28 thoughts on “The Second Clinton-Trump Debate 2016 Live

  1. More tantalizing parts have yet to come. I have yet to witness another degenerate American politics at the highest level. Has American democracy failed that even at this stage of the Presidential race Americans are unable to decide their next POTUS? Hope my friends in the US like LaMoy, Dr. Phua, and Semper Fi can comment. Who do you think you like to be your President.–Din Merican

  2. No, I’m not in the USA. I left the USA 20+ years ago and also gave up my
    US permanent resident status a long time ago. (I do keep up with US politics though. I just watched the second Presidential candidate debate on YouTube).

    My observation is that Trump is a very aggressive personality who has trouble controlling what he says and does. Also makes up a lot of things and is “economical with the truth”. A President of the USA with a strong personality disorder is both highly negative for the USA and for the rest of the world. In terms of foreign policy, a President Trump would be reckless.

    If I had remained in the USA and had taken up American citizenship, I would vote for Hillary Clinton (but reluctantly), as she is the “lesser evil”.
    The US electoral system is rigged against third party candidates, so the voters have to choose between the GOP candidate and the Democratic Party candidate. Voting for a third party Presidential candidate is essentially throwing away one’s vote. Pity that Bernie Sanders is not the Democratic Party’s Presidential candidate.

  3. Trump said to her face that Clinton should be jailed.
    Also said that he would form some sort of special body to
    investigate her if he becomes President.
    Not a very presidential way to talk !

  4. Who I like to be my president? LMAO!!! Well … , Din Merican. Abso-bloody-lutely not Trump or Clinton. Unfortunately, we all know one of them will become the POTUS, most likely Clinton since all the major news media now have taken side to support her. I will either abstain or vote for a third-party candidate (Gary Johnson or Jill Stein) or write-in Din Merican.

  5. This contest was a contest of fighting character and Trump, on a backfoot on issues, came out stronger. Hillary Clinton did not rise higher in the challenge which revelation of who she is. She is steady, capable of the job but for truly new change, do not look to her.. Trump can leave a mess, Clintron, no new change. Boith poor choices, truly the US is not served without Gary Johnson up there..

  6. It is a battle between words and actions in the past. All of us understand that actions speak louder than words. The silent majority or in this case the silent minority is left with the burden to decide who they want.

  7. NB this is the reality of the Internet age. Individuals have been empowered to get their views on air. What you read are views of of individual. The citizens of today and tomorrow must quickly acquire the skills of seeing the woods for the trees to discern the volume of information that is out there. The educators of the world should be mindful of this and make the necessary changes to education system to bring out the citizens with those skills.

  8. I had made the following comments and I stand by them in the links in Din’s blog ;

    1. On September 10, 2016,

    ” Clinton, unfortunately, has been dragged into the ‘snake oil merchant ‘ of Trump’s politics.
    The sooner she free herself from the dubious entrapment the better for getting back debates of the substance of national and international politics. ”

    2. On 30 , Sept. 2016.

    ”Neither of the choice really stands out between them.
    Hilary is more experienced, predictable and established. It can be just as bad if the establishment policies at home, and particularly abroad (Middle East , SCS area ) continue without new approach and reinvention.

    Anti-establishment is what Trump represents. But it is Unpresidentially and with little substance, except with personal attacks and self-glorification.
    He is just a wake-up call to the Americans and the world on the role America policies and the media reporting had played. ”

    Nothing much has changed since, except Trump latest adventure, which he treated it – ”groping…, pinching pussy” as ”store room talk ”, which of course is insanely unacceptable by any standard, even by his own running mate. Numerous other GOP leaders have appeared determined to abandon the support for him for fear of the association may likely cause their congressional seats in November elections. Much were on excessive personal attacks, especially on the part of Trump’s in attacking Clinton with his over-blown ego, often looked silly and trivial.

    Clearly, Clinton has now won the 2 presidential debates, 2 nd being by a bigger margin than the first. But stiil ”Neither of the choice really stands out between them.” Americans have little to choose.

    America may not so great after all ?

    I hope the final debate will focus on US policy matters, domestic and foreign.

    BTW, on 25 Sept and an updated of 28 Sept 2016, the SCMP Analysis, Paul Stapleton in ” Insight …. ” also paraphrased in an article of Trump as being ”The Success of the ‘Snake Oil ‘ Salesman Secret … …”

  9. Since the US is a 2 party system, you either vote a Republican candidate or a Democrat candidate. Yes there is an avenue for a third candidate but with the resources and machinery of these 2 major party, an independent candidate will not stand a chance.
    That’s why it is important that the party members vote wisely during the primary choosing which candidate should represent their party for the position of POTUS. The Republicans are in a dilemma now for allowing Trump to take down the other candidates such as Ted Cruz. Of late many Republican Senators and Congressmen standing for reelection have either disassociated their campaign from Trump and some have openly declared that they no longer support Trump.

    Thus in a 2 party system you get to choose the lesser of the two and Hilary will succeed. As an immigrant I am concerned with Trump outburst against immigrant, Muslims, and colored people. Trump is a businessman concerned only with how to make the most money and is out of touch with reality. My vote goes to Hilary.

  10. The 2nd presidential debate generated some ugly moments, in keeping with the discordant tenor and tone of the campaign over the past year or more. But it also generated some serious discourse on the state and direction of American politics at a time of political turmoil and anxiety. At debate’s end, it seemed an open question whether voters would be influenced more by the ugly moments or the serious discourse.

    Neither candidate faltered seriously, but neither scored obvious decisive victory either. Clinton, who had the edge going in, probably retained it afterward. That places a substantial final-month challenge before Trump.

    And neither candidate has changed my mind.

  11. Is there truth of what a Video clip sometime in 2015 , to the effect ” Republicans themselves were URGING D’Trump to withdraw and give up the contest , or surrender the Presidency to Hillary Clinton ” , is it true ?

  12. I remain a cynic. The biggest losers are the American electorate Both candidates.have got to be the two most loathsome in the history of the American presidential elections.
    Clinton may appear to be the favourite but Trump is more than able to cause an upset.
    He is a populist and his message which is simple but effective, resonates with a large segment of the American people, which is to regain the American advantage in trade and foreign relations and to restore jobs and law and order at the domestic front or in his own words, to make America great again.
    Clinton may be more experienced and able but does that really matter in American politics? Bill Clinton, Bush Jnr and Obama were relatively newbies who defeated their more experienced opponents.
    Clinton has not secured all the female votes as she still has to win over the sizable female Bernie campers who probably hate her more than they loathe Trump for his male chauvinism.
    Since 1948, no party has won the presidency elections consecutively for 3 terms running, apart from Bush snr who won the right to taken over from Reagan.
    If Clinton wins she will more likely continue to do with more quantitative easing to bankroll Uncle Sam’s profligate lifestyle and misadventures.
    Trump will more likely manage the country better, so he claims, to alleviate America’s woes.
    Until the corrupt and flawed system is changed, there will only be one hog clinging on for power in the American political landscape. America needs a second credible political party (sic). Trump is as close as it gets to that. He wears the anti establishment label but a scrutiny his policies on various issues seems to suggest otherwise.

  13. It may still be 50-50 at this stage because I believe many young Americans want to see someone who can and will shake up the old system, and perhaps even change the World, for better or worse, for that is the nature of youthful thinking, and also the idea that one party should not rule the country for too long. A Democratic president had two terms already and, as the Democrats themselves say, time for change.

    So I wouldn’t rule Trump out completely at this moment. Whoever wins, it’s going to be a photo-finish, and that speaks what America is and what America will be, even without a Trump presidency.

  14. I dunno which planet some of you flurs come from, but to me Trump is what i would call a Dumbass, who can’t or won’t control his orifices. One can’t afford to offend half the voting polity nor the minority, in any democratic race. But hey, intellectual consonance requires some sort lowest common denominator – equivalent I.Q and E.Q.

    How many of you had ever gone through elections before – whether in college-varsity-or elsewhere? Not to mention political parties? I did, when in varsity and it ain’t fun and games. Sitting in the student council ain’t joy either – cuz it demands a certain amount of discernment and self-control. My kids have done the same. That’s why many of us have been turned off by ‘Politics’ in the wider context.

    Trump is an anachronism steeped in the folklore of Hubris and Vulgarity. Gloating, Mocking, Intimidation and Crass behavior ain’t ‘Kosher’ with any audience except for the very Blind and Deaf.

    So no, it wan’t a Draw – it was a definite win for Hilary – who although has issues, would be much more Presidential than a Bad-ass 2nd hand car salesman selling lemons. What exactly are his policies except ranting incoherence?

    There is Idolatry, Adultery and plain Idiosyncrasy – Trumpism represents all. For those who insist that it’s gonna be down the wire, the only thing i can say is that you should have your own wires examined.

  15. Looking from a strictly foreign policy angle, wouldn’t Trump’s more non-confrontational outlook towards both Russia and China be more conducive to lessening global and regional frictions?

    Clinton’s foreign policy basically means the continuation of the US’ not so secret support for terrorists sponsoring states (you know who they are) and the many forced regime changes through colour revolutions that has so far resulted in more sufferings than progress. All these because they suit the US’ geo-political agenda, or so the US think.

    I’m fully cognisant that nations act according to their interests. But the world could not afford any more US miss-steps.

    The so-called “Asia Pivot”, now rebranded as a “Rebalancing”, is in my oppinion counter productive. A policy that boils down to a containment of China through largely military coercion isn’t having the desired results. And frankly, what exactly is the “desired” results anyway?

    Herein lies the irony, Clinton professes an inclusive and equal domestic policy, but continues the US’ reckless and hegemonic attitude towards foreign countries. While Trump appears xenophobic internally, while seemingly more open to co-orperate with others to achieve goals internationally.

  16. Whoever wins the most Electoral College votes (not the popular vote) wins the American Presidency. Al Gore actually won the popular vote by half a million but still

    To become US President, one needs to win in states that generate a large number of Electoral College votes such as California and New York. Trump can win in the
    Deep South and some of the Mountain states and Great Plains states. But can he win in the populous coastal states at both ends of the continental USA ? Not if he keeps on shooting off his mouth and making personal threats during Presidential candidate debates 🙂

  17. It is all money in politics and politics in money .

    Trust is a rare commodity in the America or in any government system. these days

    The ABUSESS, in Trump’s cases are being considered and accepted by himself, as being “smart” in not paying Federal taxes, and in making repeated profits from invoking chapter 11 on failures in his business as being taking advantage.

    It is ABUSES of the (Democratic) system.

    Trump, a billionaire had used it (Chapter 11) for the FOURTH time. Once is already enough, twice is one too many.This is blatant ABUSES, NOT bragging for taking “smart advantage” of the system. Unfortunately, the ordinary Americans are the ones paying for it, ultimately. Likewise, the big money is also paying for lobyists in DC. The system stinks. It encourages Patronage,Donation and Corruption of the big corporations.

    With big profits, big money in politics and politics in money,
    candidates could win elections,big time, But Lose Direction in real Values attached to it ,to humanity and its needs.
    This is America today.

    Though I think Clinton should win in next month presidential election,
    But America could had or would lose its direction.

  18. BTW ,folks ,did the readers notice Donald Trump. through out the debate,
    Sniffed profusely and heavily. Interesting to find if he has serious health issues?

    His Sniffing is very intense and frequent in the 2 nd debate with Clinton than in the 1 st.

  19. Good gosh! Ah so Reagan too has been pretty confrontational towards Mother Russia. Likewise for Nixon before his detente policy with Soviet. America mis-step policy under Clinton. This is a bunch of melarkay!

    As for that Lupus called CL Flamiaris, go challenge Hisham Rais who is openly supporting Trump because of some convoluted reason. Time to show your teeth man…….hahahahaha

    John Oliver has made a very good case about Trump


  20. Jinshih,
    It’s pretty meaningless to me to praise The Lupus (CLF) unless his argument can be put to test against some of his alter ego. One particularly called ktemoc who covetly support Najib. The other fella would be Hisham Rais. Would Hisham Rais have the Lupus (CLF) for lunch? Vice versa
    Watch this again


    So my challenge to CL Flamiaris. Don’t hide in Din Merican’s blog. Be a dog…..I am sorry a wolf (Lupus = wolf in latin). Challenge Hihammuddin Rais in a public debate as to why Trump is a goner and should not be supported

    Hishammudin Rais dig on why he is supporting Trumpy


    No point having a convincing sense when nobody is hearing. I understand that we should let sleeping dog lie. Sometime we do need some fierce top dog. Bite matter man!

  21. Trump is already laying the groundwork for “the election is rigged” excuse if he loses. Did anyone else see that speech where he quoted the Russian news agency piece about the DNC hacked emails story which turned out to be false ?

    If you read mainstream conservative blogs, you would notice the trend of backing away from this racist nutjob and especially the disdain of sane conservatives of the so called “alt right” movement which in fact are a bunch of neo Nazis and misogynists.

    If Hillary is a liar, what the hell is Trump, who blatantly lies and then whines about the press persecuting him. How anyone could defend this piece of garbage is beyond me. I have no idea what the GOP is going to do next but I think the best thing is a complete reboot.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think the DNC should reboot too but Hillary is the best reason at the moment for an Establishment victory. This idea that a racist, misogynist used car salesman like Trump is even considered for the job shows you how far the rot has set in in a certain section of the demographic.

    And if Shiou posts some links about the other side of the story……

  22. It has been said (above) that with the resources that the two major parties have at their disposal, a third party candidate has no chance.

    Ex-Governor Jesse Ventura proved this to be wrong. He was a third party candidate in his first go at standing for Governor against the (financial) might of the two parties… with about two months to go, his ratings were less than 15 per cent…which technically gave him almost zero chance in the race.

    But he WON!

    So what was the secret? …he got himself on the debating platform against the two giants and debated to victory…and on a shoestring budget.

    Which is why they are dead scared of allowing Dr.Jill Stein on the debating floor… they know she would be sitting in the White House in the New Year…

    Bernie Sanders could have done the same… but it is too early to say what actually happened that took the wind out of his sails…

    I think it was Ralph Nader who coined the phrase of his country being a “two-party dictatorship”…if Dr. Jill Stein is not allowed her say, Nader’s definition would ring true…yet again…

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