Islam cannot, a well-functioning democratic governance can

October 7, 2016

Islam cannot, a well-functioning democratic governance can

by Cmdr S. Thayaparan

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For Politics, these two characters are stirring up S..T in Malaysia

In a well-functioning democracy, the state constitution is considered more important than God’s holy book, whichever holy book that may be, and God matters only in your private life.”

– Ayaan Hirsi Ali, ‘The Caged Virgin: An Emancipation Proclamation for Women and Islam’

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“Let’s not place religion and politics in separate corners,” says PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang. It is probably the most honest thing this leader of this religious cult has said.

However, religion and politics should be kept as far apart as humanely possible. Indeed, anyone who believes in democracy should make it their jihad to separate religion and politics. Those Christian political operatives who babble on about how God chose them to lead or whatever nonsense they believe led them to their political careers belong in the same boat as the PAS president.

Hadi’s rejoinder that only “Islam has to be the leader and ruler, those who are not of Islam must be followers (pak turut)” is the kind of bigoted rhetoric that characterises mainstream Malay politics and is the overt ideology that maintains the system of privileges and systemic inequalities that impedes any sort of egalitarians goals in this country.

Of course, this latest Islamic bluster from Hadi was aimed at former comrades the DAP and is the fallout from the acrimonious split and the exodus of the so-called progressives of PAS.  Hadi’s rhetoric, like most from the Abrahamic religions – Judaism and Christianity – revolves around the concepts of control and subservience.

Like most theocrats, Hadi is obsessed with control and subservience. He wants hudud because it conforms to some sort of Islamic ideal and would allow this Islamic cult to exercise greater authority over everyone. He is arrogant enough to warn Muslims not to resist his plan, quoting religious dogma and divine wrath as the consequences for not supporting him, a mortal doing God’s work.

His language is that of a ruler in waiting. Brazenly claiming that one day, the breakaway Amanah will kneel before PAS. As we know, PAS is Hadi Awang and Hadi Awang is PAS.  While various minions in PAS claim that there will be no alliance with UMNO, nobody seriously believes that PAS is an independent operative in the political landscape.

Since disavowing Pakatan Rakyat, PAS has spent an awful lot of time acting as apologist for the Najib regime and Hadi has been extremely comfortable with consorting with those in UMNO, who the religious cult as often labelled as un-Islamic and corrupt. Indeed, Hadi has publicly stated that Najib should serve his full term, and has said that the 1MDB robbery is a closed case.

Meanwhile UMNO has been doing its part by reminding Muslims that they are in peril and that the only solution is Muslim unity. Muslim unity everywhere in the world has always been based on the wrong reasons and ultimately as a means for separating Muslims from their non-Muslim brethren.

Forgiving malfeasances

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The only reason why Hadi is the belle of the ball is the continued reliance of Malay power groups on UMNO’s stratagems and collusion of non-Malay/Muslim power groups in rejecting a secular state in substance, but paying lip service to the concept for the urban demographic.

An example of the latter would be – “What the DAP is doing is merely enabling their Islamic counterparts to carry on this sub rosa process in lieu of UMNO. The DAP’s upping of the religious affairs coffers from RM12.5 million in 2008 to RM64 million in 2012, as evidence of how the Malay community is not marginalised, is extremely shallow thinking but not surprising in the quest for the Malay/Muslim vote.”

Hadi claimed, “Only Islam can correct people’s (behaviour). PAS can only cooperate with those who are willing to uphold Islam only.” As I wrote in the mendacity of Hadi, “The civil service, the security service, the education system, nearly every state apparatus, is a reminder of the influence of Islam on every Malaysian citizen. The Arabisation process favoured by UMNO and slavishly followed by PAS is a triumph of form over substance and the rail on which the gravy train runs on.”

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Khairy to Kerismuddin–The Malays are very stupid. We can lie and they still believe UMNO

Forget about hudud, even the Islamic education has proven ineffective, never mind the incoherent ramblings of a deputy prime minister who is proud to have been a product of such schools. As I highlighted in another article, “Also let us not forget that so-called Islamic education has proven to be ineffective in ‘elevating’ the Muslim community especially the sekolah agama rakyat which suffered a blow because the federal government decided to cut funding and transfer students and teachers in 2003 ‘due to dismal academic performance and anti-government activities’.”

[For further reference on the state of the religious Muslim polity, refer to my article ‘Of donations, Islam and real Malays’ – “As recently as 2013, a Unicef surveyed showed Sabah and Kelantan recorded the highest number of children living in poverty and undernourishment. The survey also found of the dire need for doctors in Kelantan.

“Furthermore, Kelantan and Labuan also recorded the highest numbers in child mortality rate. The report stated: “The risk of a new-born child in Kelantan to die before reaching the age of five years old is twice higher than the risk of a newborn in Kuala Lumpur.”]

So the question is, if only Islam can correct people’s behaviour why is that that a system that based on so many Islamic preoccupations, where the majority Muslim population is indoctrinated by the Islam imported from the House of Saud, that gold standard when it comes to Islam as advocated by Muslim Malaysians, people are corrupt and despotic.

Even better, why is it that a Muslim like Hadi is willing to forgive such malfeasances, play hide and seek with other Malay/Muslim opposition groups, hiding behind that peculiar Malay double speak, of “having our own way of opposing UMNO”. Why is that that luminary from PAS have no problem accepting invitations from Perkasa and legitimising an UMNO hate group?

Why is it that so many establishment figures are stepping up and pleading for a second National Consultative Council? The answer should be obvious. They would not publicly admit it, of course. They would hide their answer behind secular sounding rhetoric. They would attempt to make this out to be a complex problem that needs delicate handling. But the answer is obvious and simple.

Islam cannot rule (and UMNO too).

19 thoughts on “Islam cannot, a well-functioning democratic governance can


    It is political elites coercing on the other end!

    I actually think Malaysian politics makes me realize there is a yearning that could only be fulfilled by something beyond this world, allowing me this flatlander to think that I could indeed be a butterfly looking for the moon.

    But, seriously if we could resolve this in Malaysia, there is no longer issue in the world.

  2. Its really very simple. Hadi Awang and his PAS, ARE SIMPLE WRONG ON FACTS AND REASON. Period. THEY ARE JUST VERY VERY MEDIOCRE MEN(and some women) who really has no role leading public of anything..

  3. I want to offer a personal opinion and will illustrate by way of an analogy. Suppose that there are two Moslems who are both community leaders and are entrusted with managing the communities’ coffers. Let us name them both as Haji A and Haji B. Haji A is upright and is doing a very commendable job, but Haji B unfortunately is despotic and corrupt, and has siphoned off some of the funds away for personal gains. Is Islam bad because Haji B is bad? What impression does one get about Islam in the case of Haji A? Safe to say that it is unfair to conclude based on past prejudices and unexamined assumptions – such as making a conclusion of what Islam is and what it entails based on the behaviour of the Moslems – as opposed to concluding based on real understanding – might that be a fair statement to make? By setting aside our past prejudices and willingly put to test our assumptions, and raising the right questions, would we then be able to offer a truthful and accurate understanding of what Islam is, and what it entails – but most often than not, don’t we do the opposite? Just a thought.

  4. MF Muhammad… a good point…those who judge others by the actions of a few, almost always have other agendas…as is evident in the reactions in Europe to the sudden “Muslim invasion” …

  5. M F Muhammed,

    Your analogy is out of point.

    The point is separation of religion, (any religion), and State, not just separation of Islam and state.

  6. M F Muhammed,

    If the point of your analogy is that it is not Islam that’s at fault but the negative character of the individual practitioners, then why have Islam or indeed any religion get mixed up in the affairs of State at all?

    This way if we have a bad apple we can put all the blame on him and not on his religion which will not be blemished in any way?

    Therefore if we allow someone to bring his or her religion into the political administrative affairs of the State, and if something goes wrong wouldn’t his or her religion be blamed as well?

    Let me give my analogy. Suppose an “Islamic PM” were to introduce a law to say that every female, regardless of her religion were to wear black clothing that covers all the way beyond her angle to be inline with some Islamic tenets. And suppose a female in compliance with this Islamic law were to trip and fall while crossing a busy road at night in downtown KL and got knocked down wouldn’t this law which stems from Islamic religious tenets be blamed regardless of whether it was actually the legally imposed clothing or just her own clumsiness or the carelessness of the driver?

    So if Islam or any religion for that matter does not want to be blamed or be perceived negatively, STAY OUT OF THE AFFAIRS OF STATE.

    This is precisely why the Constitution wants the Agong and the State Rulers to stay out of politics or Affairs of State so that they cannot be blamed for or be impacted negatively by gutter, mud-slinging politics. If they want to do so, then abdicate and then do all the politiking to their hearts content because you cannot expect to enjoy all the bowing respect from your subjects, palatial privileges and immunity from dirty name-calling and still want to happily wallow in the muddy pool of contentious politics.

  7. Hadi graduated from Al Azhar, the premier Sunni institution, and he knows what he is talking when it is about Islam. He is in accordance with all Islamic scholars when he says non-Muslims must be pak turut (Dhimitude), the importance of Muslim unity, “having our own way of opposing UMNO” as long as Islam stays supreme, and removing the maximum limit of punishment under Sharia law.

    What is standing his way is Malaysia’s Constitution, which does recognize Islam as the religion of the federation but its Article 3(4) states that “Nothing in [Article 3] derogates from any other provision of this Constitution.” This means that Islam being the religion of the federation does not take away any rights and privileges granted under the constitution’s other provisions.

    Article 4 of the Constitution provides that the Constitution is the supreme law of the Federation and any law passed after Merdeka Day which is inconsistent with the Constitution shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be void.

    Constitution’s Article 8 requires laws to treat everyone equally; a corollary of Article 8 is that government’s scope is limited so that it deals with only areas it can treat everyone equally and abstains from the rest.

    Therefore, Hadi is treasonous to our Constitution, but is faithful to all authoritative rulings of Islamic scholars. You can verify his authenticity if you check out the “Reliance of Traveler”, the go-to book for Islamic laws, approved by Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), to which Malaysia is a member country.

  8. PKR and Bersatu is just as delusional if it believes scapegoating will bring Malay opposition together. That is what Islamic State/Daesh/ Al Qaeda and both Wahabbis and Iranians believes for decades. Malay opposition problems, like UMNO rule, got nothing to do with anyone else but themselves.

    They can gas-chambered the Malaysian Jews for all they want, bottom line still, it will not work in the end.

  9. These goons don’t or pretend not to understand the basic tenets of Islam – to lead a modest, honest and spiritual life. Najib and his Ministers, UMNO warlords, Hadi and his gang (salivating for money and co-share of power with the utterly corrupt Najib and his minions) are pretentious and unIslamic by a mile.

    Look at the past US and UK Presidents and Prime Ministers. They don’t loot state coffers, retire gracefully and continue to make themselves relevant by writing books, giving talks to think tanks and being fellows in the institutions of higher learning etc.

    How about Muslim political leaders, especially those who are Islamic outside but unIslamic inside like Najib and company. Once you are after money and power, you betray your Islamic self, parental lineage and all your learning. What values can you teach your children other than spoiling them young.

  10. Al Azhar or any other Islamic Institution can only impart Theology, Dogma and Doctrine… none of these can by themselves bestow absolute authority of our religion… which is perhaps one reason why Islam, thankfully, has no clergy.

    Opinions delivered by graduates from such institutions are therefore just thpse… opinions…no more….

  11. Mr. Isa Manteqi,

    What are said by Islamic scholars from the most revered Al Azhar could be considered as opinions only if Malaysia’s Constitution is treated as the supreme law of the land in theory and in practice.

    With 86% of Muslim Malaysians (or Malaysian Muslims, more accurately) aspire to have Sharia law to replace the Constitution if they got a chance to do so, what are said by Hadi in accordance with rulings already long established in classical Islamic laws as expressed in “Reliance of Traveler” are not mere opinions. Let’s don’t cheat ourselves at the expense of our children and grand children future; Let’s confront what are in front of us.

  12. Mr. Isa Manteqi,

    Also, Mr Hadi is in the same global Islamic jurist committee along with Yusef al-Qaradawi, who is the spiritual head of global Muslim Brotherhood, which is the mother ship of Islamism.

  13. And, sir, this is precisely where you are mistaken…the Muslim Brotherhood may have gone global but it does not and never has been the “mother ship” of Islamism…

    There is no single Institution, Body or Group of Muslims who can claim to represent the entire Community… and thank God for that…

    Most such groups that exist may be well meaning but their outpourings are opinions and not Islamic law…

  14. Malaysia is making every effort to move away from secularism and moderation. The signs are everywhere, not much can be done to fight against it. It is a case of too little, to late. ☹️

  15. so often once in a leadership position and even before (election campaign) the fox already shows its tail. once re-elected (by virtue of demography) any pretense is cast aside. that is a good explanation and observation one can make about 99% of so-called Islamic countries. problems invariably are blamed on outsiders, pendatangs what-nots. poor mentality, self-examination, self-redtraint.

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