What has God to do with Politics: It is a Make by Man Activity

August 10, 2016

What  has God to do with Politics: It is a Make by Man Activity

by Dr Lim Teck Ghee

“I pray each day for the Almighty’s salvation for my country, Malaysia”–Rafidah Aziz

Besides, he [Tan Sri Muhyiddin] is starting this party to take revenge against UMNO… Allah won’t support this.”– UMNO Permanent  Chairman  aka Carma Type1,Tan Sri Badruddin Amiruldin.

Reacting to the latest piece of draconian legislation, the National Security Council Act which provides wide-sweeping and arbitrary powers to the prime minister, the country’s Iron Lady, former federal minister, Rafidah Aziz, has come out with a poignant and pointed critique of the state of the nation as it is conditioned by the present Prime Minister. According to her latest Facebook post:

“It shows how bad things have become…when we can no longer govern ourselves…but need all kinds of ‘laws’ to be enacted…and fences to corral us…like cattle.”

“We now have given new and distorted meanings to the concept of things such as loyalty, support, and governance.We see the young feeling disappointed. And those of my era seeing what had been painstakingly built…being chiselled away and demolished.”

According to her (and we wonder if she was not part of the problems created during the Mahathir era), what has been built by her generation of leaders has now been eroded and destroyed with the nation now entering into the global list of the bad and ugly. This whitewashing of her ‘Mahathirian’ past and demonizing of the Najib regime is clearly self-serving but many Malaysians appear willing to give it a pass, such is the depth of the present antipathy to the current leadership.

Rafidah’s impassioned plea echoes very much what the opposition, and now, Dr Mahathir, have been saying. But she has also been careful to point out – for reasons everyone is fully aware of – that she is not involved in any plot or conspiracy to discredit or topple the Prime Minister.

Hey, Politicos: What’s God got to do with it?

Rafidah must know too that she is not alone. Rival invocations for the Almighty’s intervention and wrath against those opposing the Prime Minister and his leadership, and Allah’s blessings for those in power are taking place regularly in the mosques as well as UMNO assemblies, and these are amplified by the Malay mass media.

When it comes to praying for change, she is outnumbered by those leading the prayers for the preservation of the status quo and decimation of the opposition.

It is futile for her and those of similar ilk to think that their prayers which place the country’s fate in God’s hands are in any way superior or can be more readily answered compared with those voiced by Badruddin Amiruldin, Jamil Khir, china pek Paul Low, Zakir Naik and the other assorted ‘religious’ devouts perched aloft the Barisan bandwagon.

Unfortunately too, history is replete with examples of dictators, tyrants and autocrats who have remained long in power, despite unending calls for divine intervention by the populace.

God (if He has any influence on political outcomes), it appears, favours the prayers of the strong and powerful rather than the meek and oppressed. Or perhaps God has a peculiar sense of humour and prefers to stand on the side line when it comes to the bad and evil found in the world of his creation. But it is best to leave God out of politics.

Change is in your own hands, Rafidah

When positive or negative change takes place in history, it is not due to the hidden hand of God working in mysterious ways but rather because of the actions of mortals, individually and collectively.

Besides praying, this is what Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz, former UMNO Wanita leader, may want to do to ensure a better future for our younger generation:

1. A personal message of appeal to UMNO wanita leaders and members reminding of the importance of woman power in societal reform and urging them to take the lead where Malay men have failed. This message should be juxtaposed with the recent revelation by Zaid Ibrahim that the real reason why Najib remains Prime Minister, despite what has happened, is his success at creating a long line of eunuchs to serve him. According to Zaid, “They will do anything and everything for him: they fear him, and feel they are nothing without his grace and blessing. Their collective defence of their “Emperor” gives them a sense of belonging—and they are well-rewarded for their zeal.” See http://www.zaid.my/current/eunuchs-with-testicles/

Women do not have the femininity to lose and perhaps they may prove a more formidable agent of real change than men.

2. Organizing a joint appeal with past BN leaders calling on the Prime Minister to do the honourable thing and resign. There is always safety in numbers and the fact that she is held in high esteem by her Barisan Nasional colleagues makes her eminently qualified to lead the charge against Prime Minister Najib from within.

The above quote is by Malaysia’s Political God with blind spots and blemishes

There is still time – despite our rapid slide into the ranks of failed states – to undo the mess in the country. Lost money may have gone down the drain but it is replaceable. Lost national sense of integrity, decency and self respect are much harder to replace; and God will not help regain these which are lost. It is up to our leaders to own up to their mistakes and act with some sense of urgency to rectify them. At the same time, we Malaysians can no longer be content being free riders. No what has God got to with the plight of our nation since it is man made thing by Malaysians, politicians and civil society.

8 thoughts on “What has God to do with Politics: It is a Make by Man Activity

  1. So if the country goes to the dog then it’s God’s will. Yes blame God or in the popular Malay saying ‘dah takdir” macam mana, and at the same time wringing the hands that were raised earlier in supplication.

  2. It’s funny, isn’t it? Every time they get in a jam due to their own dishonesty, they invoke the name of God. It’s like dragging God into their own evil schemes.

  3. Only the imbecile and idiots will seek the intervention of God, if there is one in existence for many doubters,. The so called God will not intervene in the follies created by mankind. That call is for the indoctrinated brainwashed pathetic lot who are easily misled by Friday propaganda of the human snake oil sellers. Bloody oath, use your own brain and discretion to pull your socks to do what has got to be done to right the wrong, even if “bodies has got to be crushed” in defending what is the right thing.

  4. God has everything to do with Malay/Muslim’s politics in stay in power at all cost.

    The Malay/Muslims are ‘ brainwashed ‘ to their religion from young…..by 7 years old, it will be difficult to change them, considering the fact they are excluded from other ideas and influence. Many cannot think for themselves, making them easy prey of terrorist and extremist.

    In the right environment, a Malay/Muslim can be radicalised within 7 days.

  5. “Sotong” must have lived and worked with Malays/Muslims for some length of time to have known their psyche. “In the right environment, a Malay/Muslim can be radicalised within 7 days” may be a daring and bold statement to make and he may well be right. I think he knows much more than this and may have some knowledge in this specific area. The psychological warfare unit of the Special Branch (if they have one) should tap the expertise of Sotong to help diffuse problems of radicalisation.

  6. LTG

    Tan Sri Rafidah is not alone in seeking devine intervention

    So does the American and British

    Part lyrics of British National anthem=God save our gracious Queen.
    Long live our noble queen
    God save the Queen

    Part lyrics of American National anthem=Then conquer we must,when our cause,it is just
    And this be our motto’inGod is our trust’

    Tun M’s past,a big contrasts to present in terms of developments

  7. Rafidah Aziz was one of the most capable, articulate and intelligent Ministers in the league of Tun Dr Ismail and Tan Siew Sin in the history of multiple cabinets that we have seen so far.

    She started gun blazing but with power corrupting her, she too got entangled in the cesspool of politics and compromised her ideals enriching herself and family members.

    If she has any “Iron” left in her, she should join saner voices and call Najib a fraud, and to resign.

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