Time to remove Nuts and Misfits from our Religious Establishment

Time to remove Nuts and Misfits from our Religious Establishment

Image result for Najib and Harussani Zakaria

What about this Monument, Harussani ?

If most of you thought Harussani Zakaria, the Perak  Chief Mufti, who says wives cannot refuse sex on a camel, is bad, his deputy and successor, Zamri Hashim, is even worse. He is trying his best to outdo his boss in showing off his conservative Islamic credentials.

We don’t need Islamic State (IS) to destroy the country, because our own people and internal organisations are doing a good job of demolishing the country’s once solid foundations.

The ruling party  UMNO wants to be the ‘big boss’, but so do the religious leaders. In the ensuing power struggle, the rakyat are caught in the middle. The ‘champion’ manipulates the behaviour of his victim (the rakyat) to satisfy his ego and sate his greed for material wealth.

Image result for Malaysia's National Monument

Image result for iwo jima memorial dc

Both Monuments (pictured above in Kuala Lumpur and Washington DC) were designed by Felix De Weldon. Malaysia and United States honour Brave Men and Women who gave their lives so that we may live in peace.  But today Islamic idiots in Malaysia want to demolish our National Monument and other landmarks.These idiots come from Perak which boosts of Harvard and Oxford educated erudite Ruler, Sultan Nazrin Shah.  Why do we allow Harussani Zakaria, Chief Mufti of Perak and his Deputy Zamri Hashim a free hand to make pronouncements that debase Islam? How much more can moderate Muslims in Malaysia take  of this kind of crap?–Din Merican

A few months ago, Zamri, the Deputy Perak Mufti, said that wives and daughters were destined to go to hell if they did not cover their heads, or followed careers which were traditionally suited for males. From the way he spoke, it was as if he was given a list by God himself, detailing which groups of people are reserved for Hell.

Image result for Langkawi Eagle Landmark

Last week, Zamri caused public outrage when he told Berita Harian that the statue of an eagle on the Langkawi waterfront went against religious doctrine. He claimed that statues of living creatures are forbidden in Islam.

Like a good boss, Harussani endorsed his deputy’s statement, but stopped short of urging the destruction of the statue. Perhaps, Harussani had ordered Zamri to issue this ridiculous edict, so that people would not blame him for another odious remark.

The controversial group Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) did not want to be out of the limelight, so they supported Zamri’s urging.

The way things are going, there will come a time when an overzealous mufti will proclaim that the practice of hanging portraits of the royals and the PM in our business premises is a form of idol worship and demand that these be banned.

How much more can the rakyat take? The Tunku’s brainchild, the National Monument (Tugu Peringatan Negara), is no longer the place where Malaysians pay their respects to our fallen heroes, on Warriors Day. In 2010, the National Fatwa Council ruled that the Tugu, with its larger-than-life figures depicting the brave men who died defending Malaya/Malaysia, was un-Islamic.

Today, we have fools deciding that the eagle statue, which is a crowd-puller in Langkawi, should be demolished.

The madness can end here and now, if only more Muslims speak out and make a stand.Sadly, it will not happen, because these Muslims, however much they object to the muftis, do not want to be seen as ‘going against Islam’. This shows how little they know their own religion, and they are so weak that they allow other ignorant Muslims to control their lives.

‘Seize all children’s dolls’

If the Perak mufti’s department and Isma are really sincere about making Malaysia an Islamic utopia, they should demand that government officials raid all private homes, paediatric hospitals, kindergartens and toy shops like Toys-R-Us and seize all children’s dolls like Barbie and Ken, adult life-sized sex dolls, and stuffed animals.

These toys should be dumped in the centre of Dataran Merdeka, the symbolic shrine which UMNO Baru privately claims belong to them, and have a mass ritual of burning these so-called idols.

In comparison with the actions of our religious leaders, the characters in Ray Bradbury’s book, ‘Fahrenheit 451′, seem to be indulging in child’s play. Are the Perak mufti and his deputy, as well as Isma, suffering from ‘penis envy’? Are they secretly against statues because thousands of people are attracted to them?

The religious leaders once conned the naïve Muslim public into believing that the statues of the Tugu were forbidden because they depicted humans. There was no mention then that statues of animals were also banned.

So, are the muftis making up the rulebook as they go along? What about the cat statue in Kuching and Francis Light’s statue in Penang? Why is the deputy Perak mufti interfering in Kedah?

We have a furore over statues today. What next? Dolls? Idols in temples and other houses of worship? That is already under way. What recourse does the non-Muslim community have when the inspector-general of police (IGP) justifies the actions of temple vandals by claiming they are mentally unstable?

Who do we blame for Malaysia falling into the gutter? Saudi Arabia, our leaders or ourselves?

Saudi Arabia’s petrodollars poured into mosques and Muslim charities as easily as we filled our petrol tanks. The Wahhabi indoctrination of our people was powered by Saudi money.

Our leaders love Saudi money, for obvious reasons. In exchange, they turned a blind eye to the brainwashing of Malaysians.

Finally, we have to accept responsibility, because we did nothing to stop this conservative Islamic madness. It is never too late, and you can speak up against our malevolent muftis, before they destroy Malaysia further.

IS destroyed ancient artifacts in Syria. The Perak Deputy Chief Mufti is advocating the same vandalism in Malaysia.


23 thoughts on “Time to remove Nuts and Misfits from our Religious Establishment

  1. If images and pictures are ‘haram’, what about the tv sets in most people’s homes; should they be destroyed? What about cinemas – are they haram? Advertising boards with human/animal pictures – are they haram? The madness has no end.

  2. I have been telling you folks for a while now…if you allow cave-dwellers to take centre stage this is what we must expect…and I have also been telling you friends that we ain’t seen nothing yet…

  3. Next will be the face of the 1st Agung in currency notes; the crescent on the flag; the crescent in Red Crescent; the plus icon in mathematics; the prohibition of wearing spectacles; the surrender of virgins (man, woman or animal) for the pleasure of these buggers ad infinitum. Who is at fault ? DUMNO and PAS.

  4. Langkawi is short-form of Burung Helang Kawi , in English Marsh Hawk…..is it also the creation of Nature , or not ?

    How about ‘ Kucing ‘ in Sarawak , Cats carved out of stone, and in Sabah stone images of Dolpins and porpoise right at the round-about in the city center , what are they , if not signifying the Beauty of Al-Mighty Creator’s powers of creating diverse life-forms ? –

    Stone-images ? the attraction for the tourists , why cannot we/ they admire them for their art of tremendous beauty ? – Susah laaaa…….

  5. If the pictures of the current bald-faced, black-hearted liar of a PM, thieving recipient of arab donations, and accomplice in murder are to be banished from all walls, i’m all for it.

    Better still, replace it with the live creep himself so all can come and see the naked emperor and worship the day justice was done for the pain inficted by him on the suffering rakyat.
    As for his bed-partner in crime, no hook or nail will be able to hold the weight. A cage would suffice.

  6. Let’s have some fun….. ( a rhetoric even ) – IN NATURE , BEAUTY IS UGLY AND UGLY IS BEAUTY…..Can ‘ man ‘ whether a Scientist or a Religeonist achieve that kind of a conundrum , a contradiction in terms of Creation ?

    Example the Badger , it squirts its stinking ‘putshe….’ from the rear , with which it deters its attacker , even as ferocious as the lion or tiger , and the Badger turns to become the attacker , by which the big cats scoot off…..

    Can any man, or even the greatest Scientist , achieve this kind of ‘ creation ‘ in nature even if the chief Mufti of the world were to try it ?

    No sarcasm intended , but man can only achieve ‘ creation ‘ through depiction of images on either the Canvas or hard rocks , so what’s wrong with that ?

  7. The ordinary Malay/Muslims’ fear of their political and religious ‘ leaders ‘ are strong……..with dependency and hamba abdi mentality and religion indoctrinated from young, it is difficult to change them.

    With decades of bad leadership and politics of race and religion, these religious ‘ leaders ‘ will remain influential of the misguided and ignorant ordinary Malay/Muslim affecting harmony, social cohesion, peace and stability in a multi racial and religious society.

  8. An article of no wisdom from a short minded writer.
    Mr. Kam,

    Why don’t you write a rebuttal, instead penning this negative one. We will surely benefit from your wisdom and insight if you do.I will be happy to host it.–Din Merican

  9. Hebat ya..? Hentam tetap hentam!

    That is the only way, that these Zika bearing macaques will back down. Btw, ZikaV probably endemic in Malaysia since 1945 (from Uganda) and has morphed into the 2 Asiatic ‘strains’, which seldom causes microcephaly (small brain) except in those Literal Ulamak blokes.

    One religious ‘auta-rity’ even issued a fatwa, allowing for abortion (which is illegal here, except in extenuating circumstances of maternal health). The risk with the new strain is said to be approximately 1% in the first trimester of pregnancy. So now, these macaques are not only dabbling in Art-forms and Architecture, but also messing with medico-legal issues! Ah.., so much for religion as a Life without soul nor spirit!

    Iconoclasm is as old as civilization itself, and is a manifestation of both politics and religion – more often, the former. But the 2 Abrahamic (Judaism/Christianity) and 1 Abramic (Islam) religions brought it to ‘unprecedented’ statecraft. I mean, wars have been fought over it, and rulers have experienced Koro from it.. (go wiki it)

    In my humble ‘cock-eyed’ opinion, that Langkawi Eagle statue had always looked somewhat stunted – but leave the Tugu alone!

  10. They are not nuts or misfits. They are opportunists and they are smart enough to sieze the opportunity to promote their brand or understanding of Islam. The Rulers of each state being the Protector of Islam and the Malay Culture depends on the Muftis for advice on Islamic matters and rulings. The Muftis are considered knowledgeable in matters of Islam. The Rulers themselves need to update their knowledge and not dependent on the Muftis. The Rulers, need to challenge the Muftis on some of their decree based on the Quran and the Hadiths. Some of the Muftis academic credentials need to be scrutinized to ensure that they are fit for the job.
    Above all the Muftis ae advisors to the Rulers and they should not make public statement. Any statement pertaining to Islamic rulings must come from the Rulers who are the Protector of the Islamic Faith and Malay Culture.

  11. @Mr Kam

    Anyone can just make a comment like ‘this is bullshit'(bs). However, on this site, we do not do that. If we say ‘this is bs’, we normally continue to write something to just justify why we say it is so. I think Din welcomes any comment as long as one explains why one think the way one does.

    Do not misunderstand me; this could well be bs but we are are all ears. Din Merican is too polite to be blunt; well, I am not.

    If you wish to just drop a comment without following it up, write it on MT or FMT (the choice is enormous).

    BTW, welcome to an intelligent site.

  12. Agreed orang malaya, the Muftis are vested with their ingenuity to perform that specific function in their role as Advisers of religious matters under the Constitution. My point was more specific for them to appreciate stone carvings and images as MERELY a work of art , and not about ‘worshiping ‘ stone images , which is rightly the substance of the Book of Miracles of Islamic Religion…..

    They are two different things, I agree . But works of Art in their own way , if to glorify the Lord, Creator of Heavens & Earth in finding beauties of Creation , why not ? Is’nt Art a form of Writing as well…..? ( One sees a thousand words….in just one Art=form or depiction ? )

  13. NB. In just one picture there are 1000 words – man can read the picture or images in anyway they please : in some ways ‘ bad ‘, in many ways , to read it ‘good’ ? –

    But put aside this images , the Book of Miracle is trying to say, there’s both good & bad in anything, even in Man himself. His angelic self , vis-a-vis his lower devilish self ( or animal self ) –

    But to try & know ‘ God ‘ , the Lord’s Omnipotence of His powers, HE HAS CREATED BOTH BEAUTY & UGLINESS AT ONE AND THE SAME TIME….so Man is free to make on his choices. Hence, ‘ Heaven & Hell ‘ ( Man has no such ‘omnipotence’ ie : to create both at the same time – Nafsi….nafsi ! )

  14. The one safe figurines, as of now, are the twin peanuts at the entrance to Menglembu in Ipoh. Hope Mulllah Harussani and his equally moronic deputy don’t lay eyes on them.

    I wonder why Nazrin is so reticent. Does he fear this over-the-hill ustaz or is he trying to be an angel? Many have asked me this question but I am lost for an answer.

    Being a Perakean I am amazed that the moon-faced moron has survived so long to inflict much intellectual damage on the state. Unfortunately, he is not the only one. They exist for a reason – to “makan gaji” buta. I can’t think of no better cause.

    Forget Zambry he’s a born-again Umnoputra, albeit a “celup” one, who has allowed his political agenda to take precedence.

  15. Your views are very enlightening, orang malaya. But that’s not the case here. I blame no one else by Mahathir. Of all the past leaders in the country he was the only one who could send these half-past-six mullahs to where they rightly belong – the caverns of Batu Caves. But he chose not to do so for one reason or the other. If he could clip the wings of the Malay rulers, a bunch of moronic, inept and idiotic ustazs shouldn’t be a problem. If I were him I would have done it a long long time ago. Unfortunately, I am not. So sad.

  16. Tok Cik, during Mahathir’s time UMNO was up against PAS and UMNO was trying to outIslamise PAS, thus Mahathir was tolerant of the Mullahs. However the Mullahs have outgrown their position and now they seek more power and to control the Muslims in Malaysia. Sadly no Malay Ruler have dared to openly curtail the activities of the Mullahs including one Ridwan Tee for reasons best known to the Rulers. Thus these Mullahs have now assume the role of Protector of the Islamic Faith and Malay Culture for their state and the Federation.

    If left unchecked it may result in an Islamic Caliphate of Malaysia.

  17. SELAMAT HARI RAYA Aidil Adha on the peak of Arafat , which symbolize Man’s achievement in conquering his Nafs….(worldly desires ) –

    But this oft-repeated few things , hopefully will not go amiss……

    1. ” heaven and Earth contain Me not but the Heart of my humble & Faithful servant containeth Me ”

    2. ” Behold ! I created man of the highest mold, and sent him to the lowest of the low …..”

    3. ” Lo ! I made man higher than the angel, nay…..potentially lower than the brute ( the beast ) ….” ( re anything life on earth , man is ingrained with TWO potentials at one and the same time ….which is a translation, but the Arabic is very difficult, I admit )

  18. I actually agree with @MrKam. Diversity and freedom of speech is a longer term goal.

    Tugu portrayed too much of American experience. The eagle, like what @CLF suggests, we won’t miss it. But, what we miss is something more serious. We definitely love the pious (like this Chinese Muslim in Malaysia http://lifemualaf.blogspot.com/ ). Dato.Din’s most suitable portrait of 1PM is something that we would definitely not miss. What we miss is the courage for the pious Muslims’ audacity to face up the truth of a pogrom that took place in 1969, and willingness to revert its’ consequence.

    We can be confident more could be like @Abnizar!

    I, as a Christian, would prefer to work with PAS to raise concern on how badly run is our Islamic financing, than to fight against Mullafs on buildings that I could not particularly fond of.

    There is nothing respectable in making asset backed to be issuer backed, especially when there is lack of transparency in the entire process. It will merely enriched a few, and enslaved the rest.

  19. /// HT Low September 9, 2016 at 4:48 pm
    If images and pictures are ‘haram’,… ///

    How about images of the Queen on the British Pounds; Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln on the greenback. What about the Agung’s portrait on the ringgit, Yusof Ishak on SGD and the Brunei Sultan.

    I hereby offer to dispose off all these haram currency notes from those who believe that they are haram.

  20. Only One exception and one difference , we can have images about everything else in this physical universe, BUT no mam can ever draw or carve out ‘ Stone Images ‘ of the Reality of God – which is impossible – because God is much larger than both the Material and the Non-material Universe or the Seen and the Unseen Universe combined ! ! –

    Is the ban right or wrong , for the Muslim world to DEPICT ‘God ‘ in ONE SINGLE STONE or STATUE , and ‘ Worship’ this Single man-made image ? ?

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