Mahathir: Climate Change and The End of Man

August 27, 2016

Mahathir: Climate Change and The End of Man

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We now admit that the climate is changing. But we must also be aware that the so-called natural disasters are happening more frequently, and are more violent. And these cataclysms are happening in more places than before.

We see floods in New York, tsunamis in Sumatera and Fukushima, non-active volcanoes erupting, repeated volcanic eruptions in the same location, prolonged winters, high temperatures for months in many countries, tornadoes which wreck whole countries, typhoons of unprecedented strength and huge forest fires which consume parts of towns.

Is it just climate change which we hope will come to an end. Can we expect to go back to the years when the weather behaves in predictable cycles, i.e in the regularity of the seasons, the levels of the seas, the rise and fall of the tides, and the habitability of this planet we call Earth.

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We now accept that the Earth is much older than we use to think. We also know that it was not always like what it is now. We know that the human race appeared probably only a few hundred thousand years ago.

We know that there was a time when dinosaurs inhabited the earth. They disappeared but they left their skeletons so that we cannot deny that they existed even though they were strange creatures unlike the animals we see today. Perhaps the crocodile is the only surviving species from the age of the dinosaurs.

We know that there were at least two ice ages, when the whole world was covered with a thick layer of ice. Life as we know today could not have survived the cold. Nothing could grow on the ground covered with the thick layer of ice. Even dinosaurs could not have survived, as there was no vegetation for them to feed on.

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The ice melted to form oceans. The oceans and the seas receded and land masses appeared. We know the land masses grow and sundered, drifting apart to form continents. We are told the Himalaya is still growing taller. The process is very slow, but it is growing if we compare heights over the years.

The land masses too change in shape so that the shorelines change even during our times. We have found sea-shells on land very far from the sea, on mountains even.

We know all these had happened in the past. It cannot be that all these changes and processes stopped because civilised man now occupy this earth.

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The process of change on this earth must be continuous. It must be continuing.Men have always believed in the end of the world. Almost every religion talks of the Last Day of the earth. But we really do not know when it will happen. Could it be that we are progressing towards it even now.

It may take a hundred thousand years. But can we expect the changes to cease. Can we expect the volcanoes and the quakes, the violent storms, tsunamis and tornadoes, the floods and landslides etc to remain mild or benign as they used to be. I should think not.

Instead we must expect increasing frequency and violence of the natural cataclysms. The world may become so hot that living things cannot survive. The world may become so cold, the third Ice Age, that living things cannot thrive either.

For humanity it can mean the end of their world.So it is true, what the religions warn us about. For Muslims there has never been any doubt. There will be kiamat. Perhaps the scientists too will finally admit that for men the world has come to an end.But  whether they do or not the end will come.


8 thoughts on “Mahathir: Climate Change and The End of Man

  1. All know that the world will end no one will take any thing to where people go after death and religions also say this. But many greedy political-corporate- religious-professional-other leaders continue to indulge in persuit of wealth by means which may be FRAUD-CORRUPTION-COLLUSION-CRONYISM-BRIBERY-KICKBACKS-NEPOTISM and evebn with means which may be WITHOUT HONESTY-ETHICS -INTEGRITY-MORALS and against respective Religious Teachings .

  2. Quote:- “For humanity it can mean the end of their world”

    Yes, but not yet the end of the Universe which itself will end eventually as some contemporary scientific thinking suggests.

    However, perhaps we must consider that humanity may venture out and colonize other Worlds, whether planet Earth “ends” or not. It is suggested that our presence here on Earth is itself an act of inter-galactic colonization, considering the unnaturally wide intellectual gulf between humanity and the rest of the animal kingdom. Also our human bodies seemed not to have the same naturally evolved capacity and capability to withstand and survive the harsh wide climatic variations which animals could.

    The Chinese are already embarking on a sustained long term exploration of Mars with a view for either commercial mineral exploitation or mass colonization. They have learned from 17th, 18th Century European history that it has always been first-come-first-served when claiming natural resources exploitation is concerned.

    Perhaps this is China’s Inter-Planetary “Nine Dash Lines”?

  3. Not a good sign, when even top dog Tun M is talking out loud about Kiamat. Misery Index must be way high in Malaysia, especially in light of the horrible crime rates.

    There is always an interesting thought experiment wondering how can humanity know if we are already inside a dark hole. Now we can wonder how miserable had it been for us Malaysians in our strife to chitchat about vision 2020.

    @clf i am going to take some depression drug. Thanks for the reminder. Hopefully, i can get to share about some crazy happy thoughts then.

    Looks like Obama’s misery index is higher than george w bush. Trump it is, since I don’t see Hilllary as Bill.

  4. Nature is god and god is nature. Hinduism in nature’s only religion, he who adores nature is humane. Five elements of nature are earth, water, air, fire & space. The evolution is to integrate the beauty and pain of nature into human consciousness.

  5. Quote:- “All know that the world will end no one will take any thing to where people go after death and religions also say this. But many greedy political-corporate- religious-professional-other leaders continue to indulge in persuit of wealth……………This is the ULTIMATE TRUTH WHICH IS NOT ACCEPTED”

    Perhaps the “ultimate truth” is a lot simpler than that and that it has all to do with the propagation and sustenance of one’s own progeny which itself is also a divine injunction…..”go forth and multiply?”

    Let me explain.

    In the insect and animal world we see how one generation of parents will equip or prepare the best means of survival for it’s vulnerable young before the parents die to ensure the best chances of specie propagation and survival. For e.g. a wasp will kill sting another insect and let it’s larvae hatch inside the paralysed insect so that when hatched the wasp larvae has an immediate supply of food and even a protective shelter.

    Similarly, we as modern parents will earn as much money as possible or accumulate as much properties, some by fair means or foul, so that we leave behind for our progeny the best chances of survival and success?

    We all do that. It’s just that some of us over do it or do it by foul means or at the expense of others or by an abuse of power. Perhaps our vehement protest is an unconscious attempt to ‘balance up” the fair distribution of limited resources among ourselves so that all common progenys of humanity has a shared chance of survival and continuity?

  6. Bull-dung! Octo has lost his marbles!

    Firstly, global warming due to Man’s activities started 4 centuries ago according to the most recent scientific studies. Why? We fart too much.
    Secondly, Homo Sapiens evolved because of changing environments – and the fact that all of us Outta Africa humans had ancestors who bred with Neanderthals, Denisovians and another hominid. Be thankful for that. That’s why we look like shit when we become decrepit.
    Thirdly, Kiamat is a state of mind that is a Meme. When you see God, you will know, as you have been known.
    Fourthly, we are all dead sooner or later.
    Fifthly, most of us may yearn to go to the Almighty when we croak. But our Dear Leader’s hopes are in Almaty..

  7. First it was labelled “global warming”. Then when they realize that over long periods of time, we are still not sure whether we are in the cooling or warming phase. Hence the switch to the can-go-either-way “climate change”. When we are entering the next ice age, it is climate change; when it is global warming, it is also climate change. Heck, there has always been climate change – in the temperate countries, the climate changes four times a year.

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