Gani, Zeti and Abu Kassim –Upright citizens?

August 26, 2016

Gani, Zeti and Abu Kassim–The Upright Malaysians?

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Gani, Zeti and Abu Kassim are upright citizens, says Mahathir. The old man certainly has  a very weird way of looking at things. Even Satan mengaku kalah when compared to these three people. The things these people have done and are continuing to do would curl your toes if you just knew the details.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

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(Free Malaysia Today, 18 December 2012) – Rosli also touched on Musa’s purported links with underworld figure Goh Cheng Poh, aka Tengku Goh, in a case known as the Copgate affair, of which Rosli has first-hand knowledge due to his role as Ramli’s lawyer.

“Musa’s links with the underworld is borne out in the affidavit of Tengku Goh who made specific mention of him when Goh sought habeas corpus.”

“Musa caused six rank and file officers to be charged so that the criminal Goh could be released.”

“I know all these because I was fixed by the AG (Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail) on a trumped up charge whereas all I did was to help the CCID (Ramli) when the AG abdicated his constitutional duty in refusing to prepare affidavits for the police,” revealed Rosli.


I remember back in 1998 when the Anwarinas alleged that Anwar Ibrahim had been fixed up on fabricated charges. Anwar’s lawyers also alleged that certain people were threatened (one was even threatened with a death sentence, said a prominent lawyer in his Affidavit) if they did not become a prosecution witness and testify against Anwar Ibrahim.

And the man who was using this method to gain a conviction against Anwar was no other than the then prosecutor, Abdul Gani Patail, who was later rewarded with the post of Attorney -General for serving Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s interest. And the Federal Court appears to have agreed with this allegation of trial-rigging when it acquitted Anwar on 2nd September 2004 on grounds that the prosecution (meaning Gani) had failed to prove Anwar’s guilt.

In short, Gani would assassinate anyone who Mahathir wants assassinated and he does not care what laws he needs to break and what crimes he needs to commit to achieve what Mahathir wants. And Gani served Mahathir all the way from September 1998 to July 2015. And after July 2015 when he was removed as the Attorney General he continued to serve Mahathir and is still serving Mahathir until today.

Basically, Gani is Mahathir’s attack dog who will be let loose on anyone Mahathir wants eliminated. And Gani’s fellow attack dog is Abu Kassim Mohamed, as it is natural for attack dogs to work in a pack. And lawyer Rosli Dahlan found out the hard way what happens when you cross Gani and Abu Kassim.

And these are the people who Mahathir said two days ago are ‘upright’ people. Mahathir has a very weird interpretation of ‘upright’. Gani and Abu Kassim are as upright as Bentong Kali and Botak Chin. In fact, I was told that Botak Chin at least had certain principles that many people admired and who was regarded as a sort of Robin Hood by many Chinese.

Can you imagine people considering Botak Chin a better person than Gani and Abu Kassim? But then that is the reality and how can people not think so when Gani and Abu Kassim put even Satan to shame?

Mahathir’s interpretation of upright is certainly vey strange. And let me assure you that the Rulers who Mahathir is depending on to sack Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak do not think much of the old man. To the Rulers, Mahathir is just like dirt at the bottom of their shoes.

Today, HRH the Sultan of Johor spoke his mind about Mahathir. Well, a number of Rulers also said some very nasty things about Mahathir, although not openly like the Johor Sultan. One Ruler even personally told me, “Save Malaysia from who? From Mahathir? Why don’t Najib just arrest Mahathir and send him to jail where he can rot and die?”

Yes, those are the Rulers whom Mahathir is so desperately trying to meet so that he can ask them to sack Najib. The Rulers have never forgotten what Mahathir did to them 25 years ago. And that was why today Mahathir posted that ‘apology’ in his blog. He is hoping that by saying he was wrong 25 years ago the Rulers might invite him to tea. The question is will the Rulers even bother to attend Mahathir’s funeral when he dies?


‘AG Gani Patail interfered in MACC work’

(Malaysiakini, 9 April 2015) – Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail barred the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) from stopping its prosecution against lawyer Rosli Dahlan in the ‘Copgate affair’.

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This was revealed in the High Court in Kuala Lumpur today by former MACC Corruption Prevention and Consultative panel member Robert Phang, who said this was related to him by MACC Chief Commissioner Abu Kassim Mohamed (above).

Phang said Abu Kassim told him this during his tenure as a Corruption Prevention and Consultative panel member. He was on the panel from February 24, 2009, till January 27, 2011.

The witness was testifying in the RM50 million suit filed by Rosli against MACC for assault and wrongful detention.

Phang said Rosli had sent him a letter dated November 11, 2010, concerning a charge brought against him by the MACC in the sessions court in Kuala Lumpur in 2007.

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“I raised this with Abu Kassim, who informed me that the MACC had no case against Rosli (pic above) in the above prosecution, but he was prevented by the public prosecutor, who is Attorney-General Gani, from discontinuing with the prosecution.

“This is despite (MACC) being aware that the case would result in an acquittal.

“I believe there has been abuse of power, selective prosecution, abuse of prosecutorial discretion, malicious prosecution and prosecutorial misconduct by Gani in the handling of the case against Rosli,” Phang said in reply to questions by Rosli’s counsel Chethan Jethwani.

He also produced a statutory declaration dated August 16, 2012, describing the meeting to that effect.

No minutes from the MACC panel

MACC’s lawyer (Tan Sri) Cecil Abraham, formerly an Operations Review panel member of the MACC, asked Phang why there were no minutes from the panel to prove this. However, Phang maintained that the meeting with Abu Kassim really did take place and he reiterated what the MACC chief told him.

On Monday, Utusan Malaysia made an apology in open court to Rosli for its defamatory article, after the lawyer filed the RM50 million suit against the MACC and the Umno-owned daily.

Rosli was arrested at his office, two days before Hari Raya in 2007, for allegedly not abiding by the MACC’s notice to declare his assets, which he described as vague.

He was handcuffed tightly in front of his partners, and produced in court on the eve of Hari Raya, and a newspaper report said the charge against Rosli was related to an investigation into a RM27 million cop.

Rosli claimed that the action against him came after he helped draft the affidavits for former Home Minister Johari Baharom, former Commercial Crime Investigation Department director Ramli Yusuf and six of his men in the arrest of triad kingpin Goh Cheng Poh.

Goh or Tengku Goh, was caught by Ramli’s men in 2007, following a blitzkrieg by the government against the illegal money laundering syndicate and he was placed under restricted residence in Gua Musang, Kelantan.

Goh filed a habeas corpus application, which was backed by the then inspector-general of police Musa Hassan.

Following the filing of the habeas corpus application, the Attorney-General’s Chambers did not want to draft the affidavit in reply, as required and is normally done, resulting in Rosli to be roped in by Ramli to draft it.

Subsequently, Rosli was charged in the sessions court but was acquitted without his defence being called. Ramli, who the authorities claimed was the “RM27 million cop” was also charged in 2007 but was acquitted.

As a result of this, Rosli and Ramli filed separate suits against Gani for malicious prosecution. Gani tried to strike out the suits, in the High Court and then in the Court of Appeal, and failed both times .

Rosli’s suit against the MACC continues tomorrow before Justice Su Geok Yiam, with a former deputy public prosecutor expected to testify.


7 thoughts on “Gani, Zeti and Abu Kassim –Upright citizens?

  1. Frankly, it can be summed up as a gallery of rogues that held public offices. This is a crime of epic proportions. The idea that every institution that was to safeguard against corruption,bad governance and public accountability failed is simply too much for any right thinking man on the Sri Jaya bus. What we have is a PM who wont even tell the public why monies from a Malaysian institution has come into his personal account.

    A very simple question. If the A-G, Bank Negara and the Anti-corruption agency cant do their job, I submit they DON’T WANT to do their job. I think their credibility was lost when they did not stand up and do the right thing! Shame on them.
    I was once in Bank Negara and became Secretary and Head, Management Analysis Unit in the 1970s. I served under the leadership of the legendary Governor, Tun Ismail bin Mohamad Ali. Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Taha was then Manager, Investment Department and later succeeded Tun Ismail. Both men were men of integrity. They would not have allowed Najib to go scot free.–Din Merican

  2. From blogger Outsyed the Box :

    “National Debt RM600 billion !! Malay economy just grinding to a halt.
    Ok this is the update to that Chicken Little post. The gomen sector is indeed grinding down to a halt. The Malay economy is dying as well. Yesterday I attended another meeting with Tun Dr Mahathir.

    Dr Mahathir said that national debt has exceeded RM600 billion.

    Then I got home and saw the following in the email (thank you). Its a national debt clock that shows the Malaysian national debt exceeding RM600 billion.

    Please click on the link.

    Here is a screenshot

    Please note that the national debt is 58% of the country’s GDP. What does this mean? Say you are earning RM5000. Half of that goes towards paying debt. You only have half your salary left over to pay for the other bills. What if your monthly income is RM2000?

    Some people do not believe the economy (especially the Malay economy) is in deep shit. Here is more new. This is from yesterday 24th Aug, 2016 :

    Tesco is cutting 600 jobs in Malaysia. These are mostly low level jobs ok, plenty of Malays employed by Tesco.

    And here is news about Utusan Meloya not being able to pay their salaries to their staff in July 2016.

    The Utusan management staff received their salaries first. There was not enough money to pay 300 other junior ranks their salaries for July. (They were finally paid in August). Utusan Meloya has cash flow problems. Info from a former Group Managing Editor of Utusan says that Bugis is pumping RM5 million direct cash injection into Utusan every month. Otherwise Utusan will bungkus. Err these are mostly Malay staff ok.

    Petronas has also laid off over 1000 staff since April – once again these are mostly Malays and Sarawakians. So no “high income economy” left in Petronas.

    Then Suzuki Bikes has shut down its motorbike assembly plant in Prai that has been operating since 1971 :

    It did not say how many staff will lose their jobs but you can rest assured it is mostly Malays and it will be a few hundred people.

    SilverBird (Hi5) bread business also closed down just before Hari Raya. 60 staff (majority Malays) were given 24 hour notices :

    Hello morons, each time a factory closes down or a thousand people lose their jobs then you multiply their monthly salaries x 1000 and that is how much consumer buying power has disappeared from the economy. 6% of that (GST) has also disappeared. The gomen has lost corporate taxes and GST revenue from all those factroies and businesses that shut down.

    The way things are going what if the gomen cannot pay salaries to its Civil Servants? Dont think it is impossible. The morons have already messed things up.The gomen economy and the related Malay economy is grinding down.

    In the midst of all this, did you know that the morons have quietly removed duty free status from Langkawi and Labuan. Tun Dr Mahathir first said this in his blog. I also checked with a friend in Langkawi. I think this has been done to punish Tun Dr Mahathir, Mukhriz (Kedah) and Shafie Apdal (Sabah).

    This will kill off Langkawi, especially the Malay economy on that island. My friend says that for now cars above 2000 cc are no more tax exempt in Langkawi. The “duty free shopping” is limited to some shops only. Not to the entire island of Langkawi.
    Tourists (especially local tourists) go to Langkawi for the duty free shopping. Once you remove that, then why go to Langkawi? But isnt that largely a Malay economy as well? Ekonomi Melayu yang mati dulu.

    Never before in the history of this country has there been such a huge concentration of incompetents, idiots, morons, fools, thieves and cheats running its affairs.”

    Dr. Phua,

    Najib is not interested in what the Syed Outside you and I and others think. He will do everything to remain in power; thanks to incompetents, idiots, morons, fools, thieves and cheats running Malaysia, he will remain Prime Minister for a long time because the Malays will keep him in power under Malaysia is bankrupt. But I am glad young educated Malays are taking to the streets on August 27 to demand his removal from office. –Din Merican

  3. Quote from the philosopher Saint Augustine of Hippo :

    “Without Justice, What Else is the State But a Great Band of Robbers?”

  4. RPK think no one will notice that the 4th Tan Sri is not in his article? Sadly it’s how Najib and Rosmah think and his syncophatic advisors follows readily even over-zealously.

    What is really even sadder, his fiercest critics from Mahathir to Rafizi and Syed Saddiq has not cried how it’s exactly caused the fall of Ottoman empire that Muslim has never recovered.

  5. If they are upright citizens I am Mother Teresa. They all had their reputation soiled by their own inaction and closing a blind eye when the country was plundered by their boss. All of them must have possessed a massive amount of evidence and information to stop the bleeding of our treasury at the very earlier stage when things were within control. The saddest of them all is the former Bank Negara governor. She had so carefully crafted her career over the past years to reach a great height that few could match and Malaysians from all walk of life were so proud of her achievement. No doubt they can claim to be victims of 1MO insatiable greed but to many, they were willing victims. As for Gani, sorry to say that not many are sympathetic to his cause because of his past history. They could ask themselves this; after all the sacrifice they had made in the past for their boss, was it worth it? The same goes for others who are still defending the indefensible; will they be in the same situation come one fine day when it is their turn?

  6. Staying in power means staying out of jail.

    Nothing, not even Mahathir or Bersatu or those Mahasiswa or even GE 14, can remove Najib right now except a criminal charge from America.

    That sums up Malaysia and the proud majority Malay race.

    As for Mahathir’s apology for curbing the Sultan’s Constitutional powers, well, too little too late I suppose. But I never thought I’ll live to see the proud doctor apologizing for anything. I suppose a person fighting for his own legacy and protecting his children from posthumous harm will do anything knowing his funeral will only be a quiet family affair, like the rest of the other 30 million ordinary suffering Malaysians.

    The unpalatable irony is we still need him to get rid of an even greater menace. That too sums up our collective national character, though we may take some comfort in the excuse that we appear not to have any zombiac street violence characteristics in our national DNA.

    I may be wrong. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

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