Malaysia: UMNO apes the Taliban

September 12, 2016

Malaysia: UMNO apes the Taliban

by Tay Tian Yan

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This is Positive Thinking ala Malaisie

Fanaticism knows no limits, from the Middle East to the rest of the world. Often the boundary between fanaticism and insanity is equally blurred.

Many years back when the fanatical Taliban ruled Afghanistan, many world-shocking events took place there, such as the shocking demolition in the name of  Islam of statues of Buddha in Bamiyan.

For thousands of years, the Bamiyan Valley was a regular stop on the Silk Road for travellers from China, India, Persia and Europe. Bamiyan was an important hub of Buddhist learning. Thousands of monks and craftsmen erected countless awe-inspiring Buddha statues on the walls of the cliffs in the valley, the biggest of which stood at 38m and 58m tall.

Image result for bamiyan valley destroyed

The Bamiyan Valley

Aesthetically, these were masterpieces attesting to the pinnacle of cultural eminence. From the historical point of view, they were priceless legacies of human civilisation. For over a thousand years, these two enormous Buddha statues stood over this land and the many historical developments taking place under their noses.

Unfortunately such godly artistic creations were blown up and reduced to rubble by the Taliban in a matter of hours. Similarly, after Islamic State fanatics captured parts of northern Iraq, they blew up 3,000-year-old Assyrian relics and statues in the ancient city of Nimrud.

Image result for 3,000-year-old Assyrian relics and statues in the ancient city of Nimrud

Image result for Temple of Bel and Baal Shamin

They also destroyed the Temple of Bel and Baal Shamin in the 4,000-year-old city of Palmyra in northern Syria they subsequently captured, smashing up the invaluable ancient animist relics.

Khaled Asad, director of Palmyra Antiquities Museum, was executed by the IS. Taliban and IS prohibited idolatry on the pretext of defending their religion, destroying priceless statues and relics without taking into consideration their enormous historical value.

What has been brought down can never be restored; neither can pieces of history be duplicated. The fanaticism and insanity of these people have shocked the world and brought tears to millions.

What has this to do with Malaysia? The eagle statue in Langkawi and the statue of fallen heroes at the National Monument have received media coverage of late. Some clerics who thought they were safeguarding their religion called for their demolition to preserve the sanctity of the religion and stub out idolatry.

Image result for The Langkawi eagle monument

A Popular Tourist Attraction on the Island of Langkawi, Kedah

The eagle is but a symbol of Langkawi and a popular sightseeing spot. No one is going to worship an eagle statue anyway. As for the National Monument, it was built in honor of the warriors sacrificing their precious lives for the nation, and was meant to inspire Malaysians to be patriotic. Similarly, no one is going to deify and idolize them either.

Image result for tugu negara malaysia

Remember the Men and Women who gave their lives so that we may live in Peace. That Peace is now under threat from ultra Malay Islamic Extremists and Najib’s pursuit of existential politics–Din Merican

Narrow-minded and radical interpretations of such people have religionised everything that crosses their minds and banished all who are not with them. This is the crudest manifestation of the pride and prejudice born out of such fanaticism.

If by chance their wayward thinking gets approved and legitimised, the country’s diversity and universal values will be completely uprooted.

25 thoughts on “Malaysia: UMNO apes the Taliban

  1. The Taliban and ISIS are cowards! Why do they always cover their faces? Are they so ashamed of their looks? Must be real ugly!! Or effeminate?

  2. The close-mindedness, depraved, insular mentality of these fanatics are beyond the the realm of human rationality and pure love of God they professed to obey and practiced.

  3. I have a pakistan friend who wanted to make his second home in malaysia. After having a lengthy talk with one of our petronas working mate, he decided otherwise, when approached he told me that the malays seems to be having a mentality similar to taliban ideology which is not acceptable in islam and by pakistanis.

  4. Yes, but why is it so easy to do? Tunku’s UMNO nationalism outrightly declared the Malays are too be politically liberal and they know it because they purposely will not discuss it, even shout down those who remind them. Why? Like it not it’s entitlement, over that is. The cause the myth of special ” right”, if intellectuals are honest, they would tell the truth that the Malays are losing their moral legitimacy over their mythical “rights”

  5. Photographs and portraits of persons should also be destroyed to prevent people from idolizing and worshiping the photographs and portraits. In the same vein, all toys and figurines should also be destroyed. Mirrors should also be banned.

  6. As a retired army personnel with 30 years of service, Fighting the commies was for a better life for future generations. My pride has always been and is the “Tugu”. Fighting the fanatics who were not around when we were fighting the commies is no different. Infact it is a call for every citizen who value our independence as MalaysiansRe. member Mao and his cultural revolution?
    The day “The Tugu” falls is the the day Malaysia as a country “Fall”.
    The PM and the Defence Minister are nuts in this case as they no nothing about it. No point talking about other NUTs in the current cabinet.

  7. The sixth sense is what differentiates man from animal. It gives one the capacity to assess, evaluate and determine what is right and logical. Anything out of the ambit of sixth sense or commonsense is what we call nonsense. This is beyond the realm of religion.

    I ask for forbearance. The Kaaba is a stone structure. If praying to it is acceptable why it is not acceptable for others to pray to deities in the form of portraits or figurines whether of Ganesha, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus or Mother Mary? If Kaaba is manifestation of Allah’s representation or grace so should statutes be God’s representation.

    Most Muslim homes have specific Quranic verses mounted on the wall. Some even have a photograph hung of the Kaaba with thousands of people paying homage before it. What is the purpose of it all? The logical explanation for putting up the Quranic verse may be for the household members to see and read it every day to be reminded of the message behind the verse and conduct life accordingly. Likewise the Kaaba portrait might be intended to convey the obligatory requirement of every Muslim to visit the Kaaba as part of the holy Haj trip during one’s lifetime.

    Let us cherish and value well-intended practices handed down over generations and not get adversarial and mock at each other

  8. It’s the other way round. It’s the Talibans who are aping Umno. After what they have seen and heard it’s dawned on them that following the ways of the Umnoputras is the best way to richness and salvation. I am told they are very impressed by one moronic skull-cap-wearing moon-face mullah from my home state of Perak who goes by the name of Harussani.

  9. As a muslim, we have to take issue of the statement/s ” Ganesh , Krishna , Buddha, Jesust etc… ” , followers of their Faith literally ‘ worship ‘ their stone images ( as God , because they believe these prophets ARE God ). Idol worship is definitely forbidden (haram) in Islam’s holy Book. On the contrary, Muslims do not worship ‘ Muhammad ‘ : ( quote from the Wisdom series @ page 14 )

    ” Muhammad did not claim to be the founder of a new religion ; his mission was to restore the earlier religions to their pristine purity…..” In all his sermons , he (pbh ) frequently reiterated : ” I am no more than man , when I order you anything respecting religion, receive it , and when I order you anything about the affairs of te world , then I am nothing more than a man ” ( page 84 ) ( so no Muslim ‘ worship him ‘ ) –

    Yes, non-muslims do Insinuate : ‘ What about the Kaaba , is this not ‘ worshiping the stone image ‘ etc ? – NO, NOT WORSHIPING , IT IS KNOWN TO THE FEW ENLIGHTENED ON THIS, IT IS ‘ REMEMBRANCE ‘ or ” RECOLLECTION ” –

    Remembrance of What ? It is called the Sufi Amnesia , when BEFORE the Creation of our Manifested Universe, all the rohs or spirit and souls had CIRCUMAMBULATED for thousands and thousands of years in the Spiritual Dimension before the Lord Creator , when the Lord had asked ” Am I not your Lord, the Creator of Heaven , so shall it be for the Real or created world, and ALL souls had replied ” Aye…..My Lord, You are indeed the Creator of Heaven & Earth ” ( The Proclaimation was in Arabic : ” Alas Tu BiRabbiqum…. ? And the Chorus was ” Qolu’Bala ‘ Shaihi ‘ Dinnah …… ( Bah-kan Engkau lah Tuhan Yang Maha Berkausa & Maha- Mengetahui ……) – It is Remembrance ! ! , and not worshiping the Kaaba……it had happened exactly the place, far far above the Spot of the Shrine , when Prophet Abraham had ‘ the revelation ‘ of this focal point …..

    ( The Koran is indeed a Book of Miracles )

  10. Inche Abnizar, I respect your knowledge (of Islam) and sincerity in giving expression to your thoughts. I am providing a critique on your response (to my earlier comment) and I hope you will take it in good spirit.

    You say Muslims do not worship ‘ Muhammad ‘ and to back it you could only quote, as reference, “page 14 from the Wisdom series”, a Western owned and run thought shaping platform for global audience. Are there not any Islamic literature texts to quote from to back the forbidding of Muhammad worshiping? I wonder if the holy Quran makes any reference to Muhammad on this matter.

    By the way, what is worshipping – holding someone to the highest elevated point of veneration and fellowship because that someone is consideered a messenger of God be it Muhammad, Christ, Buddah or any other person of such status? The call is to accept and follow the commands of such a messenger.

    Worshipping can be extrinsic and intrinsic – the former visual and the later latent or non-visual. What is the reference point of Muslim prayer whether at home or mosque – both Allah and Prophet Muhammad ? Is it wrong to say that millions of Muslims worship the Prophet within their hearts. If they do not, how do you explain thousands protesting or coming out to the streets whenever something is disparangingly spoken or written about the Prophet or carcatures of him made by others?

    Kaaba worshipping is not worshipping the stone image you say. It may not be apparent to legions of Muslims. But for millions of non-Muslims it is strikingly so and there are no two ways about it. You also seem to imply that the reason for paying homage (aka praying) before the Kaaba is only known to the few enlightened. Why it is not open knowledge but something arcane for only the few enlightened to know?

    What is the link between Kaaba, Remembrance and Recollection you have woven together?

  11. Quote:- “It is Remembrance ! ! , and not worshiping the Kaaba……”

    If that is indeed the case, (and not face-saving retro-rationalization), then Muslims should approve of the Chinese practice of having portraits of their dead ancestors on the family altar because no Chinese actually “worship” their ancestors because by no stretch of the imagination were these ancestors gods. It was pure remembrance.

    Actually Buddhists don’t worship the Buddha. His statues were purely for remembrance.

    And if Prophet Muhammed was ” nothing more than a man”, (like you and me), meaning he was subject to all the human frailties of “envy”, “pride”, “lust”, etc…, then there should be no problem in criticizing him, his “hadiths”, his human life, or indeed the way he cooked his camel meat?

    Please, we are not all children here.

  12. At Hawking Eye & Wayne ,

    Actually what I have stated , and what you are Asking is a Life-long journey for EVERY Individual , and its a very Sacred journey….to each his own unto each his due : you reap what you sow, you sow what you reap……

    So, words & Semantics do not matter , go into the Substance of each one’s Experience , and ‘Knowledge ‘ will flow , or follow thereby from the substance of h is own religion ……..

    Why do I say its a journey of a life-time ? because its a journey to the ‘knowledge ‘ of ‘ God ‘ we all are SEEKING : One has to seek, and seek & seek !

    Even for Muslims themselves , they have to go through in order to reach the substance of their Faith : Not only Sya’riah , but through the Tariqat ( which is the philosophical Islam ) , it is Incumbent to reach the Haqiqat , and finally to reach the state of Ma’arifat ( there’s no Equivalent in English , I am afraid ) –

    ( The Koranic Arabic, is a very arduous language I am afraid , so there’s no short-cut in learning to know the Substance ….. In my own case too, I can quote here and there , yes in Arabic , but worthwhile, for to reach it , is like reaping ‘ hidden treasures ‘ ….. cannot be done via the Computer through short-cuts….)

    Anyway, thanks for your Interest in ‘ knowledge and ‘ knowing ‘ ……curiosity alone is not enough….

  13. I say Wayne , so its remembering ‘ God ‘ through seeing the Buddha statue , which is a man’s image , BUT not remembering Buddha itself by seeing the statue ? That is like talking like kids ……No ?

  14. Quote:- “….so its remembering ‘ God ‘ through seeing the Buddha statue”

    Buddha was not and never claimed to be god of any kind.

    There is no “god” in Buddhism.

    So it is not “….remembering ‘ God ‘ through seeing the Buddha statue”

    It is remembering the person of Buddha.

  15. Beg your pardon Wayne , you were trying to say ‘remembering ‘ God is by seeing the one-image Buddha ( of stone engraving Statue ) ? –

    ‘ Buddha was not and never claimed to be god of any kind ‘ , but the Followers do worship in front oh his stone image , & that is Idol worship which is not permitted in Islam. Any way, the ban is for Muslims only .

    You say its ‘ remembering’ the person of Buddha ‘ , so if there is performance of rituals & prayers in front of his statue , that is not ‘ Worship ‘ ? ? Ingenious !

  16. Interesting dialogue especially the exchanges between Inche Abinizar and Wayne – cutting yet civil. Kudos!

    On a personal level, I tend to welcome a temporal world unhitched to God-belief and Religious beliefs. My operating system works on (my) life’s knowledge and common sense independent of spiritual texts whether, Bible, Quran. Bagavath Geetha, Tora or any such other scriptures.

    Generally, the problem with faith leaders and knowledgeable people of their respective faith, is that they can’t give a simple credible answer to basic questions without quoting left, right and centre from their book of faith. It is as though, without these quotes, they have no legs to stand on.

    Let us ponder over some issues.

    1 If there were to be God and he created this world, why the need for religion, messengers and prophets? Religion is a later come by. The world was already functioning then with people and their (supposed) one God. It looks like religions came to spoil everything. Millions have died and continue to die in the name of religion.

    2 Even if God were to create religion ( if at all indirectly through man) he would have created only one religion and not many. He being the supreme and all knowing, he would (or should) have foreseen the mayhem, chaos and killing multi religions would cause, which is exactly what is happening now.

    3 If God is all compassion and all loving why did he allow babies to be born with crippling disabilities – blind, deaf, disfigured, no limbs and such like, causing immense pain to their parents. Most of the parents will bear the burden to their life’s end. What would be even more torturous for the parents would be the thought “who would be there for my growing precious innocent child after I am gone”

    God apologists and Religious leaders can come up with some incredulous answers like (i) God has created such births to test the parents how much of pain they could bear (ii) The child must have committed unpardonable sins in the previous life hence the pay back retribution for this life. How facile and insensitive these explanations can be and yet millions of “faithfuls” buy this.

    Have we seen the worst or is the worst yet to come?

  17. ( A deep , deep breath, and a long , long sigh…. Hawking Eye ) –

    Life and death is a fact of life , none can break this (natural ?) law. life & death of Human life , plant life , and those of the animal kingdom….How long can a man live , even at 100 or 120 years maximum , man will have to face this ‘ death-certainty’ . Recently , a woman of 126 years , the oldest known so far as a matter of record-breaking , died in the US.

    Death is not only heart-breaking, heart-wrenching , especially concerning our young ones , babies & infants , its very very painful to witness gruesome ‘deaths ‘ of loved ones……

    So, Question arises that if there’s God, why should death be a gruesome fact of life ? A very difficult question to answer, more difficult to face…. and too painful to express…..? But that’s the fact of ‘ Creation ‘ , if ONLY you would believe the holy texts that is STILL the Lord of Mercy and Love ……

    The all-consuming Question , why does the Creator, Lord of mercy and love, create living things , and ‘ cause ‘ them to die ? Answer perhaps, Immortality of ‘ God ‘ , and mortality to to created things…..

    Man is (including all living things ) all Bones and flesh, created of matter , on the one hand, and soul and spirit on the other hand…..thus the bodies and flesh SUFFERS from all manner of diseases, unwelcomed deaths, accidental deaths, or even Mischief-making by man himself through dastardly crimes…..

    That is the fact of this material world – how about ‘ souls ‘ ? Another time another place too lengthy here…..

  18. NB. If you think all these Creations are by Accident or a chance happening, Why , why is there a clear division between Human existence, the Plant life and the Animal Kingdom ….. By accident or chance , or that there is NO Super Intelligent Force or ‘ DESIGNER ‘ , Creator of both the bodies and flesh and ‘ spirits/souls’ ALSO in clear Divisions ( Wah ! talking of Intelligent Creation in Evolution ? )

  19. Without application of common sense one can say anything about God and religion as there is no need to prove or disprove anything. Lump both as incontrovertible belief system and if pressed further just quote the scriptures.

    God is immortal and living things are mortal. Who says that – man himself, the spokesman for God. Assuming God also got a life, what constitutes life? It is something you can see and touch and this applies to human beings, animals and plants. But God is out of the reach of man – “unseeable” and untouchable. So the mystique of soul, spirit, apparitions and believability are foisted on man by man himself to prop up the illusory presence of an absent God. Here I find man a greater genius (creator) than God.

    Anyway, to each his own. No malice meant.

  20. Yes HE, unto each his own……with ” God ” we have some sense of this complicated world , without ….we get non-sense ……. : ‘ Man ‘ then is just a two-legged creature, no different with the four-legged creatures of the wild in the Animal kingdom……..

    In the animal kingdom, there’s just the law of ” Eat or be eaten ” , that is all there is……. ( so, yes no malice meant , but we have to end , because there will be no end , glad for the short discourse……)

  21. I would unashamedly say that I am my own philosopher. Scriptures – of all kinds with venerated figures as mascots – cut no ice with me.

    Someone asked me if Jesus was such a good person, why was he crucified, why did his followers turned him over to Pontius Pilate, the Governor or Prefect of Roman Emperor in the province of Judaea and not save him instead of watching him being crucified? This is a valid question for which I have no answer. Again Buddha left his family and parents to the forest/hills to seek nirvana. Is not deserting your ageing parents a cardinal sin in ancient times? In Hindu pantheon, there are bachelor Gods, Married Gods and Gods with double wives. As for Muhammad, there are even worse things said to describe him, but out of respect for our Muslim readers, I shall not delve into it. (Note: Christians, Buddhists and Hindus generally do take such observations in their stride unlike the Muslims who would respond abrasively, some times, with hammer and tongs).

    For man, man is the central figure in this universe. He came first, God and religion came later, much later. He is a creative genius. Look at his inventions – appliances and magic machines, and interventions – transformation of nature and environment , all that surrounds us. If God is great, man is even greater.

    The dynamics of religion and priesthood (to include imamhood) seen as a single entity is no different from the corporate world. They hold immense wealth and land banks through their subsidiary offshoots and endowments. This has been so throughout history. The capitalist class and the priestly class defend their respective vested interests. Inflow of money keep them on top of pyramid, giving them wealth, control over others and underwrite their own rich sustenance and survivability.

    Scripture at best is only a guide post like for a traveler who has lost his way. As for others who know their ways must they have guide posts? May be, may be not.

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