Presidential Debates: A Disaster Waiting to Happen

September 10, 2016

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A Debate Disaster Waiting to Happen

15 thoughts on “Presidential Debates: A Disaster Waiting to Happen

  1. It is already a Tom & Jerry Show. I do not envy the American voters. The choice is not clear cut at this stage but I hope come November they will have chosen a new President who can best serve them.–Din Merican

  2. At this critical stage when both sides appear to be in the balance, the American voters have also to listen and tilt the scale , when President Obama openly says that Donald Trump is Unsuitable to be the next President of USA . Methinks , Obama’s critique of the opponent to Hillary Clinton might be trounced in the final count, ‘coz there’s the large vote-bank waiting to ‘ Trump ” him for his loud-mouth manner of talking down to the crowd , like as if he’s cringing deep inside him…..we can already feel that !

  3. Will Trump becoming the President be a disaster for America and the world?

    I don’t think so. He has all the while been a big business man, never a politician and aloof from establishment. He is going through baptism of fire and seems to be enjoying it. He stands for white supremacy, original Americans comprising Whites and Blacks and giving a push for an unrivalled greater America. He has good appeal with White and Black constituents but abysmally lacks support from the other groups like the Latinos and the rest. Unless he narrows this gap he stands to lose and he will lose I think.

    No President will have carte blanch control of all branches of government to push through his agenda at will. There are robust check and balance system in American polity to constrain the President – the Congress, Senate, Judiciary and State Legislatures.

    So Trump as President will be vastly different from what he was before being elected. The Office mantle itself with a phalanx of season advisers telling him what the state of the world is and what America can do and cannot, he should sober up and mellow down and address ground reality.

    Still he is a bad choice for Asia as he wants to pull back American industries and investments from the continent to create jobs and new industries for Americans at home soil. This will severely affect the economy of Asian countries. Unless he gives something in return, I wish him a good defeat.

  4. Clinton, unfortunately, has been dragged into the “snake oil merchant ” of Trump’s politics.
    The sooner she free herself from the dubious entrapment the better for getting back debates of the substance of national and international politics.

  5. Hawking Eye’s understanding of US politics is questionable :

    Trump is very unpopular with African-Americans

    They had the “Imperial Presidency” during the Nixon years
    of the late 1960s and early 1970s, where the President acted unilaterally like a king — secret bombing of Laos, invasion of eastern Cambodia,
    authorising covert actions in foreign countries without the knowledge or formal approval of the U.S. Congress. Thus, there was the Frank Church Committee which revealed the extent of this imperial presidency.

    There was also Reagan and his Contragate scandal later on.

  6. Looks like the US media is no different from that in bolehland. Afraid or too stupid or too cowed to ask intelligent penetrating questions.

    I guess then as politicians, clowns and thiefs rule the day and are let off easily by a fourth estate that thrives more on cari makanism than on exposing crooks and unsavory characters masquerading as leaders.

  7. If a man without substance can come this far in the American presidential campaign, then he can even go all the way to the end. This is sad for American politics.
    Mr. Trump is an intelligent and successful business man who surrounds himself with good advisors. It is no mean achievement to eliminate his rivals during the primaries.BTW, it does not take a genius to be POTUS. Let Americans decide who they want as their next President.–Din Merican

  8. Does it matter anymore at this stage?
    The American Presidential election is a charade. It is a contest between a mumppet and a puppet both with their full assembly of handlers to pull the levers of power behind the scenes.
    The POTUS acts solely in the interests of Uncle Sam. The question is, of whose interests does Uncle Sam serves? Definitely, not of the American people, the so called, 99 per cent.
    The establishment bought the US presidency and sold out to the American people, the day JFK was assassinated, together with Abe’s credo of “Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth”.
    The American Dream had long become a nightmare. The American people needs a huge wake up.

    Hope against hope, I am wrong that it still matters and it’s still not too late to save the American Dream. 🙂

  9. The US President has access to secret funds, which can run to billions. He can use them without going through the formal process of getting approval from the Congress or Senate or dedicated Congressional Committees.

    The Bay of Pigs invasion (against Castro’s Cuba), secret bombings of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia and capture (and killing) of Osama Bin Laden are some of the operations initiated by the CIA using the secret funds approved by the President.

    The President is also invested with veto powers to overturn critical bills approved by the Congress under circumstances which affect national interests and security.

    In that sense he can be an office holder of “imperial presidency” as Mr Phua Kai Lit implies.

  10. Sometimes inbuilt bias or dislike can colour one’s understanding of issues, whether local or global.

    America appears imperialist because it is in full throttle promoting American industries and industrialists from home and world wide.. Just imagine these outfits earning trillions of dollars (and more progressively) selling arms and weapons and fighter jets, Boeings, Oil and Gas, franchise on internet and visa cards and American goods and such like.

    One can also observe that when a PM or Head of State visits a foreign country, he brings along a retinue of industrialists and company heads and for what? To provide links to these people to invest, undertake joint ventures and expand business in each other’s country to grow the national pie. Only when the pie gets bigger that the budget will get more money for social funding, infrastructure expansion and other government expenses.

    America is well entrenched leaving behind others way back. We too should endeavour to be imperialists. Two legs bad four legs good. Socialists bad Imperialists good!!

  11. “America appears imperialist because it is in full throttle promoting American industries and industrialists from home and world wide.. ”

    Um no.

    America is imperialist because it destabilizes political eco systems in furtherance of agendas beyond its economic concerns.

  12. /// AnTaj September 11, 2016 at 9:47 pm
    If a man without substance can come this far in the American presidential campaign, then he can even go all the way to the end. This is sad for American politics. ///

    Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George Bush Jr. At least Ronald is personable and able to bring down the Berlin Wall. His background as an actor helped tremendously with his communication skills. George Bush — let’s not beat around the bush — the less said the better.

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