Hari Raya Haji Message to All

September 1o, 2016

Hari Raya Haji Message to All

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Leadership belongs to  better people, not those who bribe, cheat and lie.  There used to be many in Malaysia like Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Abdul Razak, Tun Dr. Ismail Abdul Rahman, Tun Tan Siew Sin, Tun V. T. Sambanthan, Dr Tan Chee Khoon, Ibu Zain, Puan Sri Puteh Mariah Ibrahim Rashid, Tan Sri Aishah Ghani, and others of a previous generation. Such selfless leaders are rare these days, but there must be some, mostly in civil society like Dato’ Ambiga, Maria Chin Abdullah, Haris Ibrahim,  Azmi Sharom, Zainah Anwar, to name a few.

Najib Razak? Not, Najib. He has Authority but no Leadership. What’s more demeaning is that he has no dignity. How can he be a leader?  A Leader puts people first (Rakyat diDahulukan)  by his actions but  devoid of sloganeering.

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Rakyat diPerdayakan, bukan diDahulukan, get it

Listen to Simon Sinek who makes his points with sincerity and in style. I cannot say any better, so I decided to share this vidoeo with you, in stead of posting a Hari Ray Message from our Prime Minister who has been conferred the title Malaysian Official 1 by the  US Department of Justice. Our Prime Minister is a disgrace. He is all for himself. He is greedy, corrupt and irresponsible. He cannot be trusted.–Din Merican

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4 thoughts on “Hari Raya Haji Message to All

  1. But Din, who can we really trust???

    When 300, 000 regardless of race and religion had walk the streets with Bersih 4 to fight for “Fair , Clean and Fair” that was hijacked for a different purpose, (ousting the Najib)all hopes and aspirations of the people for change had instantly melted. Bersih is now irrelevant.

    When the promises of a “Amanah, Bersih dan Cekap” and ” Bangsa Malaysia” were made, but Never delivered, the people felt Betrayed.

    Instead, the worse thing is, it had been replaced by MACCP that had been disenablying the delivery systems of the country that had brought it to this dire state of scandalous affairs, involving loss of hundreds of Billion of ringgit to country.

    The woes of our country is not Najib or 1MDB as per see. It is mainly due to the rogue culture of Umno Baru and its leader MACCP, the legacy largely of Mahathir.

    Who? Well, if not ourselves because we have our ability to think rationally and the capacity to work hard.We are the only people capable of taking care of our best interest. –Din Merican

  2. Yes, “…our best interest” is also the well-being and the future welfare of our country ,its people and their children.

    That is why people are so sore with the leaders of Bersih for allowing its main objectives to be Hijacked for purposes other than fighting for a “Fair, Clean and Free Election.” The electoral system is clearly Unfair and Unclean.

    In a Westminster Parliamentary System, the proper way to remove the PM is through the votes of ” no confidence” , failing which through the results of the coming 14 GE.

    Many electoral boundaries are unjustifiably allocated, created or drawn and redrawn to favor the ruling parties.Money politics and power abused are blatantly practised.

    Bersih( being a NGO) should have stayed focus in its objectives. With the overwhelming support of the people, it could and would have succeeded its objectives by now, thus increasing the enormous chances of voting out the Umno Baru government.

    This is the most appealing and appropriate platform for the people and opposition to remove Najib from office…. But then, Bersih has lost, massively, its shine and appeal to people.

    Bersih is now a lame duck,(sigh,.sad) so would the oppositions,(particularly DAP) if its purpose and objectives are misdirected.

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