A Parody of Sorts : PM Najib is on his way out and Why

August 31, 2016

A Parody of Sorts : PM Najib is on his way out and Why

 by Dr. Lim Teck Ghee

Image result for Musa Hitam

Tun Musa Hitam and his Political Mentor, Tun Dr. Ismail Abdul Rahman

According to former Deputy Prime Minister Musa Hitam in his book, “Frankly Speaking” there are three ways Malaysians can get rid of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak. The first is through UMNO, which Musa thinks is “near impossible”; the second is through foreign intervention which is a greater impossibility despite the much publicised scare tactics used by his supporters to whip up anti-American sentiment; and the third is for Malaysians to decide whether they want Najib out through the next general election.

Musa omitted to mention a fourth way – the one which looks most likely to happen unless there is an extraordinary and unexpectedly rapid sequel to the IMDB and personal donation in the Prime Minister’s bank account controversies.

This fourth and most foreseeable way is Najib’s decision to voluntarily step down from his position as Prime Minister and President of UMNO and hand over of the leadership reins of the nation and party to the current Deputy Prime Minister and UMNO Deputy President, Dato Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

This decision may not take place immediately or even soon. But the odds are that BN and UMNO will not go into the next GE with Najib in charge and also that this decision will be made well before the election takes place.  Hence, if the 14th GE is held in early 2018, expect the announcement of his retirement from politics to take place in early or mid 2017 at the latest.

After The Great Escape

There are personal and strategic reasons why Najib will want to leave the leadership scene earlier than most observers are expecting, and contrary to his earlier promise to “never back down or surrender” in his battle over the twin scandals.

Image result for Musa Hitam

Beleaguered Prime Minister

First, he must be feeling a great sense of relief – if not euphoria – for what appears to be the engineering of a great escape from being charged for his role in the wrongdoing and criminal conduct engaged in by the perpetrators of the 1MDB crisis. Now that the authorities (Bank Negara, Attorney General, the Public Accounts Committee and MACC, with the Police also expected to follow suit once they complete their investigation) have cleared the Prime Minister – or in the case of the PAC, it has not definitively pinned the Prime Minister down for responsibility in the IMDB mess – UMNO and the mainstream media can argue that he is leaving office with his head held up high and honour intact.

In April 2015, in his speech during the launch of the Performance and Delivery Unit’s Annual Report at Angkasapuri in Kuala Lumpur, he had called for everyone to be magnanimous (berjiwa besar).  He said: ”Believe me, when the truth shines out and reveals itself, all insults and imputation will disappear.” 

 Although the insults and imputation continue, and the truth has not been forthcoming, a year later, along with his claim of innocence in any wrongdoing, he will also want to claim victory against his two political enemies, Dr. Mahathir and Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin whose efforts to dislodge him have produced the new party, Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia.

The more compelling reason for Najib’s decision to call it a day as Prime Minister is strategic. Foremost in the mind of Najib and UMNO leaders who have rallied behind him is the concern that PPBM may gain a strong footing among Malay voters. Despite downplaying the new party’s impact in public, it is apparent that UMNO’s leadership are nervously watching and analyzing how the new party may take away votes from UMNO leading to a tighter election outcome, and possible inroads into the party’s dominance in the next election.

Such a development is more likely to happen should Najib decide to remain as the incumbent Prime Minister as he will be leading his party into the election with a massive cloud hanging over his head, and with the difficult to refute charge that he is leading a kleptocratic government, sure to dominate the election campaign. 

The voluntary resignation of Najib will pose a dilemma especially for Dr. Mahathir and Tan Sri Muhyiddin on what to do with their new party since the main objective in setting it up may appear to have been achieved.  Does this mean that they will abandon their struggle to refashion Malay and Malaysian politics and return to the UMNO kleptocratic fold?  Even if they decide to stay the course of political opposition, how can they woo the Malay public to vote for them instead of UMNO which does not have Najib at its helm?

Image result for Zahid Hamidi

Prime Minister in waiting Zahid Hamidi is expected to take the Malays and Malaysia to higher heights of achievement and glory.

The Prime Minister’s resignation well ahead of the election makes sense for Najib and UMNO. His successor as Prime Minister, Zahid, can then present himself to the voters as a leader who, accompanied by a suitably brand new slogan of reform and clean government, can take UMNO, the Malays and Malaysia to higher heights of achievement and glory.

The shame, unresolved mess and financial black hole left by 1MDB and the mysterious “1MO” can then be ignored or isolated, and pushed into the far distance in the run up to the election, thus providing UMNO an easier path in its effort to maintain power.

As for Najib, he will take comfort that, with the continuation of UMNO’s control of Parliament and Putrajaya, his name will appear in the official write up and history books as a true Malay and Malaysian warrior whose sacrifices and contribution to the country’s development overshadow whatever minor mistakes may have been made during his administration. This ‘heroic’ depiction would especially gain credence should a panel of doctors – in the way the 1MDB accounts have been audited – find the Prime Minister unable to continue with his duties for medical reasons and recommend his immediate retirement to safeguard his health. 

In the coming days, we can expect these stories of the Prime Minister, and even his wife, wishing to take up gardening and wanting to forget or get away from his own created nightmare of 1MDB to grow stronger.

Hints of this impending scenario in the political affairs of the country have not appeared yet. But one faint indication is the Prime Minister’s recent disclosure that he will not disturb the leadership style of his successor especially by issuing various criticism openly after his retirement.

Image result for rosmah mansor and Lee Kuan Yew

Stay or Quit: As the Late Lee Kuan Yew knew, Rosmah Mansor is the Decision Maker

Speaking in a question and answer session in the programme ’60 Minutes with the Prime Minister’ together with undergraduates from local and foreign universities and representatives of youth organisations, he said “I have a philosophy, I will retire and will not interfere with my successor when the time comes for me to go (as prime minister) later. My successor will do better than when I was helming the nation. That is continuity in any struggle.”


14 thoughts on “A Parody of Sorts : PM Najib is on his way out and Why

  1. The scenario of a “strategic” retirement may have been possible before the DoJ’s live TV press conference. Which was why it was rumored that Rosmah nearly fell from her chair and Najib blowing his top.

    The Americans cannot do that live TV thing on Najib and then let him retire to do gardening, unless the “gardening” is done behind some well guarded high walls with barbed wires.

    Najib now just cannot retire. He has to stay in power to stay out of jail and win GE14 by hook or by crook, and if he finds that is not enough to win GE14, he has no other choice but to invoke the NSA.

    If he goes to jail, so will Riza Aziz, (Jho Low, et al, is irrelevant), and does anyone thinks Rosmah Mansor will allow that, I mean Riza going to jail, whether here in Sungei Buloh or some facilities administered by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation?

    No, Najib has to collapse while making a public speech and die in office, however long that may take, and notwithstanding any internal family squabbles and sibling disagreements, Najib’s brothers will support him because a son or any son of Tun Razak, a Malaysian national hero, cannot go to jail though the heavens may fall.

  2. Latest commentary by blogger Outsyed the Box:

    A few weeks back I posted someone’s comment that if the IPIC arbitration (in London) is awarded that RM27 bilion against 1MDB our gomen (as owner and guarantor for 1MDB) would go bankrupt by July something of this year.
    The prepaid blogger pelacur went to town when July came to pass and the gomen did not go bankrupt. They said all sorts of things about me. These are the semi educated prepaids who write for money (according to their testimony – not mine).
    Two things here. The IPIC arbitration indeed hangs like an axe over the super morons in gomen.
    And about the ‘bankruptcy’ well folks it looks like the situation is worse than the gomen going bankrupt by July 2016. I would like to take back my words about the ‘bankruptcy’.
    According to some info that I received the gomen has been technically “cashflow bankrupt” already – from way before July 2016. There is an embargo on saying anything further for the time being. But I will update this point, hopefully in a few days.
    The gomen finances are indeed in deep sh*t. I received this from a professor at a gomen university :
    “..labs in my Faculty have not received money for equipment maintenance for 3 years. How the salaried lecturers/ lab assistants still managed to keep the practicals running is a tribute to their ingenuity. How long can this situation last?’
    I have already mentioned that one supplier has repossessed photocopy machines from a Ministry after the Ministry failed to make lease payments. The gomen is already ‘cashflow bankrupt’. They cannot pay all their bills.
    Folks, recall I have been harping (again and again) that the gomen may miss paying salaries for its 1.6 million Civil Servants? Well keep reading this space.
    The economy is also dying, especially the GLC economy. Maybank has closed 27 branches, which is 7% of their total branches.
    The latest news say CIMB has closed 23 branches. This is also about 7% of CIMB’s 321 branches.

    That is a total of 50 bank branches. 50 branch managers, 50 assistant branch managers, 50 current account officers, 50 credit officers, numerous other officers, tellers, clerks and security guards have to be redeployed or laid off. Both Maybank and CIMB are GLCs closely identified with the Malay corporate economy.
    Have faith folks. All this can be fixed. The fix is easy…… His whole team has to go. These are the incompetents. They have been running the country into the ground”.
    Dr. Phua, it is never easy to fight entrenched interest. If it were, Najib would have gone long ago. Our political system created him and if we want change, the present regime must go, and the system and political culture must be reformed, The question is how when the Malays are indifferent.–Din Merican

  3. Can’t be that bad surely?

    Even Shahrol Azral Ibrahim Halmi who spends part of his office hours time at the PM Department reading all our comments here, whether good, bad or ugly, is still getting his handsome salary on the dot every month?

  4. Unless the whole structure is revamped and there is effective separation of power between the 3 branches of government history will repeat itself and the rakyat will suffer a similar or worse fate.

  5. I would fully agree with Dr. Lim Teck Ghee that the fourth option he has outlined whereby Najib would “voluntarily step down from his position as Prime Minister and President of UMNO and hand over of the leadership reins of the nation and party to the current Deputy Prime Minister and UMNO Deputy President, Dato Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi” is most likely to happen. He would do so only after securing the necessary immunity from being prosecuted for any offence related to 1MDB, transfer of massive funds to personal account and purchase of sumarines etc.

    History will record him as a crooked PM and not as anything else in positive terms as Dr Lim seems to suggest.

    LKY meeting Rosmah in private is not keeping with protocol but he must have requested for it. He probably wanted to know from herself her role (if any) in the murder of the Mongolian woman, Altantuyaa and whether she was at the murder scene as reported by the press. Some reports also speculated at that time that Singapore had photographs showing the Mongolian woman in the company of Najib or her lover Abdul Razak Baginda (I cannot recollect which is which) doing shopping at Orchard Road. One wonders if LKY had an ace in his hand in the form of some damning evidence to pin down (or blackmail) Rosmah and Najib?

  6. Thousands wanted Najib to quit but then again..millions wanted Najib to be in the Prime Minister office.Najib will stay..for the next 10 years.

  7. ‘millions wanted Najib to be in the Prime Minister office.Najib will stay..’

    Can count or not? What did the last GE-13 popular vote count say? Denial pun tak cun.. PMO is filled to the BR1M with scrotal lickers and snake-oil masseuse.

    Jibs skewered himself with his silver spoon. FLOM helped in no small measure. Ah Longs rule..

    • GE14 will see a lot of rough play, cheating with fake ICs, money politics and Najib’s pet, the ERECTION COMMISSION

  8. The original comment from Encik MKAB 10:31 am

    “Thousands wanted Najib to quit but then again..millions wanted Najib to be in the Prime Minister office.Najib will stay..for the next 10 years”.

    The corrected version below :

    “Thousands (upon thousands) wanted Najib to quit but then again..millions wanted (and acquired and used by) Najib to (continue to) be in the Prime Minister office.Najib will stay..for the next 10 years. (Or, more likely, until the economy collapses and 1Malaysia goes, cap in hand like Greece, to the IMF for a major bailout).

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