This is why Lee Hsien Loong is so respected!

August 24, 2016

This is why Lee Hsien Loong is so respected–We in Malaysia can learn from LHL’s Leadership style (Din Merican): Singapore first before self

by Wan Wei

I’m proud of my Prime Minister! And how many citizens of the world can say that of their Prime Minister?–Wan Wei

This is why Lee Hsien Loong is so respected!


Wow, I was watching the live streaming of the National Day Rally 2016 from Helsinki, and my heart skipped a beat at this moment, when our Prime Minister basically paused awkwardly and felt ill.

Loong created by SE Wong

So today I just want to write a brief note about why Lee Hsien Loong (LHL), the Prime Minister of Singapore, is so respected in and outside of his own country.

It is because as the head of the little red dot, he really does put Singapore’s interest before his own.

Tonight GBA’s event is testimony of that– he could have chosen not to continue the speech. But knowing that this event would probably appear on the global press the next day (well, it IS a big deal that Singapore’s prime minister sort of “collapsed” briefly during its own National Day Rally), he had to and wanted to finish the speech.

And he did! 

The position of Prime Minister of Singapore–in spite of its perceived huge pay cheque– is hardly enviable. For one, Prime Minister LHL probably has to worry about the issues of this small country all the time– will we survive another 50 years? Will we be the next targets of terrorism? etc. It doesn’t take much for Singapore to suddenly perish as a country–after all, small cities have risen and vanished in the past.

Then anti-government folks always complain about lack of freedom of expression, lack of support for local arts/sports/entrepreneurship, lack of human rights in Singapore. Oh yes, and huge income gap of course. Then it is always the Prime Minister’s fault and of course the 69.9% (including me since I vote for PAP) who are blamed.

I don’t think the “Singapore system” will ever change in the next 20 years, but apparently for most Singaporeans, it works fine. And to head this system as Prime Minister with no doubt, with compassion and with the utmost mental strength is absolutely admirable.:)

Oh yes and as a sidenote, haha, LHL actually is a great photographer and coder as well. I’m proud of my Prime Minister! And how many citizens of the world can say that of their Prime Minister?

9 thoughts on “This is why Lee Hsien Loong is so respected!

  1. Some comments on the comments above :

    1. In multi-ethnic societies, it is better to choose something neutral to unify the people e.g. English as a national language in the Anglophone
    African countries and French in the Francophone African countries.
    Other countries choose commonly used languages e.g. Swahili in
    Tanzania. In Papua New Guinea, their official languages include English,
    Tok Pisin (a form of Creole) and Hiri Motu.

    2. Ethnic identity is “socially constructed”.
    Ethnic identities can come into being (e.g. the “Coloureds” of South Africa), disappear, or be imposed on subordinate groups by dominant groups (e.g.
    “American Indians” when they actually come from many different groups, with some being antagonistic to others e.g. Navajo and Hopi in the USA).
    Ethnic identities can even re-emerge e.g. Manchus in NE China.

    What makes a person “Chinese”?
    The most obvious would be identifying oneself as “Chinese” even if one does not look very East Asian e.g. former PM of Papua New Guinea, Sir Julius Chan.
    Perhaps another would be acceptance of some of the Confucian values, including the concept of filial piety. (But then the Vietnamese and the Koreans
    accept many Confucian values 🙂 )
    Inability to speak a Chinese dialect does not make the person any less Chinese e.g. Chinese-Indonesians.

  2. Asian Leaders must learn the hard principle to play by the rules and not with them. Otherwise, all that progress that we are making in the economic and other fields will come to nothing. The North Asian Countries are trying hard but their traditional values seem to hold them onto the old ways. Yes, in politics you have to vague sometimes but not all the time. When it comes to the core value that there is a higher loyalty to the state there must be no compromise..

  3. This is why Lee Hsien Loong is so respected–We in Malaysia can learn from LHL’s Leadership style (Din Merican): Singapore first before self

    Learning from others especially small countries may not be local culture as more often the culture appears to be teach others.

    Just look at the enforcement-water-cleanliness-traffic-etc quality in Singapore where transparency and accountability and deterrent prompt penalties are standard culture.

    The best example may be the AUD-GEN Report in Singapore is less than 100 pages with old findings being settled whereas the local Aud-Gen is now in thousands of pages and in volumes and sectionalized which show only the current period findings with the earlier years findings status not provided.
    During the tenure of the previous Aud-Gen [AY YB Tan Sri Ahmad Noordin] Malaysia was recognized as a leader in for its findings. Once he responded to an inquiry that NOT BEING MENTIONED IN THE AUDIT REPORT WAS A COMPLIMENT but now the Aud-Gen gives ****** to Ministries- Departments-Agencies which may not be in his Scope of Duties as it is the function of the various Service Commissions.

  4. One thing is certain. The “Lee Dynasty” in Singapore ends with LHL, at least for the next few decades. Perhaps one of their distant descendants may reclaim the crown.

    Another thing is also certain. Singapore will not go into political convulsions as it happened in so many “dynastic” changes, historical and contemporary as we may yet see in our own Tanah Air.

  5. Lee Hsien Loong is so respected because he practices meritocracy while Malaysia leaders practiced corrupt policies that corrupt absolutely with absolute power of the majority, no cure lah!

  6. But we have Najib as our PM. Till today he has not even cleared the air in answering the simple question: “Who is the Malaysia Official No.1 cited in the US DoJ complaint?”. Such a simple question and yet cannot, refuse to, entertain, provide, give any clues, hint, etc any answer.

  7. Many, many. myself included, have never stop aspiring, acting and identifying proudly, above all, a Malaysian, meaning
    ” I am a Malaysian First” .

    What may I ask of the leaders, particularly those from Umno Baru who never stop demanding public respect, what do you truly value and acted ?

  8. Compare him to the guy who runs our country you’ll appreciate the apparent difference. Maybe it’s wise to let him manage our affairs too on a term basis. Just a thought. But there again the ultra nationalists from among the, you know whom, will go bonkers.

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