Your Weekend Entertainment

September 4, 2016

Your Weekend Entertainment: Che Che Che Det

Thanks to one of my FB friends, Isabella Dalli, Dr. Kamsiah and Din Merican decided to play this video for our entertainment in the first September weekend. The video should be given the 2016 Emmy Award for home entertainment. It is record of the Mahathir Administration in a song.  The music is good and the lyrics are biting but true. So relax and enjoy yourself.

We are sure that Rosmah Mansor and her supporters will find it amusing. Only Rosmah can checkmate the former  Prime Minister of Malaysia who destroyed our Judiciary, civil service and other institutions including UMNO which he replaced by creating the kleptocratic and corrupt UMNO Baru.

Image result for Rosmah Mansor Vs Mahathir

Itu  lah Che Det,  hang ingat, hang pandai, akhirnya hang kena main oleh penuntut hang dari Pekan. Pahang yang dibantu oleh strategis dia, Rosmah Mansor–Dr. Kamsiah and Din Merican

Maybe this is more passionate than Che Det since this by Lionel Ritchie and  his charming companion.


3 thoughts on “Your Weekend Entertainment

  1. Look, while many find this amusing and dovetails into the well recognized fact that Octo created a severely dysfunctional, abusive and corrupt system, does it really matter NOW that MO1 is fulfilling the hellish destiny?

    The more pertinent question is: how does mockery of the nonagenarian help improve things?

    That’s the trouble with dyadic, karmic or cause effect thinking. It doesn’t help anyone, except assuage bruised egos. Paint it Black, but what’s ahead?

    A physician will have to treat the signs and symptoms, ameliorate the suffering and avoid iatrogenic complications – while hoping for a cure – not dwell on ‘i told you so’ or ‘serve you right’.. sort of hubris. So are you a perpetual patient who live in past wrongs, or do you want to be part of the cure – which requires Wisdom and Forgiveness? What are possibilities and where is the Hope?

    I quote Jurgen Moltmann:
    “Totally without hope one cannot live. To live without hope is to cease to live. Hell is hopelessness. It is no accident that above the entrance to Dante’s hell is the inscription: “Leave behind all hope, you who enter here.”

    I think Kit and Anwar have the most to say about this, but Jibros and his UMNOb Goons should pay the price of Folly as it now stands. Prioritize.

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