm than good to the country and the rest of the world. Either of them is a dangerous president-elect,( I think it is now almost a foregone conclusion Clinton would win the presidency).

    Trump is being unpredictable and untrustworthy with an ego larger than the world. He blames others except himself for everything he did wrong or loses.He never accept it and the worst thing is, invent all sorts of excused to justify his wrong doings, including store- room talk of “groping…and pinching pussy” or proclaiming to be “smart ” for not paying Federal taxes and blatantly ABUSING the systems 4 times.( once is enough, twice is one too many, …., FOURTH is absolutely unacceptable and irresponsible) to Benefit himself at the expense of other people.

    Clinton has the experience of the establishment politics, but had shown to be a” war monger”.

    It is therefore, prudent to rely on the quality of Congressmen to help manage damage control the Presidency for better America and a more peaceful world. Most of all, every vote for the Candidates to be elected for the Senate and the House of Representatives counts and matters.

  21. //many things happened in my life’s journey. And I finally met my Kamsiah Haider. Life has its compensations.

    😋 Beautiful life, Dato! Kamsiah in Hokkien means grateful. I wonder if you and Mrs Merican read it as such also as per this Wiktionary.
    My wife was a given the name Jamila by her Cantonese speaking God-father from Sri Lanka.
    I am grateful she grew up pretty (^^♪

  22. /// Kllau October 22, 2016 at 7:57 pm
    Trump is being unpredictable and untrustworthy with an ego larger than the world. He blames others except himself for everything he did wrong or loses.He never accept it and the worst thing is, invent all sorts of excused to justify his wrong doing ///

    You can substitute Trump with Mahathir………..

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