Message to Donald Trump from Mexico’s Ambassador to Malaysia

October 1, 2016

Message to Donald Trump from Mexico’s Ambassador to Malaysia

READ Bunn Nagara’s article here:

Mexico is convinced that the phenomenon of migration and refugees demands an integral approach with a shared responsibility of all the governments involved, with an inclusive and solidarity vision and full respect of human rights. Walls cannot solve the complexity of this global reality.–Carlos Félix, Ambassador of Mexico to Malaysia

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REFERRING to the article “Realities behind the wall” by Bunn Nagara, (Sunday Star, September 25), I wish to make important clarifications about the view of Mexico on the polemic issue of building walls to deal with migration flows and the best way to treat migrants.

1. Migration is a complex social and economic phenomenon in almost all the regions of the world. In the case of Mexico, Central America and the United States, this issue has related mainly to complementary labour markets and family ties which have prevailed for many years without an integral solution.

2. Mexico recognises the important contributions of migrants. We are a country of origin, transit, destination and return of migrants. Mexico always has promoted the respect of human rights of all migrants with a dignified treatment as human beings looking for better opportunities.

3. In the discussion of the issue of undocumented migrants – no human being can be illegal – Mexico has proposed an integral approach with a shared responsibility of the governments involved to look for an orderly, safe and regular migration with full respect of human rights.

 4. Mexico recognises the sovereign right of all countries to build whichever structures inside their own territory. Nonetheless, history shows that there are no physical or natural barriers that can stop the flow of people, fusion of cultures, cycles of demand and supply of labour markets or reunification of families.

5. For all these reasons, Mexico does not favour walls in any place as part of the solution to this complex reality, as was cited in the article by Bunn Nagara.

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Nieto (Mexico), Trudeau (Canada) and Obama (United States)

6. During the 71st Session of the UN Assembly, President Enrique Peña Nieto (pic) reaffirmed this position. He reiterated that the migrants and their rights, dignity and well-being should be the central element in the global dialogue to find solutions that require international cooperation to strengthen the capabilities of nations to address an integral attention of the migration phenomenon.

7. With this vision, Mexico has proposed to be the host for the preparatory conference for the adoption of the Global Pact for the Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration of 2018.

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8. Mexico is convinced that the phenomenon of migration and refugees demands an integral approach with a shared responsibility of all the governments involved, with an inclusive and solidarity vision and full respect of human rights.

9. Walls cannot solve the complexity of this global reality.

Carlos Félix, Ambassador of Mexico to Malaysia

15 thoughts on “Message to Donald Trump from Mexico’s Ambassador to Malaysia

  1. Borders and walls which are not respected have always created problems and sometimes with disasterous results. Remember Berlin wall, China wall. India Pak disputed border, Middle East countries and many more.

  2. Trump is simpleton and will be a disaster for America if he is the next POTUS. Mexico and America can cooperate to develop the border areas. Building a wall between the two nations will not solve the problem. The Mexican Ambassador to Malaysia made it clear why it is a bad idea.

    One in a while an idiot turns up and I hope American voters won’t be reckless to allow someone like Trump to be their President. Vote for Hillary because she is brilliant, experienced and very hardworking. Hillary will be POTUS come 2017, if Americans do the right thing for the future of their country.–Din Merican

  3. I guess I should consider myself an economic migrant. I am grateful to both the nations I grew up. Many are not as grateful. I guess Bunn Nagara is one. He does not need to.

    I could recall myself arguing against a young Malaysian as he suggested that it is OK to import tons of foreign laborer. I could also recall myself asking Dato Din if it is about time to consider providing space for Syrian refugees. It seems I too am conflicted and guided by mere passion.

    But, putting aside one’s passion, this pendatang can tell one history from China. The wall works both ways. It could prevent others from flocking in. But, it could also lock you out from progress. I was born in Malaysia because China has decided to land lock itself for centuries. So have Japan and Korea. It is sad to see the US suggesting that it should do the same today. It is sadder still to hear it from Malaysia.

  4. Trump forgot NAFTA which was negotiated and signed by President George W Bush, a Republican. A wall is not practical as the border with Mexico stretched across 3 states, California, New Mexico and Texas. It shows Trump is poor at geography and a wall wouldn’t keep out the migrants. Secondly it’s not just the Mexican but citizens from about a dozen central and South American countries are using Mexico to enter the US.

  5. My grandfathers were migrant to this country, now most of my siblings have migrated also and I see most next generations of me and my cousins on the way there too. 40% of Singaporean, successful Asians want to migrate. When things fall apart here, it will be 80% of Malaysians.

  6. And finally let us not get ahead of the curve. The present set of international laws with regard to refugees is directed at political refugees. Economic and all other refugees who intend to make their lives better have to observe international boarders and other rules of engagement that govern the movement of people between countries.

  7. Building a wall may have worked and even necessary for a short while during the days of horses and chariots, bows and arrows, and whatever land and slaves you could grab belong to you and your descendants. In these days of instant worldwide communications in words and pictures, only economic / political solutions will work and be workable.

    Let’s say the wall is actually built and people, Mexicans or not, cross the wall, what then, just shoot them and bury the corpses in the desert?

    The long term solution to this human problem generated by unequal economic conditions between close neighbors has to be an orderly migration or periodic bussing of Mexican workers plus an uplifting of economic conditions in Mexico.

    We see this happening openly between Johor and Singapore. It is estimated that over 50,000 workers cross over to Singapore to work daily, and a very large percentage of permanent stay Malaysian workers in Singapore are PRs. Without this orderly system in place for many decades, Johor would not be one of the well-off state and Singapore would not have achieved what it has in such a short span of economic life.

  8. 1. Running a negative campaign by running down your opponent ain’t gonna cut it.
    2. Building walls – both psychologically and physically, is the epitome of Stupidity. 3. Distempered Isolationism is the product of Imbecilic Paranoia.
    4. Business is about practicality and application. Economics is the reverse. Governance has more to do with economic policies than running a business, but Trumpism is neither.
    5. Trump is a Flyer, not a Fighter. His flying is limited within the confines of his skull.
    6. It’s a pity that the so-called ‘Land of the Free and Brave’ has culled their choices to such demonic characters.
    7. Hope can never be found in Shysters and Hypocrites – which applies to both candidates. But the Clitoris will certainly Trump the Limp Trumpet.

    Btw, the Great Wall of China was built over many centuries/dynasties as a deterrent to the marauding steppe tribes – not specifically the Mongols.

  9. The message I wish to share with leaders and readers is,

    The general solution (which had adopted throughout my comments and views expressed) to problems or conflicts of territorial claims, crisis, migrants, or otherwise, anywhere, in the Americas, Euro-zone, SCS,…is,

    Shared Responsibility and Benefits, proportionally or equally for the efforts, cooperation and money invested.

    Thus, ” Building bridges” can be as bad as” building walls” when it turns out most would loose or disadvantaged or subverted ( by creating wars and conflicts), forceful imposition, at the expense of the other parties.

    It is important for the migrant issues to note that, shared responsibility also means migrant countries should strive for the practice of good governance,competency and transparency in providing jobs and opportunities in political , socia-economic engineering that must also includes family planning, regardless.

  10. Hisham Rais got a different take about Trump. There are plenty of crazy people out there. To sum up that Jon Stewart has made an important point. Just watch it from 3.35 onwards

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