The Destructive Powers of the She-Wolf of Putrajaya

August 1, 2016

The Destructive Powers of the She-Wolf of Putrajaya

by Mariam Mokhtar


One of the main reasons Najib Abdul Razak cannot leave office, yet, is the self-styled First Lady of Malaysia (FLOM), or the She-Wolf of Putrajaya, who will remain nameless.

There are enough reasons to topple Najib, but do we really want him to step down, now? Sometimes, we must be careful for what we wish. Without the She-Wolf, political pundits, hairdressers, tailors, carpet sellers, jewellery store owners and cartoonists like Zunar, will lose their jobs.

The she-wolf of PutraJaya.

As we approach GE-14, FLOM is needed more than ever, to fuel our demand for a change of government. Without her, there is no catalyst for change.

How would the nation live without the FLOM?  She is sensational. She makes waves, not ripples, wherever she moves. When she talks about her hair, the news is enough to make us tear our hair out.She empathises with our suffering. To allay our fears about the GST, she says that she worries about her RM1,200 hair dressing bill. Our reaction is to go ballistic.

Every woman likes to deck herself in gems, but the FLOM can’t even do that without the rakyat scrutinising the cost of each carat.

She advises people to save, and suggests that we should start as teenagers, as she did. Again, we refuse to listen. Malaysians are so ungrateful. The FLOM is under pressure and so shops overseas, away from the prying eyes of the Malaysian public. She just cannot win as we accuse her of “abusing the use of the ministerial jet”.

From frying pan into the fire.

Both the man in the street and Najib’s UNMO-Baru party members are dismayed by his poor leadership, and agree that he should resign or be sacked, but a credible successor has not been identified.

The following replacements possibly don’t want to jump from the frying pan into the fire. If there is a change, the rakyat may find themselves jumping into the fire.

Hishammuddin Hussein was ineffective as Home Minister and as Defence Minister. His handling of the Lahad Datu incursion was indeed disastrous. The nation is plagued by rising crime but the Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and his fondness for the Malay gang, Tiga-Line, make it worse.

Former PM, Mahathir Mohamad may back the ousting of Najib, but he is doing it for the wrong reasons. His reasons are personal, and not for the good of the nation.

Najib’s removal is NOT enough.

Ousting Najib is not as simple as it sounds. Removing only Najib, is not enough.The only solution is to get rid of the whole UMNO-Baru and Barisan Nasional (BN) outfit.

We can do this at GE-14, unless the government collapses before that. By GE-14, Malaysians, as Mahathir keeps reminding us, will easily forget most of Najib’s poor leadership and failures in office, especially when gifts of milo, baby milk powder, bags of rice and BR1M money , dim our memories.

The Heineken effect.

So, we need Najib, or more importantly, the “FLOM”, to fuel our desire for change. Like Heineken, she refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach.

7 thoughts on “The Destructive Powers of the She-Wolf of Putrajaya

  1. In his most recent speeches, Mahathir basically implied that she killed Altantuya and its the basic reason why Najib will destroy everything before he let go of power..

  2. As usual, i enjoy MM’s jotting’s.
    Only one errata here – Malay Mythology does not allow for a ‘were-wolf’. Rather since there are no sergala around here parts – except certain aptly named mamaks like Serigar – UMNOb being the paragon of ‘Melyuness’ worships what is known as a Were-Tigress!

    This is what i wiki’ed:
    “In both Indonesia and Malaysia there is another kind of weretiger, known as Harimau jadian. The power of transformation is regarded as due to inheritance, to the use of spells, to fasting and willpower, to the use of charms, etc. Save when it is hungry or has just cause for revenge, it is not hostile to man; in fact, it is said to take its animal form only at night and to guard the plantations from wild pigs. Variants of this belief assert that the shapeshifter does not recognize his friends unless they call him by name, or that he goes out as a mendicant and transforms himself to take vengeance on those who refuse him alms. Somewhat similar is the belief of the Khonds; for them the tiger is friendly, and he reserves his wrath for their enemies. A man is said to take the form of a tiger in order to wreak a just vengeance. Also in Malaysia, Bajangs have been described as vampiric or demonic werecats.”

    Whatever the case may be, i think the description should’ve be a were-cobra, ‘ular tedung jadian’.. Much more lethal.

    BTW, please call FLOM by her proper name if you fellas don’t wanna risk being envenomed and eaten.

  3. He knows more than what he is saying. He was in power within the timeline in question. He has to come clean b4 people’s support pours in.

  4. well said, MM! Key point is removing Najib alone is not enough! We love the she-wolf besides Najib, as it keeps us fire up. rightways can easily put in the names of many Chinese women in the past to get our imagination go wild.

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