The Squirrel and the Bird

I find this cute–The Squirrel and the Bird

Simple things makes me happy because they teach me to appreciate God’s Earth. They do not cost money yet they make us appreciate the richness of life, but  only if we can put our egos (that sense of inferiority that makes us lie and cheat) aside.–Din Merican

7 thoughts on “The Squirrel and the Bird

  1. In the midst of all the gloom we are facing these days, this is so refreshing and uplifting Dato….thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes ….yes…..Dato’ Din, a beautiful allegory by you, to illustrate that two different animal species can correlate and converse together with each other , that it puts to shame the ‘human’ species who do not TRY to understand one another , and creating Animosity or complications concerning Human lives…..

    ( I can show in the Scriptures on the Wisdom series , as an asterick @ the bottom of page 41 : ” …….animal life stands on the same footing as human life in the sight of God ….” etc )

  3. They include all the stray species like the cats & dogs , the street dogs and quadrupets of every kind…..except that man can defend himself IF attacked by wild creatures…..

  4. But capturing the squirrel and the bird together is anything but simple. I used to think Zen’s sudden enlightenment is all the realization sufficient for one’s joy. But, it gets harder as I grew.

    dato.din, I am only half through my own life. Hopefully, I would get to truly appreciate what you have suggested sooner!

    Thanks. Bird and Squirrel.

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