Zahid Hamidi speaks Malglish at United Nations and embarrasses Malaysia

September 28, 2016

Zahid Hamidi speaks Malglish at United Nations–This is Our Prime Minister in Waiting

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He spoke Malglish at the UNGA and embarrasses Malaysia

Our Prime Minister in Waiting, Dr. Zahid Hamidi thinks he is God’s gift to our country. He is too arrogant to admit that he cannot speak Oxford English like Singapore’s erudite Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong.He is a bumbling village idiot. His boss, Najib Razak speaks well, but he is a crook. Language certainly matters, but integrity and character more.

Young Cambodians at The University of Cambodia’s English Language School can show Zahid how to speak English and speak before an audience. I suggest that he should come to our language school in Phnom Penh on a 3-month sabbatical to improve his English-speaking and writing skills. My colleague, Brenden Leks, can turn him from an ugly duck into a swan in a very short time.

This is the trouble with people who are too arrogant to learn. They end up making fools of themselves in public.

Zahid Hamidi who has a doctorate from one of the Malaysian universities–that speaks volume about the quality of Malaysian education system– should have opted to speak in Malay at the  United Nations which has qualified translators on its staff. In stead, he opted to embarrass Malaysia. If he is what Malaysia has to offer as Prime Minister, God Helps us. –Din Merican

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  1. Tok Cik,

    Since this guy Zahid (saya dari Ponorogo) from Perak, you should teach to speak proper English. This is the least you can do for the man touted to be our next Prime Minister. And then we will let CLF and Orang Malaya take over to put the final touches. Conrad and Veritas can evaluate him.–Din Merican

  2. Yeah, it’s pidgin. But not much is said about the content which was forgettable meant to demonstrate he is relevant rather than anything else. It’s a bit too much about him rather thab achieving anything.

  3. Thanks, Pak Din for your suggestion but being a sober-minded Perakean that’s the last thing on my mind. Getting this Deponogoro satay seller to speak English is like teaching a crab to walk straight. I might end up speaking Javanese instead. A good try, l must say. Hahaha…

  4. The UN does not allow speeches in languages where you have to brandish a fist or a panga or a keris to make your point.

    However, you are allowed to bang your shoe on the podium ala Kruschev or sing a song like Chavez.

    My point? The UNGA is a comedy show where tin-pot dictators and petty politicians make believe that that they matter. Some, like Zahid, are sent because their crooked bosses are on the FBI watch list.

    After the speech, its golf and shopping for them and their equally despicable spouses. In the meantime, the army of diplomats they maintain at the embassies do nothing else except cater to their indulgences. And their people foot the bills.

  5. So how to do the Cover-up , when he’s conversant ONLY with the Malglish manner of speaking ” English ” , strange indeed , nay shameful for a Sovereign nation called Malaysia ? =

    Heard it from the grapevine , he was chosen because he is a good Mimic (of the Peem) , so he’s regarded extremely Reliable….. ( finito Malaysia ! )

    Try as I might , couldn’t find the exact definition of Mimic , but in the Scripture
    its defined :

    As a person ” Who repeats what he does not understand ( and regarded ) as being no better than an ass that’s loaded with books ….” , b’coz he was trying hard to understand his Boss, so was always immersed with the books…..

    A newly coined word ” Finito ” ! !

  6. Jaguh kampong trying to impress the UN delegates. Even Anifah speaks better English. Big embarrassment for the country.
    No excuse of not going to elite school or foreign university. It’s incumbent on him to learn to speak proper English to get on the world stage and to represent Malaysia. If this is how the DPM speaks English, foreigners will think that the average Malaysian will be worse.
    I notice an effort to try American slang, oh my, just speak plain English, you will be better for it. If having problems with all those big or long words, use simple words, remember the KISS keep it simple stupid.

  7. Dino Beano, I think your Brenden Leks will need at least 3 lifetimes and not 3 months. After all you are dealing with a genetic disorder and they generally take may lifetimes to evolve.

  8. I am no longer supporting UMNO/BN since 1984 and not at any moment reconsidering of joining or supporting it.

    But I feel it was alright for Zahid to speak like that. Most speakers other than ones from UK, USA , Canada NZ and Australia do speak with their mothers’ dilects specially Indian and African
    So, what the heck? Gramatical mistakes , however, are quite embarassing.

  9. he looked nervous and not confident of himself. not his usual self on stage. his trademark ‘pointing finger’ also mysteriously disappeared. would love to see that pointing finger on world stage

  10. Dear Brother Din.
    Biz as usual, who cares, we are the supremo, DUMBNO.
    What a Failed State we are. Another sad episode down in history.

  11. Not being fluent in English is much less of a problem compared to
    ruining the reputation of “brand Malaysia” by violating the financial laws and regulations of many nations through international money laundering.

    Yes, following Marina Mahathir’s suggestion, it is better to speak in a language one is totally comfortable with at international forum/fora.
    Also, if one has a very strong local accent that foreigners find hard to understand (like some Japanese when they speak (fluent) English).

  12. He is a fine example of the kind of leaders Umno churns to manage the country. No wonder we are in such a rut. I wonder how he got his PhD in the first place? Well, you all know the source better than I do. Even the universities in Diponegoro would have nothing to do with him.

    Orang nogeri kato, “sodeh bonar, den”.

  13. A broken, crooked English spoken.

    The living proof of Mahathir ‘s legacy in crooked (bridge) policies that not only twisted our education system, (the Judiciary) in producing unemployable graduates, but worse, DISENABLYING the whole country’s Delivery System that has largely brought it to this Dire state of affairs.

  14. This is a reflection of the downward spiral of our country on all fronts. The entire Cabinet is made up of idiots who double up as thieves. Yes, these are God’s gifts to the Malays who still hero worship UMNO.

  15. What do you expect from a typical Umno leader? They bungled and stumbled when it matters most. A party dominated by clowns and dedak eaters. The only thing they are really good at and seem quite proud of is plundering the country endlessly.

  16. Dato
    That our DPM has an extremely poor command of English is not surprising. Having listened to some of his political speeches on u tube, i am not shocked of the embarrassment that he has brought to the country which in the 50s to 70s was our proud high command of the english language in the commonwealth. Obviously many delegates didn’t turn up to listen to his boring maiden speech at the GA, and the many empty seats in august hall of UN reflect the difference in reputation and standing between our DPM and that of our immediate southern neighbour.
    Jaguh kampong is perhaps most appropriate to most of our umno ministers who when challenged outside the borders fail to perform.

  17. High time that Malaysia accepts and acknowledges that their education policy on how English is taught needs to be improved. Zahid has showcased to the world that this is the case.

  18. /// He is too arrogant to admit that he cannot speak Oxford English like Singapore’s erudite Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong. ///

    LHL speaks Cambridge English…
    Zahid speaks Manglish – he mangled the English language….

  19. I had been a teacher for more than 40 years. If a person has atrocious pronunciation of english words, I can definitely conclude that this person hardly reads english books, magazines reports etc., And a person who avoids reading materials in other languages is definitely not exposed to other views and opinions and so can be considered to be narrow minded. Not PM material anyway.

  20. PM in waiting? What will happen to this country then? He appears nervous, and tried to cover up with his mannerism.He is trying his to impress the members there, not realizing he sounded so ridiculous. I feel sick.

  21. ENGLISH LANGUAGE: We must try hard to be the best

    I REFER to the letter “Don’t make too big a deal of bad English” (NST, April 12) by P.B. Cheah. I disagree with the writer, who said: “But for the average person, while faultless English or BM is desirable, it is not critical”.

    We can be good, or even better, than native speakers.

    “The object of language is to communicate your thoughts to get a reaction or action. So, for most of us in our daily lives, what harm is there if we make a mistake or two in speech or in writing. The fear of making mistakes should not deter us from communicating.” This is another one of his statement that I disagree with.

    Such kind of suggestion promotes only mediocrity. If such is the stand of all Malaysians, our country’s standards in education, economy and other developments will be stagnant or will regress further.

    Recently, I attended a presentation by a senior executive of a large Malaysian company who claim to deal with top executives including expatriates from the United States and the United Kingdom.

    Firstly, what I noticed was that in the PowerPoint slides that he used for his presentation, there were many spelling and grammatical mistakes and his pronunciation was atrocious.

    I was told that he has been using the same slides for his earlier presentations elswehere before so, that means, he did not notice or he did not know his mistakes even.

    Although Malaysians could understand what he was saying, there were grins and sly remarks I overheard uttered by the foreigners. I felt embarrassed and angry.
    Over the years, I have come across many Malaysians who accept things that are sub-standard. It could be due to an attitude problem. Colloquially, we call this ‘tidakapathy’ and this mentality must change.

    I believe that if one wants to do something, one must endeavour to be the best in it. That’s how I was raised, schooled, taught and trained, and I believe there are many people who are like me.

    As far as the English language is concerned, we must try to be as good as, or even better, than native speakers.

    Our country is striving to be on a par with First-World nations and is aiming to be a high-income nation in less than 4 years from now. However, if the people have an attitude that is less than perfect and still accept mediocrity, our aim may not be achieved.

  22. Asalkan bukan UMNO is my motto.

    I hv not heard of or seen any impact from him so far.

    What i remember clearly is the hurry to bring in more foreign workers. I will never forget these 2 things:-
    1. I saw on youtube his ground breaking ceremony for the construction of some hindu temple in singapore and i couldn’t believe my eyes.
    2. Many years ago when he was umno youth chief he made some negative comments about some singaporean politician if i am not wrong. Soon after that he visited singapore and while he was there he made an open apology to the singaporean guy. To me that is most dissappointing and unprincipled.

    Regarding the manglish he spoke (which is most embarassing as a pm in waiting) it shows is not a learned phd guy. Someone said it might indicate he does not read or read very little english books.

    I hv never liked him for his arrogance instead of being intellectual with the phd he holds. When in malaysia- furthermore he talks with a rude voice and with arms moving and fingers pointing up down left right. I think he’s a dogmatic.

    His boss is a naked emperor and he is a conceited peacock.

    I cannot grasp his un speech material or is it un material world class material? He spoke like he memorized what to say, his pronounciation was not clear and he forgot to move his arms and move his fingers up down left right which to me imply that he could not rise to the occassion.

    He should get rid of the movement of his rowdy arms and finger pointing when speaking . Last but not least he should always talk about what he can do for the rakyat. If he were a priest i would say god bless the cobgregation!

  23. Malacology is the study of mollusks (snails, slugs, clams, squid and octopus).
    Over here, it’s called Siputologi.
    Three lines is called Tiga Line.
    Why? Who knows..

    Father, forgive him his sins and poor diction.
    We understand his best friend, the reflection in the jamban mirror, didn’t talk back.
    And his handlers were just as adept in Manglish as he is, and will be forever and ever.

  24. He would have made a lesser fool of himself if only he had read the script in English. No wonder Sabah and Sarawak want back English as the teaching medium for their schools. When this happens and Peninsula still retains Bahasa as the medium, in one generation the bright and the brightest will come from these two States leaving the Peninsula with the mediocre lots. It is worth reminding that the book is mightier than the sword

  25. A Chinese-educated female police officer under training, with so much passion and sincerity, thundered in the class room “I will expose in public, whenever I have to….” bringing the whole roof down with laughter. She felt so embarrassed that she became reticent thereafter.

    With this kind of embarrassments behind his back, how can he command respect from and control his Ministers, should he become the PM? They will be giggling and laughing behind his back. I suggest he take a flight to Cambodia and do a stint there under the guidance of our Dato. It will do him a lot of good and churn him out as a potentially well trained and well groomed PM to be.

  26. Zahid should listen to the old UMNO dinosaur Rais Yatim not to speak bahasa orang putih. But typically of Zahid’s arrogance, he thought he could show off his bahasa orang putih’s skills on the international stage. The first time I heard his speech on YouTube I cringed. The second time I heard it, I laughed non stop. The third time I heard it, my Indon maid laughed.

  27. Bad or even atrocious pronunciations of English words I can stomach albeit just because he probably did not speak English at home when he was young or right up to adulthood, (critical for being good at any language), but what I cannot forgive is what he said which was reported by The Star Online on 23rd August, 2015, and I quote:-

    “Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said he had met the wealthy Arab family who had donated the US$700mil that was channelled into party president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s personal account.

    He said the family, who he did not named, had donated the money because of Malaysia’s commitment in fighting terrorism, and being a moderate Muslim country with a plural society.

    The family, he said, was impressed by how Malaysia, with its plural society, still managed to remain moderate without sidelining any other religions.

    “Those were the answers given to me when I asked them the reason for their donation. They also told me that Malaysia was not the only country they have donated money to.

    “They have also helped other Islamic countries,” he said when opening the Sri Gading Umno division meeting yesterday.

    He said he had also met with the investment officer of the wealthy Arab family, who explained how the first US$100mil was given via a cheque under Najib’s name and the rest through other channels.

    “I saw the documents myself – the original documents, not photostated ones, and I also saw the money trail,” he added.

    He assured the people that the donation was 100% from the Arab family and not from the Retirement Fund Inc or 1Malaysia Development Berhad”

    Now that is a whole different kettle of fish in any language.

  28. Listen to his bull, if you can understand his English. EBOS is borrowed from INSEAD, another gimmick initiated by Najib and his Permandu colleague, Idris Jala. He wants to share Malaysia’s Anti-Terrorism Blueprint with the rest of the world. This document contains strategies on how we bungled our fight against the rogues from the Philippines in Lahad Datu, Sabah which was led by strategist Hishamuddin Teropong Hussein when he was Home Affairs Minister. Tok Cik, you must be proud of this Zahid fellow. –Din Merican

  29. Najib deliberately sent this idiot to the UN so that the whole world can see the kind of idiot who is going to be the next PM. This is Melayu boleh. ! This is very typical of the katak ke bawah tempurung. No interest in improving themselves ; dont wish to work; grab other peoples money and full of greed and corruption. To this idiot, transfer of technology is showing one how to paste postage stamps. No wonder that girl in England still remains a high class call girl although this idiot led a delegation to meet up with her for to “repent of her ways”. That girl probably never understood his Indo-Malay the speaking Inggeris.

  30. Effective communication is defined as verbal speech or other methods of relaying information that get a point across. An example of effective communication is when you talk in clear and simple terms.
    Zahid Komedi in trying to show off had to struggle with big words and thus failed to communicate effectively.

  31. Look folks, all his performance proves is that mediocrity (in Malaysia) gets you a seat at the table with the rest of the bandits of the UN. I know many in UMNO who can speak better English than some in the Oppo but who are side-lined or who have no interest in overt power .

    Even if this guy spoke the Queen’s English, there would be criticism thrown his way and rightly so. The standard of English in this country is terrible. Has been like that for some time. Pointing and laughing at this buffoon is easy but I cringe whenever I hear someone like LGE talk about ….well….anything but my standards may be way too high.

    Wayne has got the right of it.

    This guy mangling the language is the last thing I have issues with considering the standard of English in this country and the massive thievery that is going on.

    Indeed I consider these attacks petty and indicative of the state of the discourse in this country.

  32. Me proud of this Diponegoro satay seller (I use call him the coconut plucker from Bagan Datoh)? You must be kidding, Pak Din. I just loathe the sight of this guy and hope he’ll vanish into thin air. He’s bloody arrogant and a big show-off. He is a thug and a village bully like Saddam Hussein. Pasupathy sums it well and I quote:

    “This is very typical of the katak ke bawah tempurung. No interest in improving themselves ; dont wish to work; grab other peoples money and full of greed and corruption. To this idiot, transfer of technology is showing one how to paste postage stamps.”

    He is a real “katak dibawah tempurong” much alike the serving IGP. Cakap banyak tapi otak kosong. A typical “bodoh sombong” who refuses to admit or see his faults and weaknesses.

    I remember the time Mahathir incarcerated him in Kamunting for being pally with Anwar. He begged and cried like a child being whacked.

    And this is the guy who aspires to be the next PM. Oh! God have mercy on we poor rakyat for we did no wrong but to vote in Umno time and time again. I didn’t vote but many of your “hamba” did. Amen.
    You know that I am taking a dig at you. This Java man from Bagan Datoh is one arrogant al tembak. He is a disgrace. But then, the entire Cabinet comprises a bundle of nims.–Din Merican

  33. This video demonstrates the results of years of sidelining English in favor of BM in our institutions of academia.
    And to think our learned DPM is representing the Goverment .
    To be fair ,his command of english may be understandably weak, but when it becomes a distraction from the content he wants to deliver and ends up that he failed because his command of english was so that no one took him seriously enough., then it gets slightly embarrassing..especially since the speech is delivered in front of a international diplomatic audience, causing many to assume that Malaysians speak english like that.

    Although one can symphatize with his weakness in English proficiency but still,as a representative of our country that was once the envy of many Asian countries because of the multi lingua skills and proficiency of english of Malaysians..

    This can be put forth as a case via the command of English exhibited by our learned DPM .
    SO many face palm moments to cringe at.
    We can decide on whether the emphasis or standard of English is in dire straits or not.

    Is this a typical product of our Goverment’s policies and attitudes on the acceptable standards.

    Intentionally or Inadvertently our DPM just created the impression of the standard of english in Malaysia..

    On a lighter note , he runs the risk of being shot by the grammar police and linguistic purist seeking out those that mauls the English language.

    Education Ministry, this is the time to wake up and start bringing the best of English to a greater heights

    This video is solid proof on the importance of the english language.

    If you think this is cringe worthy, imagine the quality of the teachers and professors in our public universities.
    We were just about to rescue ourselves with the teaching of Math and Science in English, then comes the U-turn by our former DPM.

    To quote the DPP of the TBH case, few years back.

    “I feel like *strangulating myself* ”
    WEll , I’d watch it again and ” I’d strangulate myself!!
    or the other gem
    “how to speculate something not clear when he talk unclearly ? ”

    Yup ,Huh ! Pregnant pause …?

    Guess in legal jargon,lawyers may say” I put it to you, learned DPM that you need to go for english tutoring:.

    He really ought to have done himself a favor and presented his speech in Bahasa. Then at least he may save himself the blushes on his SMJK English.
    “Dia cakap UMNO english!”

    Oh dear it verges on appalling ……and mind you ,at the same token ,these are the kind of graduates being churned out of our universities every year whose english language proficiency is even worst or clueless.

    Case to revive English-medium schools
    The fruits of Malaysian policies on English and Education .
    Today, many are lamenting that the government’s greatest mistake was abolishing English-medium schools. They believed that today’s low English proficiency in Malaysia was a phenomenon after the abolition of English schools.
    Apart from seriously considering support for the teaching and learning of Science and Mathematics in English, the ministry ought to really give serious thought to consider re-introducing English-medium schools.The importance of English in the school curriculum, and the urgency of improving English proficiency among students in this era of globalisation should not be underestimated and under valued..

  34. Dear Pasupathy Kanagasaby, I disagree with your comment that Jibby sent Hiddy to UN to showcase his idiocy. Methinks Jibby is afraid of getting arrested by US DOJ officials. After all he will be in the US!!!

  35. If speaking good English is one of the important criteria for premiership in Malaysia, then I suppose among all the potential hopefuls, other than Anwar Ibrahim, Mukhriz would be the better of the lot. He also speaks passable Japanese, a hangover from his father’s “Look East” policy.

  36. English is not our mother tongue or native language, you expect him to speak like Queen’s English?
    All great statesmen over the world can’t speak good English, it is natural.
    True, Dr. Ahmad Zahid’s English is heavily Malay-accented. But, then, UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon’s English is also Korean accented, and the same applies to leaders from India despite their strong grounding in English ….

    He used English instead of BM to reach the entire planet because English is, became the world’s common language as a result of Britannica Empire and Americana conquered/colonized the world by gun-boats since 18th~19th century.

    The important point is that we must be capable of using English properly but not losing the edge we once had. Dr. Ahmad poor command of English is the products of Malaysia’s declining standard of education in general, and that includes the shocking standard of English taught in our schools, where teachers who have failed in English tests are teaching our children English, a frightening facts.

    We should emulate from Singapore education system where mother tongues are compulsory, all children master their mother tongues.

    In competitive world today, English alone is not enough, peoples must also be a able to converse proficiently other languages, particularly Chinese language, the rising Asian powerhouse.

    Malaysia’s vernacular schools not the problem!

  37. Pening le kelapa gua selepas video tu. Kalau Dr Zahid, PhD, jadi PM, this will be the first Malaysian PM who cannot speak Engrish propely. Malu le Umno, Malu le Malaysia. Jatuh standard, jatuh kemaluan.

  38. I just took the trouble of hearing his full speech beginning to end. It was not as bad as was projected by some interested parties earlier. He looked regal and having heard terribly faulty speeches in English from some leaders from third world countries over the years, Zahid’s was fairly well delivered except for his stumble in getting a word or two right the first time. His repeating of “Mr. President” on occasions along his speech, seemed to suggest synchronisation problem with prompters.

    The Palestinian problem is a straight forward one that can be solved between the Israelis and Palestinians, given the resolve, with representatives from US, Russia and the Arab League playing the role of honest brokers for peace. The problem is the Palestinians are being prevented from reaching a settlement by some Arab nations with vested interests of their own. If your goal is seeking 100% of the land and the offer on table is only 75%, grab the 75% and declare Palestine as an independent State under the auspices of the UN. Defer the 25% for further negotiations within a specific time frame. Palestine would have been here long time ago if not for the interested parties playing ball. Eventually it is the Palestinians who are made the suckers.

    If Malaysia is really serious about the Palestinian issue, why not Zahid convey this to the Palestinians?

  39. At least, a kampong boy got guts to speak at the United Nation. Not too late to learn:

    That’s why everyone needs to learn the English language in order to get in touch on an international level. Speaking it will help you communicate with people from countries all over the world.

  40. Guys,

    We are not going to be a start-up nation since we are already a fcuk-up country with leaders like this Javanese politician from Bagan Datok, Perak who happens to be Tok Cik’s compatriot. Do you agree?–Din Merican

  41. @ salleh , ” not too late to learn….it will help you to communicate with people from countries all over the world ” etc…..but that’s not the whole point !

    (Truth hurts but heals ) , let’s face facts , and try and grapple with fundamental things. Language is just the means, problem is , for 500 years , Scientists all over the world and especially the West , through painful research , have had the advantage of getting to learn or discover a vast treasure of ‘ knowledge ‘ , and HAVE formulated Scientific terminologies, words and Vocabularies , so technical , such that scientific terms have BECOME immutable – which CANNOT be translated into Malay or any other language with such ‘ precision ‘. Illustration : A few hundred years back, for us from the East , it took our Sailing ships at least three months to reach Mecca ( Mekah ) . It improved to 3 weeks with Steam engine boats , NOW its 8 Hours…… ( through the third law of Motion by Sir Isaac Newton )

    Also, its the Scientific words and Teminologies , which has made a break through in the Discovery of Nuclear forces , or nuclear Energy , through the field of Quantum physics…… and have discovered a vast secret of the potency of the Atomic and sub-atomic particles , HOW DO WE TRANSLATE THESE VOCABULARIES FROM THE ‘ English ‘ which has become Universal, into any other Language ?

    Put in another way : how do we ‘ Malaycsize ‘ the set Universal terminology of Scientific terms into any other language/s ? I propose , a pool of Loyal Malay Scholars to enlist some Western experts , to TRY and Coin corresponding and appropriate Vocabularies in this highly specialized Field …….

  42. I just wonder if Zahid Komedi understand the meaning of the words that he grapples to pronounce during the speech. Usually politicians like to use cliche words which they themselves don’t understand. During the Trump /Clinton debate, Meriam Webster Dictionary had lots of hits, where Americans were trying to find out the meaning of words used by Trump.

  43. Tok Cik has said everything needed to say about this existential turd, Din.
    Perhaps he was deliberately chosen by Jibros to torture us recalcitrants, should the latter take the Fall.

    Just a couple of months back, at the height of the foreign workers ban, several other Senior Ministers in the cabinet spoke to him about relaxing the ban – as many SMEs’ were in deep shit from lack of staff and production was almost at a stand-still.

    His answer was tell them to Eff off! He might have read the blogs was afraid that should he relax the ban, he’ll look bad cuz his whole family were the one’s with the license for approvals.. This emotional turd has no empathy for others and is willing to let the economy tank to feed his ego. His idea of economics is zilch and policy making harks back from the time of mythical kerises, kerosene lamps and home-made tempe’.

    His PhD is a joke, okay? Imagine writing a thesis on UMNOb elections?

    He represents the worst that UMNOb has ever encultured. Yet such decerebrate rigidity, thuggery, faithlessness, perfidy and infidelity seem to be the hallmarks of rent-seeking toads, just because he’s ‘Nice’ to the polity who support him.

    Yes, he’ll mess our beloved Malaysia up big time.

  44. Dearest Malaysians,

    Cheers! to our DPM. Thank you so much, Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. It appears mission impossible is possible.

    His Excellency, the DPM is a non English educated professional who have successfully delivered a courage speech in English represent our people and our nation in the UNGA last week.

    I believe, to all positive thinking Malaysians as well as in my opinion, he is “doing the right things” through his option, that is far more superior to those negative thinkers who tried to “do things right” by criticizing, notably with very little or no substances. So folks, please commend constructively with well thought-through consideration. Do not be compelled by hatred more than reasons. It can be disastrous and harmful to all of us as One Malaysia.

    Our DPM have done a fantastic job and should be praised for his effort and courage that not many non English speaking World leaders possesses. I post this comments, of course with the understanding that there are defects in that courage speech by our DPM, however, I trust this should be treated as a learning curve.

    Quotes: One small step for man, one big leap for mankind. Success and failure lies together with its front and back following each other.

    In this planet, anything connected to the human race is beautifully imperfect.Cheers! again. Have a good day.
    Dr. Samuel Tan,

    I am sure you will soon get a consulting job from the DPM. I think you should not use my blog to promote your kind of positive thinking. I get another comment like this from you I will not hesitate to use my delete button.–Din Merican

  45. Dr Samuel Tan ,

    You are talking ” courage ” or ” garbage”?
    It is shear Incompetency, not only the DPM but your incapabilities to make simple assessment.

    The DPM is doing the “right thing” the “wrong way”.
    Nobody would have faulted him for delivering the speech in BM. The country would take pride if he had done so.

    UNGA is not a platform for world leaders to promote “defects” in learning lessons.
    “One small step” for the DPM is a “big” disaster for Malaysia’s image.Shamful, man !

    Man! What a great disgraceful disconnect!

  46. I enjoy all the episodes of “Obviously Harith” except the episode on AZH. It was very shocking that I could only bear watching and listening up to his second sentence. I switched off the TV! Fret to think aloud, what if he gets to talk at international events. When I saw the news that he was to deliver speech at the UN, my mind went to that “Obviously Harith” episode. History repeats….

  47. Din,
    Good day and warm greetings. I hope everything is going on well with you.

    I have to say I’m very surprised to find such reciprocate remark that is unbelievably coming from a well educated and respectable Malaysian like your good self.

    Excuse me for saying this. On your part, it will not make you more professional to paint a picture that looks like I am promoting something through my posting in your blog. It is only your assumption and please don’t assume, it can backfire. Honestly, your blog fails to meet my requirements for that matter. I hope you will wholeheartedly re-visit and effectively digest and understand what I have posted – thank you.

    I am a 62-year-old retired British Chartered Professional and a Globally Certified Management Consultant. I am not looking for a job and I don’t need one, however, as you have predicted, if the DPM is sure to offer me a consulting job as a result of my posting in your blog, I will definitely accept and support that initiative – of course for free. I look forward to see how accurate is your prediction?

    I rarely post as commentator in our local blogs as most are irrelevant by 21st Century standards. This is my third post if my memory serves me right and probably the last. If my posting in your blog is bothering you and causing uneasiness, please go ahead to activate your delete button.

    Thanks again. Take care and bye for now.
    Dear Dr. Tan.

    I apologise for my reaction to your comment. Be assured that it will not happen again. –Din Merican.

  48. Courage is, admitting mistake openly .

    Courage is, admitting and apologizeing for mistake made openly and and ensuring not to repeat it.

    If only 1/2 of the rogue Umno Baru and the political leaders across the the divide can emulate and live up to this sincerity, most of our country’s teething problems would have been resolved, under controlled or never would have happened. That includes the RM 2.5 b BMF Loan Loss in the late 1970s and early 1990s which I termed to be the “Mother of All the Scandals That Follow”, till this day (its value) to be amounting in the order of trillion, and most notably, the early 1990s RM 15 b BNM Forex Loss( some estimated to be RM 30 Billion).

    I blame Tun Dr Mahathir and Datuk Anwar who were mainly Responsible..They were the all Powerful Behind and Could Have Prevented it from happening, REPEATEDLY -The Lesson they Had Never or Wanted to Learn from the very Beginning, the RM 2.5 b BMF Loan Loss.

    Coming back to the DPM speech ,in full. It is not without substance. But the actions, on past records, could Not match his rhetorics, especially on the issue on Inclusiveness.

    My take is, watch what you do Not what you say.

    I Hope the PM the Cabinet Ministers and Leaders of the divide here,and those from Sabah and Sarawak, and Institutional and Corporate Captains, e-Media and main stream Editors are READING THIS Blog, and COME AWAY With the Reality of the dire state of affairs this country is facing, And, Collectively would do something Positively and Cleanly of Productive Values to the Needs of Country, going forward
    There is Nothing left for all Malaysians, our children to Save in a couple of decades down the road.

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