MACC out to freeze, seize, and forfeit ill-gotten wealth

August 14, 2016

Malaysia : MACC out to freeze, seize, and forfeit ill-gotten wealth, says new Chief Commissioner

by Bernama

Action speaks louder than words, Mr. Dzulkifli Ahmad. Let us wait and see if you can go after corrupt UMNO Bigwigs 

Stern measures including freezing, confiscating and forfeiting properties acquired by corrupt practices and abuse of power, will be enforced more aggressively to combat corruption in the country.

The new Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Chief Commissioner, Dzulkifli Ahmad, said the actions would be carried out by using its existing enforcement power and capabilities.

“We have the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009, the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA), Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2001,” he said in an exclusive interview with Bernama yesterday.

“In my view, the main factor driving the growing corruption is greed among those vested with power and position. The motivation for them to get involved in corruption is to acquire property and money, so MACC will ensure whatever acquisitions made illegally will be frozen, seized by and forfeited to the government, as well as bringing the guilty to court,” he said.

Dzulkifli said to ensure the action was more effective, the freezing of properties could be carried out even if the person was just a suspect and the case was still under investigation.

“While the case was under investigation, the properties owned by the individual under investigation could be frozen based on the various acts. This is because we do not want them to dispose them.”

Reasonable grounds

He said based on the provisions of the MACC Act, the property of a suspect could be frozen up to 90 days and if there were reasonable grounds, it could be extended by nine months more. While under AMLA, properties believed to be acquired from corruption and abuse of power, could be frozen up to 18 months.

“If we find it is a strong criminal case, we will press charges in court and at the same time the properties would become the subject matter of the charge and if the court decides so, the properties of the accused would be forfeited,” he said.

Dzulkifli said the move to freeze properties was not limited to properties owned by the corrupt suspect but also to properties transferred to the accused’s family members, if it was believed it was acquired with income corruption and abuse of power.

At the same time, he said those who allowed their names to be used by the corruption suspect to hide assets acquired through corruption and abuse of power practices, would not be spared.

This was because he said the jail sentence was insufficient punishment if the accused had acquired thousands or even millions of ringgit, and could still own the properties after serving their jail sentence.

How about this Cowgate Scandal for starters, Mr Commissioner?

Dzulkifli said it was hoped the move to forfeit the rights of properties would be a deterrent to anyone, especially civil servants, from engaging in corruption and abuse of power based on the high risk involved.

Dzulkifli said apart from the serious action against bribe recipients, actions would also be taken against bribe givers especially the syndicated givers.

“Syndicated givers usually offer bribes so that no enforcement action is taken. So in this situation, we shall take action not only against the recipient but also the giver, through other acts including the Customs Act or the Inland Revenue Board Act (LHDN),” he said.

Dzulkifli said in implementing the move, MACC would be more proactive and not wait for a report to be lodged against the corrupt offender to enforce its preventive measures.

In fact, he said, MACC also kept profiles of individuals convicted of corruption and had served their jail sentences.

What about this Guy and his kleptocrats in UMNO? 

On the level of corruption in the country, Dzulkifli described Malaysia as not as bad as other countries (what crap is this?) but he was worried corruption could become accepted as a norm which the country could ill afford.


17 thoughts on “MACC out to freeze, seize, and forfeit ill-gotten wealth

  1. Glad to hear this, Tuan Sir. I hope you would act on what you said. This should be done for the whole country, not only in the government and among the politicians but all over the country, including statutory bodies, GLCs, societies and clubs. Thank you, Sir.

  2. Where have I heard this before? Oh yes, every incoming Commissioner will make this pledge and the favorite ‘we shall leave no stones unturned or we shall pursue them to the rat holes’ but the results have been very dismal.
    Like the Malay saying “elephant before your eyes can’t see, but germ across the sea can see clearly” Cakap bergegar gegar, but usually will fizzle out. Then they say that Allah tak perkenankan.
    Nothing to beat the late Justice Harun Hashim when he was the head of ACA or Badan Pencegah Rasuah. The mere mention of his name will send both corrupter and corrupted running for cover. He also had a P.O.Box for citizens to send complains anonymously. The ACA office was at the roundabout by the Chinese Assembly Hall.
    Today we have Commissioners who invoke the name of Allah in vain and who also make declaration that he will not leave office before his time. What happen next, have to retire to pursue other interest or for health reasons.

  3. Wow!!!!!!!!!

    You mean to say our country has all these fantastic laws all along?

    How come no one told the previous Commissioner about them?

    Or perhaps it’s time to dig out all those old files that have been gathering an inch of dust in MACC’s secret vault and “pro-actively” bring to book all those people who have been corrupt, people whose names have the letter “M” in them perhaps?

  4. Well, his misai looks impressive enough. It style adorns the visages of both villains ala Indian and Malay movies as well as the heroes as in Bugis pahlawans.
    I am just not holding my breath for his actions to speak as loud as his words. No prizes for guessing why.

  5. So basically do everything to appear to be the right thing BUT ignore the elephant(s) in the room. How long can it go on? How far can the Malay elite hypocrisy go? Are the Malays so feudal, so self-loathing they cannot understand its just Elitist Hypocrisy that is the ruin of Muslim nations and countries?

  6. “Stern measures including freezing, confiscating and forfeiting properties acquired by corrupt practices and abuse of power, will be enforced more aggressively to combat corruption in the country………erhhhh…….btw…….money-laundering is not corruption and so is out of our jurisdiction”

  7. Whateverlah. After six months in office , There will be a TAN SRI. Najib wants him to talk big as his balls, but bola kecut. kih kih kih.

  8. Yes , from past experience , when in the face of VIPs or VVIPs , these Government officials , acting in the capacity of ‘ servants’ are the ones that will freeze……. for fear they’ll be put in the cold freezer ! – chuckle ….chuckle….

  9. This afternoon, they caught 3 Datos and supposedly recovered RM 400k hidden on a roof. This was after months of surveillance and dogged investigations.

    This baby-faced mustachioed Blimp, who is a newbie, wanted to show off mah.. This agency actually leads in Blue Ocean Strategy and Innovation. In fact they should win the Nobel Prize for Physics 2020. Why?

    They have invented a Quantum fishing net with a Higgs field that they can switch on and off. They let off the Supersized Monstrosities and catch the ikan bilis and ikan kembong. In fact, they are known to manipulate gravity waves on some of their tragic but innocent detainees.., for which some of the officers involved were even promoted!

    Btw why is there such a strong whiff of beta amyloid around here parts, Tuan Sir?

  10. Quote:- “If we find it is a strong criminal case, we will press charges in court….”

    Really? No need to go through the Attorney-General who, we are told many times by the previous Commissioner, has the final say whether charges are to be pressed in court or not?

    On day one on the job, we get bull shit already.

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