Patronising Politicians like UMNO’s Nazri Aziz et. al should SHUT UP

September 3, 2016

Patronising Politicians like UMNO’s Nazri Aziz et. al should SHUT UP

by Scott Ng

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The Tengku Mahkota of Johor and Veteran UMNO Pol. Nazri–Generation Gap

The argument between Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Aziz and Bersatu youth leader Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman brings to the fore a concern among young Malaysian activists over a tendency in their elders to treat their opinions with contempt. Often enough, that contempt is implied rather than crudely expressed in the way Nazri has done.

Called a “little boy” by the minister, Syed fired back with a statement that accused UMNO of arrogance and being anti-youth. He noted that the youngest minister from UMNO, Khairy Jamaluddin, is already 40 years old and that many so-called youth leaders in the party are above 40.

Indeed, considering UMNO’s apparently inability to refresh its leadership with young blood carrying fresh ideals, Syed’s accusation rings true enough.

Nazri may cite his own attainment of a senator’s position at the age of 36 as an example of UMNO’s recognition of youthful talent, but that was a long time ago and one of a few isolated cases. And yes, we are aware that our Prime Minister was elected to Parliament at 23 and quickly joined the Cabinet. But he is from an elite class, the son of a former Prime Minister and a member of an aristocratic family in Pahang.

Can Nazri name anyone below 40 whom UMNO has given the opportunity to wield significant power on behalf of Gen Y? No, the Youth Parliament is not a good example.

Nazri’s dismissal of the 24-year-old Syed as a “little boy” is a perfect demonstration of the hubris of age. Syed is right to assume that in Nazri’s mind all young people are little boys. Many youths do feel left out of the political process. Our concerns are not heard and our efforts unrecognised, if not criticised.

Syed is also right in saying that the people who now wield power give little stock to character when promoting someone to political leadership. It seems that the only things that matter are seniority and blind loyalty.

Image result for Aging UMNO Leadership

Aging and Corrupt UMNO Leader and Prime Minister, Najib Razak

There will come a time when UMNO and, in fact, all other political parties in Malaysia will regret their attitude of contempt towards young activists, whether this attitude is latent or obvious. As youths get more and more disenchanted, there will be a gradual draining of the voter bases of these parties.

We young Malaysians are becoming better informed, and it has become clear to many of us that no political party currently active in the country is worthy of our trust.

9 thoughts on “Patronising Politicians like UMNO’s Nazri Aziz et. al should SHUT UP

  1. Ampu politicians in UMNO are making sure that Najib stays in power. And they are amply rewarded for their efforts. Look at Shahrir Samad who received rm1million. I don’t know how much Nazri, Khairy Jamaluddin, Hishamuddin Hussein , Zahid Hamidi, and that Keruak idiot from Sabah got. The amounts must be substantial enough for them to sing praises of our most corrupt and morally depraved Prime Minister.

    The Malays in UMNO put so much faith in them.–Din Merican

  2. Why have most of bolehland’s leaders produced offspring that are so patronising, bullying, idiotic, and, most tragically for the people and country, greedy and corrupt.
    Where are the upstanding and outstanding scions that can continue the legacies of their respected parents?
    The people put so much trust and respect in these characters and in return are rewarded with leaders who steal from them. So much for honor and upbringing.

  3. Is the treatment of women’s views treated the same way as that of Youth members?
    Age of ‘Youth’ leaders continue even when they may be in their fiftees and this may be common in many countries.

  4. Baffling indeed , HOW do these Non Compos Mentis flurs , decide at the flip of two fingers to give some of their own poltiikus one or two million dollars just like that as if its their own grandfathers’ monies running the government ? Nay, its from the tax=payers monies directly of indirectly !

    Having got these free monies, they dare to call up and coming youths ‘little boys ‘ is uncalled for and uncouth ….to say the least , how dare they ?

  5. Supposedly the road show by Muhiyiddin is not well- received. If the young, esp non Malay politically involved believe that the opinion of young even if it’s the brightest young Malays alone can carry the day eventually, they are over simplifying and over entitled and the likes of Nazri will not regret much.

    The Malays as a race, bred on decades of mythical rights are over entitled. If Sabah Been am and SG. Besar Voters believe rule of law, system of govt by power rather than law and principles is irrelevant to them, then over entitlement is not just Rosmah and her jets, shopping and jewelry and bags.

  6. Majority of the Malay/Muslim are brought up to be dependent on the government welfare and benefits, including jobs…….the sad part is they truely believed their political parties and think they do not need to work hard for what they want to provide security in life.

    Their political ‘ leaders ‘ made them believe….like ‘ lembu ‘, only they and their political parties could protect and provide for them.

    Now nobody wants to get a real job and work hard to play their part to contribute to the economy. With their political ‘ leaders ‘ as role model, they will only fight for their ‘ rights ‘ and ‘ entitlements ‘, instead of working hard over a long period of time to achieve what they want and build their wealth.

    Being the majority, this is a huge and serious problem facing the country with millions of migrant workers to sustain the real economy.

  7. N B. who knows that these ‘little boys’ may grow up to be brilliant one day to realize that the system creates ‘little despots ‘ everywhere , in order to create wealth for themselves like as if they can pluck from the trees……brilliant !

  8. Now it is reported that ‘The Women, Family and Community Development Ministry welcomes the Malaysian Trades Union Congress’ call on the government to consider reducing daily work hours for civil servants to six hours from the current eight hours and she sees the move to be seen as able to provide work-life balance to the civil servants.’

    The current perception may be that most of them spend less than six hours after deducting time for tea-lunch-afternoon tea-prayers breaks and for a number coming late-going out in-between breaks and doing personal things.

    The 24 hours day should be allocated 8 hours for work, 8 hours for sleep and the other eight hours [two in in morning] and six in the evening] for interaction with prayers-family-friends and this is the original balanced life. But do-day most spend about two hours in travelling [especially in cities] and the rest in activities that may not involve any family or friends with some who do not want anyone to know where they spend the time.


  9. Nazri best use by date has expired. He should retire and start gardening or tending to his grand children and teaching them to be upright citizens. His days being arrogant to PM Mahathir and even the Sultan of Selangor are over. Now even young Chicco Syed Saddiq tells him off not to be arrogant. Shame on Nazri. He has been kicked around like a football and ended up as Minister of Tourism, a very junior Ministerial position and yet he is so thick skin that he thinks he is still popular.
    The group from Perak including his relatives like Ramly Ngah Talib, Tajol Rosli, and Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah have all moved on. The question is when Nazri? When.

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