Malaysia: Stop Thuggery and infantile behaviour

September 26, 2016

Stop Thuggery and infantile behaviour, starting with Najib at the Top

by Scott Ng

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In the wake of the exposure of Ali Tinju’s threats against Bersih Chief Maria Chin Abdullah, perhaps it is time to evaluate ourselves as a society. These past eight years or so have been rife with incidences of provocation and thuggery coming from both sides of the fence.

The death of PAS’ Tuan Guru Dr.Haron Din last week was met with all kinds of derision, the comments sections on social media exploding with black sarcasm and self-righteous, arrogant posturing.

Now, PAS deserves the flaying it gets, but to speak ill of the dead – and by this we don’t mean by dredging up their sins, but instead attacking their faith and character for no good reason – is to crawl down to the bottom of the rubbish heap.

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Some will claim that they hold to the principle of “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and a vicious insult if you disagree with me”, but no one benefits from an endless cycle of criticism and pushbacks. After all, one must consider the biggest reason for PAS’ dive back into religious fundamentalist communalism.

That reason was the emergence of the DAP two years ago as the dominant driving force of the opposition agenda following the incarceration of Anwar Ibrahim. The DAP’s liberal agenda was always at odds with PAS’ aspirations for a more religious state of affairs, and with one taking the spotlight the other could not stay silent for long.

The post-mortem demonisation of Haron Din and the thuggish behaviour of Ali Tinju are just mere examples of how we have gone way too far in letting politics divide us. We’re now allowing our political preferences to dictate our every interaction. Apparently, we cannot find common ground because we insist on the ironclad worthiness of our political stands.

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Compromise is a dirty word in this day and age, but the truth is that the firmest way forward is usually paved on the middle ground.

Regardless of differences in political inclination, we are all humans and Malaysians first and it is recognition that common decency should guide our interactions that will heal the cracks that are preventing our national cohesion. Too often politicians from the big city are accused of not understanding the needs of the countryside, and the country folk are frustrated by the ignorance of their city cousins to their most basic needs.

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We must see past the divide-and-conquer tactics of our politicians. We as a society must stand united, and the first step is to show mutual respect, which means we must eschew extreme arrogance and aggression, whether these come through words or deeds. No one has ever convinced someone else of the rightness of his argument through force.

5 thoughts on “Malaysia: Stop Thuggery and infantile behaviour

  1. Thuggery? The Malays are RACIST Period. Jakim cannot even see what is wrong with Muslim-only Halal logo just lamenting on the lack of Muslim halal certification BUT with no real plan other than more entitlement to fix it. We have a racist religo-fevered people led by an over self-absorbed leader that has structurally wrecked the govt without even the intellect and care to see it.

  2. The only way back is for Malaysia to become poor again, very poor. When that happens no one will enter politics for money as is the case now in 80% of our politicians from all sides.
    We need to rid ourselves of this ancien regime which is corrupt and abusive.–Din Merican

  3. Wayne, Wayne.. that’s absolutely reductionist!
    As we, helpless and hapless get poorer and poorer, we become ‘meat’ to them cannibals. These thugs aren’t practicing vegans, you know..

    As there’s obvious discriminatory application of Law by the upper echelons of Twittering Enforcers and a wonky judiciary, False Flag Ops and Infantile Delinquency Rates will skyrocket. As it stands AhLongs are making a ‘Killing’..

  4. Why can’t rid ourselves of this l’ancien regime if we did not adopt a more radical way. Watch Operation Chromite lately. How Macarthur took huge risk in securing victory in Incheon

    That general win wars. Likewise for Patton

    We need visionary leaders who can think out of the box

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