Quintin Rozario– Paid Spinner or Top Lawyer in….. Brisbane?

August 1, 2016

Quintin Rozario– Paid Spinner or  Top Lawyer in….. Brisbane?


A Malaysian-born lawyer in Australia has said US action against assets linked to 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) is legally flawed.

Quintin Rozario, a prominent litigation lawyer in Brisbane, said the US Attorney-General, Loretta Lynch, had committed “excesses and breaches of natural justice” by making public statements on Malaysian individuals that allegedly laundered illicit funds into the United States.

Last week, the US Justice Department filed a complaint to enable the seizure of assets said to have been acquired with funds embezzled from 1MDB.

Rozario told Bernama from Brisbane that Lynch overstepped the mark and her authority by concluding that an offence or offences had been committed by Malaysia or its agents.

He cited a US Supreme Court decision that held that offences committed by anyone resident in the US could not be attributed to their government, or in this case, to 1MDB.

Rozario accused Lynch and the United States of using strong-arm tactics against smaller states by appropriating to itself powers that usurped Malaysia’s sovereignty and the powers of US and Malaysian courts.

Our comment–Sarawak Report

July 31, 2016

Was this the best that Bernama’s UMNO bosses could dredge up? Obviously yes. A Malaysian “prominent litigation lawyer”, who has made it to the heady heights of Brisbane!

Presumably, no one in the US or indeed anywhere else, has yet been found prepared to make such silly comments, unless engaged on a formal basis (Najib says he has decided against legal action – no surprise there) … after all top lawyers have their reputations to think about in the cut throat real world.

We can expect a lot more silly stuff from the few non-entities willing to stick up for Najib in the face of overwhelming evidence from the DOJ over the next days. The sort of people who have nothing to lose in terms of credibility, because they are of little note to begin with.

Meanwhile, set these claims alongside the acknowledgement by Australian Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, someone who is definitely worth listening to:
The allegations involving 1MDB are serious and subject to ongoing investigations in more than one jurisdiction”,

Indeed. What does Quentin have to say about the Swiss, Singaporean, Luxembourg and other statements on the case?  Have these national prosecutors botched up their jobs as well?  Funny no one has yet bothered to hire him to get things right in any of these countries…. maybe a career outside Brisbane may one day beckon.

18 thoughts on “Quintin Rozario– Paid Spinner or Top Lawyer in….. Brisbane?

  1. “God or quintin was his co-pilot, but they crash-landed in the wilderness and he was forced to eat him.”

  2. Please see Zorro Unmasked Blogspot, 1st April 2013. This would appear to be the same chap and the second time Bernama have utilised him. Fool me once …. twice and

  3. Which woodwork did this “prominent” lawyer came out from? Never heard of him, let alone claiming to be prominent.

  4. As for the prominent lawyer I have found no trace of him in any queensland search apart from linkedlin and then the businesses websites have no sign he is or was there. Also the current business he claims to work for the site is not working and doing a google street view the guy is supposedly working from a little home according to current business address.

    Something just does not seem right about this so called prominent litigation lawyer they dug up. I wonder if there is a chance that they select his name at random and the whole statement is a fake. They did this recently with another so called supporter of najib until it came out it was a deceased person.

  5. As suspected, there will be ambulance chasers for Najib’s ill-begotten billions and this character, Quintin Rozario from Brisbane fits the bill. Najib is so desperate that he is willing to clutch the unnamed “Malaysia Official No. 1” straw to deny that the DoJ was referring to him. In the next few days the Malaysian toilet papers like Utusan Malaysia, the Star and other will quote Quintin Rozario prognosis to buttress Najib’s assertion.

  6. This disgusting regime will do anything for the sake of
    propaganda e.g. use the black sheep sibling in the Morais
    family to cover up Kevin Morais’ miurder.

  7. For a moment I felt convinced that he must be a ‘ brilliant ‘ lawyer ……until , until something ‘wired’ inside me : ‘ wait a minute …….isn’t he the same brilliant lawyer who defended Sirul – the suspect in the Altuntuya murder case ‘domiciled’ in Australia – from some Extradition proceedings in the OZ-land Court ‘ ? ? –

    Btw, this far , we have lost track on that proceedings , whether or not extradited . If
    not , then he must be ‘brilliant ‘ for defending the Suspect ?

  8. The DOJ suit is about forfeiture of assets bought with stolen funds. It does not accused 1MDB or the Malaysian Government of stealing – only the named individuals like Jho Low, Aziz and Malaysia Official 1. These people can challenge the accusation in US and prove their funds are legitimate.

  9. All these sycophants think all they are guilty of is negligence or irresponsibility of their work or duty at best. Actually by any proper standards, what the likes of Apandi Ali, IGP Khalid, PAC Chairman Hasan Arrifin, even MACC leaders like Abu Kassim who got fired recently and even UMNO Youth Leaders, they guilty of AIDING AND ABETTING A CRIME.(S), possible CONSPIRACY OR ASSESORY TO CRIME(S) – THEY ARE CRIMINALS THEMSELVES BY THEIR ACTIONS/INACTION.

  10. Quintin you are way too late. The ship has sunk and you are desperately trying to float it. Get a life and stop sticking your nose into MO1’s rear. Am sure the air is very stale and putrid.

  11. All names mentioned by bigjoe99 above shows they all belong to one ethnic group. they are the top notch of that particular race. What does it say of that race. Name and shame is the name of the game.

  12. Abnizar this ” brilliant lawyer” was never retained by Sirul in Australia at any time. Sirul’s case has not hit the judicial process yet. It is in a kind of impasse due to conflicting interest. His Australian Complimentary Protection Visa subclass 886 is stuck within an administrative procedure. It is unlikly the case would be resolved for many more years as wanted by those who would wish Sirul to remain locked up with false promises, like Justo in Thailand. Intimidated with false promises.

  13. @ Robert Chelliah ,

    I did it with a tinge of Sarcasm , that if this particular lawyer was indeed the same lawyer to fight tooth & nail for the ‘suspected ‘ murderer NOT to to extradited back to Malaysia , then the said ‘ suspect ‘ has no way of disclosing here (in Malaysia ) , as to ‘ who ‘ had ordered him to ‘blow up’ the deceased Altuntuya ?

    Because, in the opening lines above, this brilliant lawyer is all out of his way , saying to the effect ” ….the US AG had committed excesses and breach of natural justice ‘ in trying to seize in the US of Assets which belongs to 1 MDB…..(of a foreign country is legally flawed….etc ) – indicating that he is very interested in matters connected to I MDB …… in other words, what is this brilliant lawyer’s interest in the 1 MDB , ? ?

    Anyway, thank you for your clarification !

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