Malaysia: A Cracking Pot under Najib Razak

August 7, 2016

Malaysia: A Cracking Pot under Najib Razak

By Raja Kamarul Bahrin Shah.

MP SPEAKS:  Everything in Malaysia today seem to be so, so race based. Even the Malaysian Film Award Festival is affected although it is a creative industry which should have a certain level of “freedom of expression”.

Being an architect where freedom to express is also vital, I can appreciate the frustrations shown by Afdlin Shauki and Md Nor Kassim in protesting.


How far are we taking all this race-based criteria under the guise of controlling language usage?

Let us be consistent in this. How many “Malay” TV dramas have we watched with more than a sprinkling of “Darling, I rasa you neglect I” and “Good morning, I nak adakan meeting management pagi ni“?

These are reflections of reality in today’s society in day-to-day life especially in Kuala Lumpur. Why are these permissible for so long on TV which enters most households where government control is so strong and productions are by government-friendly parties?

If they are so serious about control why not prescribe language “content” of each drama and movie. Is 100 percent or 90 percent or 75 percent the acceptable formula?

Let’s get real on this. Even the late P. Ramlee Malay classic films used English in his humour. Remember his “Good morning ladies and gentlemen, tukang besi tukang simen“? We Malaysians loved it.

Malaysia used to pride itself of being a successful melting pot of all races and languages. What type of “pot” are we becoming today? A cracking pot? Or may be already a broken one.

What are we going to do about “official and semi-official government programmes with more than a sprinkling of Arabic like- “ana, ente, wasatiah,” just to mention a few. Strictly speaking they are not Bahasa Malaysia.

The question is where or how do we draw the line? Are we going to have dress code next for “religious programmes” where all must wear baju Melayu and not jubah robes or western coats ?

Let’s be very clear where are we heading to today. Satu Malaysia or where are we now? What is certain is that we are no longer being inclusive but getting increasingly more exclusive.

This is not in the true spirit of the Islamic teaching of “Rahmatan Lil Alamin“. Oops! Pardon me for using Arabic, which means rahmat untuk sekian alam or rahmat for all – the whole universe.

We have enough problems today and we don’t need to polarise Malaysia further. Interestingly, both who withdrew from the festival awards are prominent Malay and Muslim personalities.

I am sure there are more of the silent majority out there. We are really tired of race being used to divide, segregate and bully. So are most right-thinking Malaysians.

10 thoughts on “Malaysia: A Cracking Pot under Najib Razak

  1. the more the nons are bullied and discriminated the fiercer the retaliation would be in crude foul language. Internationally we would shame the melayus The gloves are off anywhere.

  2. Already said before. Most decision made by them point us toward stupidity. Pardon me if I’m wrong. Did they use patriot as an excuse. If they did, then just some cheap publicity stunt.

  3. They want to pit the different ethnic groups in 1Malaysia against
    each other.

    WE in Malaysia should just refuse to be tricked into playing these games.
    The best weapon against racism is tolerance and respect for

  4. The strategy is virtually identical to the Zionist strategy in occupied Palestine, against the Palestinians . Do the UMNO supremacists realize they are religiously emulating their so called Zionist enemies and its barbaric attitudes and resulting behavior against Palestinians which they so often froth about!!!!

  5. Yes, becoming more and more Exclusive because of sense of Inferiority Complex Syndrome ……..

    Because of such ‘ inadequacy ” they try to portray the Opposite syndrome of a weird kind of Superiority Complex syndrome , which becomes fake…..

    How to cure this, I would suggest they constantly consult the Psychologist ! !

  6. Its ok if these fake defenders of Bangsa and Agama continue to do what they are doing because it would only further drive their own bangsa and agama into the abyss of their delusional grandeur and importance. It will be sooner and not later that the masses of the “protected” bangsa and agama will realize they had been led down the road of no return and all mayhem will break loose.

  7. Quote:- “How to cure this, I would suggest they constantly consult the Psychologist ! !”

    Even here they probably distinguish between Bahasa and non-Bahasa speaking psychologists?

  8. Remember how the Afrikaners were shamed and brought down by the inetrnational community for the discrimination and crimes committed against the Black Africans. The Malays are going to face the same fate. DOJ has fired the first shot. More to come in due course.

  9. Dear Mr Chelliah

    Actually, it was economic sanctions that ended the apartheid regime in
    South Africa. Shaming does not work on racists, fascists and kleptocrats !

    Latest general election results in South Africa show that the ANC is losing its support.
    (The ANC copied Malaysia’s NEP and it is showing similar results i.e.
    helped some black people, but most of the black South Africans remain poor and there is also plenty of corruption as some of the ANC politicians use it to
    enrich themselves).

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