Good Luck Young Malaysians: It’s time to stand up for what is right and honour our country

August 20, 2016

Good Luck Young Malaysians: It’s time to stand up for what is right and Honour our country

It’s Your Generation’s Turn now  to deal with UMNO Government

9 thoughts on “Good Luck Young Malaysians: It’s time to stand up for what is right and honour our country

  1. Let’s hope all these Mahasiswa either stay back or come back to the country after getting their degrees here or overseas.

    They have to take the lead on Malaysian soil. There is no other way.

  2. Dear katasayang

    I think the 1Malaysia regime is running out of money.
    (There have been across the board budget cuts for
    various government ministries).

    This year, I don’t hear RMAF/TUDM aircraft practising
    Hari Kebangsaan flights over my house in Shah Alam.

    In the past, they used to do this in the weeks before
    the National Day.

  3. They are now spinning that Najib cannot be brought down any other way but a GE and in that case, it’s also unlikely. The idea being to demoralize those unhappy and quiet their voices. They are silencing their own people through their own communal failures – in reality highlighting their communal shame and failures – betting those oppose cannot confront their community failures and shame – they are too dependent on crutches and communal dependencies to act.

    By making acting an voicing against Najib as acting and voicing against their communal powers, they destroy their self- worth and entrenched the subsistence of their elites.

  4. bigjoe99,

    I totally agree.

    Najib understands the collective Malay psyche very well. That is, for the Malays to criticize him or his corrupt government or even UMNO is tantamount to criticizing the Malays themselves…..cut off your nose to spite your face?

    But if they don’t criticize him then they are taken to have expressly accepted corruption, and thus reflecting negatively on Malay morality.

    A Malay “Catch 22”?

  5. Mereka ini budak2 Melayu bodoh yang senang diperalatkan oleh DAP. Mereka direkrut seperti mana budak2 Cina lepasan sekolah direkrut ke dalam Red Bean Army yg kerjanya untuk melepaskan komen2 memburuk2kan kerajaan dan pemimpin BN/Umno. Budak2 Melayu bodoh berlagak bijak ini pula direkrut untuk “kongkek” bangsa sendiri, ya itulah perkataan yang digunakan oleh DAPigs dan disahkan oleh Lim Kit Siang sendiri.

    Dan Hassan,

    UMNO is lucky to have racists like you. I have more time and a lot of respect for young Malays who are standing up against corruption and abuse of power. With people like you around there is no hope for Malaysia. It is time for UMNO look at itself critically in stead of conveniently blaming DAP which you call DAPigs. Tolong guna Bahasa Malaysia yang lebih baik.–Din Merican

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