Malaysia’s culture of tolerance is under threat

September 23, 2016

Religious freedom in Malaysia

Taking the rap

Malaysia’s culture of tolerance is under threat

10 thoughts on “Malaysia’s culture of tolerance is under threat

  1. “Malaysian Islam has grown increasingly conservative in the years since, influenced by austere theologies from the Middle East,” The Economist.

    Malaysia is a nation. A nation has her own traditions. How a foreign version of religion imported from Middle East can be considered “conservative” with respect to Malaysia?

    Characterization of austere theologies as conservative is of course viewed from the western-liberal perspective from a western magazine.

    Islamism, a revolutionary political Islamic ideology, is a form of collectivism, an idea about executing social engineering using the power of government. Therefore, Islamism is very much at the far left of Malaysia political spectrum. DAP with its socialism is very much at the same left side of the spectrum; That is the reason both DAP and PAS’ Islamists at one point could collaborate under the name of social welfare. They now hate each other just like how Stalin hated Hitler after their initial honeymoon with each other as leftist social engineering lovers.

  2. Shah Rukh Khan is a Malacca Dato and Salman Khan & Saif Ali Khan & Amir Khan are some of the greatest favorites around the world and also of Malaysians including Malays. They played great roles as HINDUS AND PLAYING TO HINDU GODS over the years the latest being SALMAN KHAN’S ‘BAJRANGI BHAIJAN’ who played the role of GANESH DISCIPLE.
    All the above Bollywood Muslim actors including Zarine Khan, are involved in the GANESH USTAV in Mumbai every year and show on Bollywood programmes.

    SRK’s wife is Gauri [a Hindu], AK’s wife is Kiran [a Hindu], Kritik Roshan’s wife was Zarine Khan d/o Sanjay Khan [a Muslim] and in none of the cases the spouses converted to the religion of the partner as it is not mandatory in India [and many other countries]/

    How will they be treated if these world famous Muslim actors were to come to Malaysia with their non-Muslim spouses or for taking part in Hinud Religious festivities not only in the movies but also in real life?

  3. If Shiao is right, Islamism is just another collectivism, then the Muslims and Malay world is ultimately doomed. DAP, a lesser offshoot of PAP, is no Stalinism. On the other hand, Islamism can be both Hitlerism and Stalinism.

  4. If my God needs my protection by jailing all those who offended Him, my God is no better than my “Oh my God”. Namawee’s song reminded me on exactly that very point. What is wrong with all of us. That is the point. What offended me is perhaps exactly the “us” and not Namawee’s song.
    Is there ever an “us”?

    The police who accompanies Namawee is as much a Malaysian as loose74 and rightways. Much more a Malaysian is our 1PM mentioned in the Economist article. The UMNO supporters are truly 1Malaysia. So is the Economist editor, in spirit for his kind reminder to us.

    “Oh my God” is the most appropriate reaction to our predicament, says katasayang, a Jesus adoring pendatang.

    Layu-layu, maka kami (since I am saying this in front of Jesus) sama-sama “melayu”. Jesus may say I am no child of God. But, I am quite sure he would say the same to those who praises MO1 as they could not be in any ways closer to God than who loves the song “oh my God”.

    I detest the entire system which suggest Namawee ought to be charged, 1Malaysian or not. Free Namawee and apologize to Namawee now for 1Malaysia’s sake.

  5. What really boggles the mind is that the more they do such things to “protect” / “defend” whatever divine entity considered vulnerable to “attack” from puny humans who can’t even fly like birds, the sillier they look. Yes, there really is no bounds to human stupidity.

  6. “In gentler times Namewee’s only offence might have been crimes against music”

    Absolutely. And here’s to Namewee, a reminder – you ain’t no Jim Morrison:

    Btw katasayang, what variety of shrooms are you smokin’ nowadays? I’d like to have some.

  7. @CLF got a battle of antidepressant from doc. But, decided to manage it via meditation and exercise, rather than medication. Doing an hour more of a brisk walk each day by taking public transport. But, my courage gained mostly came from reflection by taking up the habit to read the good book daily. Completed gospel of Luke last week. My answer came from reflection on
    // “If you come to me but will not leave your family, you cannot be my follower.”

    It dawn onto me it is such liberating thought. In following Jesus, I come to love not only my family members but a lot of other people whom I used to hate, after I grew to learn Jesus’s way better. Else, all the so called love were merely done on a narrow obligational basis. So many UMNOb supporters are still being tied and confused by our so-called feaudal Asian values. Pray more would have the courage to dig deeper into their tradition when facing such a diverse world. The same for millions of pendatang Cina who came to the shores of Malaysia. Recent reading of 胡適 ‘s writing from close to a century ago on 國學helps me a lot recently also.

    @dato.din thanks for opening up space for discussion on so many topics that is dear to all of us.

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