Proud to be American in the Land of the Brave and Free–Madeleine Albright

September 21, 2016

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Betsy Fischer Martin

Proud to be American in the Land of the Brave and Free, says Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright

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Madeleine Albright

I came to the United States as a refugee when I was 11 years old. My father was a diplomat and a strong supporter of democracy in Czechoslovakia, so when the Communists took over, we were forced into exile as refugees. In November 1948, we were welcomed to the United States of America.

Becoming a U.S. citizen is the most important thing that ever happened to me. My father said that when we were in Europe during WWII people would say, “We are sorry for your troubles and hope that you have everything you need; by the way, when will you be leaving to go back home?”

But in America, people said: “We are sorry for your troubles and hope that you have everything you need; by the way, when will you become a citizen?”

America resettles more refugees than any other nation because it reflects one of our noblest traditions as a nation: providing support to those who are most vulnerable.

With the world facing the largest mass displacement on record since World War II, it has never been more important for world leaders to follow America’s example and work together to do more to support refugees.

Today, President Obama is hosting a Refugee Summit meeting to encourage more world leaders to step up and make new commitments to support the critical work of resettling refugees and helping them rebuild their lives. You can watch the President’s speech here at 3:35 PM Eastern.

Under President Obama, we’ve increased the number of refugees resettling this year to 85,000 – including 10,000 Syrian refugees. Starting next week, the United States will commit to resettling 110,000 refugees from around the world over the coming year.

And with refugees undergoing the most rigorous screening of any kind of traveler, he’s shown that we can welcome refugees while ensuring our own safety.

As a former Secretary of State, I can tell you that President Obama’s leadership in this global crisis is critical to our national security.

When countries with insufficient resources take in refugees, it creates more instability, not just at the frontlines of this crisis, but around the world. If we were to slam the door in the faces of refugees with certain religious backgrounds, we would defy our history and our principles of pluralism and diversity. As we talk to other nations about what more needs to be done to tackle this crisis, it’s important that President Obama is setting this example.

When I came here as a child, I will never forget sailing into New York Harbor for the first time and beholding the Statute of Liberty. I did not have to face refugee camps or the kind of danger that many refugees endure. But like all refugees, I shared a hope to live a safe life with dignity and a chance to give back to my new country.

Together, we can help refugees rebuild their lives and live with dignity once again.

Thank you,

Madeleine Albright
Former U.S. Secretary of State

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12 thoughts on “Proud to be American in the Land of the Brave and Free–Madeleine Albright

  1. 《人民日报》于周日发表了三篇由中国学者撰写的文章,从内在体制、意识形态、国家战略方面分析美国的扩张和霸权主义运动。

    An editor’s note on the page said that U.S. interventions are behind unrest and disputes in many places, including the Middle East, Eastern Europe and the South China Sea.


    “The United States is keen to make messes in the world, cast shadows on order and stability in multiple regions and jeopardize peace and development in relevant countries,” the note said.


    An article by Yang Guangbin, a professor of politics at Renmin University, pointed out that the “military-industrial complex,” which former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned against, is “kidnapping U.S. domestic and diplomatic policy.”


    The “military-industrial complex” naturally demands war and military expansion, resulting in the Iraq war, “Arab Spring” uprisings and growing tensions with Russia and China, Yang said.


    Yang also criticized the United States for selling its ideology, which has brainwashed the elite in some non-Western countries.


    “Countries that have followed American-style ’liberty and democracy’ are not turning into American-style states. Instead, their lives remain the same, or even become worse,” the article said.


    Another article by Li Wen, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, noted that the United States’ eagerness to make trouble around the world is due to its “hegemonic anxiety.”


    It is “to a large degree, a reflection of a twisted mentality of an empire moving downhill,” according to the article.


    The scholar also denounced the United States’ measures to contain China by causing trouble in East Asia.


    A third article by Lin Hongyu, a professor at Huaqiao University, said U.S. maneuvers in the Asia-Pacific region are just part of its overseas expansion and interventionist diplomacy to maintain its leading international role.


    The article called on Chinese authorities to manage disputes between China and the United States in a constructive way and to build a new type of major-country relationship together.


    Source: 编辑:David Yang (人民网) 双语

  2. Madeline Albright ,when asked about the sanctions imposed on Iraq in the 90s,which killed thousands of children,had replied that the policy was worth it and that she had no regrets about it. Thats what i remember most about her.

  3. Such a noble woman.

    Yet she felt that the murder of more that a half-million Iraqi children from US led sanctions on Iraq as worth it. Some called her a genocide-enabler.

    I guess the Hitlers and Pol Pots and Idi Amins of this world do like to portray their gentle and loving sides while happily sending thousands to their deaths.

  4. Shameless hypocrite and probably demented and senile as well.
    Tell the US govt to stop invading and displacing the nations where the refugees are escaping from. How noble of Obama to now expect others to help clean up the mess that Uncle Sam had created.
    Think of the consequences first before you go about raiding other people’s backyards.

  5. Hmm.. what’s going on in the space between wrongways ears? Is it possible to see the other side when one looks into his pugnacious ear?

    This is a piece on Madame M. Albright, whom I greatly admire. Only in America, could she become who she could be. Ditto Obama. Truly Democratic countries, for all their hangups, have inbuilt mechanisms for real meritocracy and free speech, within decency. It is about Potentiality. Not Predestination.

    Unlike that moronic spam we keep on witnessing here – by unimaginative, rote-learning propagandists who are paid peasant wages to glorify their ancestors and venerate their Dear Chauvinism.

    We are Asians, not by Race but by Location and there is no such thing as Homo Asiaticus Sinensis Commie. We are genetically and intellectually Amoronic if we chose dwell here.

    Semper aka OM, this is getting a wee bit disgusting. What happened to the old days?

  6. …and America also created the most refugees, displaced and killed most civilians in recent times, in the name of free and democracy Capitalism , largely, at the costs to others,directly or through proxies. It is because of its failed foreign policies. That is shameful.
    Proud , also in the land of people?

  7. At best, taking in refugees is only an humanitarian act, an act normally not for solving underlying problems but to lessen the impact of the problems. Compared to previous generations, current generation of Americans lacks the faith of its own country and may never want to be the police of the world. However, former Denmark prime minister Rusmussen roots for Americans to be the world police in this Wall Street Journal’s article: “The United States must be the world’s policeman” (

    Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, former head of another small nation similar to Denmark, expressed similar sentiment. The value of order will only be missed when the order is gone.The United States that settles for taking in refugees as the primary way of handling the world is The United States that retreats from guarding the order of the world. That would be a world that most small nations should dread now, if they study history.

    A good police man is the one makes a lot of drama and noise when a murder is reported before many murders are committed. Obama administration made the worse mistake when it did not make enough drama and noise when the Islamic States beheaded the first American journalist James Foley (a civilian) and broadcast the beheading video in Internet for the world to see. The inaction of an policeman is very costly – today, Islamic State has franchisees in 28 countries and the Islamic State’s brutal actions caused 270,000 people died while it proudly proclaimed to give minority Christians in ME to either convert to Islam, pay a poll tax as Dhimmi, or be beheaded, as what was practiced in 7th Century Arabia.

    Imagine a neighborhood gang kidnaps a rich man’s daughter and broadcast the beheading of the daughter in Internet because the gang could not get the ransom. Then, the policeman does nothing or appears incompetent. The result is that the rate of kidnapping will jump through the roof with many gangs join the frenzy.

  8. CLF, your question should be directed to blog host. If it’s my blog, spammers like Wrongways won’t see light of day. I’ve addressed this before and the bloghost insist on the free speech and the right to free speech and he will defend it to the end. So guess we have to endure it. Yes in the earlier days it was much better and sad to note many have left or just no longer make comments.
    I find the banter over Mr Rightways very amusing. Because of your attacks against him, he is gaining prominence. I suspect he is having fun irritating you,Semper Fi.–Din Merican

  9. Mahathis one’s mentioned Malaysia population can be 80 million so started project ic terbang. Now we have 32 million and counting. With about 650K babies born yearly and low death rate can achieve the target within 40-45 years.

  10. America, the land of the brave and the free. Yes there was such a land when the Red Indian braves lived free and the buffaloes roamed free and then came Wounded Knee where the Heart was buried,and now Donald Trump hopes to reign free.

  11. “Isn’t she, when she was Secretary of State, the one who gave Saddam Hussein the tacit approval to invade Kuwait?”


    Apropos everything, Rightways is not gaining prominence, he’s gaining notoriety with his Sino centric ramblings, anti Western stance and general PAP influenced obnoxious behaviour.

    If only I had the time………

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