Malaysia–Eunuchs keep Najib Razak in power

July 28, 2016

Malaysia– Eunuchs keep Najib Razak  in power

by Zaid Ibrahim

In the days of emperors who ruled over vast empires, eunuchs were deployed as their palace guards. These emperors required men they could trust implicitly to take care of their concubines and mistresses—some emperors had more than a thousand wives.

The emperors could not trust “normal” men to keep their mistresses “chaste” and not go looking for pleasure with the palace guards, so a generation of eunuchs—males who were rendered incapable of sexual acts by mutilation and castration—grew to serve the emperors’ special needs.

The castration was done early and because eunuchs were employed in the inner palace areas, they had the proximity and opportunity to mingle with the emperor, his concubines and key palace advisors.

The eunuchs then used these opportunities to influence the emperor and advisors on policy matters and would regularly interfere in affairs of state. This is one of the reasons why eunuchs held important positions in the empire, not to mention acquiring vast wealth and power.

I have to explain this for you to be able to explain to others (especially foreigners) why Dato’ Seri Najib Razak is still all-powerful. Najib, the great emperor of the 21st century, has done what others can only dream of doing, which is to be the wealthiest Prime Minister in the history of the Malaysia, and arguably the world.

Najib has survived months of bad publicity in the global media and despite the recent actions of the US Department of Justice (which has detailed his modus operandi to rip off the country of more than USD3.5 billion), Najib still commands a lot of support from his Cabinet colleagues, his party, the civil service, the Police, journalists in the mainstream media and the generously paid bloggers, not to mention the Judiciary, the Attorney- General and Members of Parliament.

How does one explain this phenomenon?

We cannot blame it entirely on a weakened and disorganised Opposition. It’s also unfair to expect ordinary Malaysians to feel sufficiently “outraged” to march on the streets seeking Najib’s removal when many of them are just getting by selling nasi lemak or working as manual labourers. Life for most Malaysians is hard. Finding food and enough extra cash for the tolls must remain a priority instead of being involved in political agitation.

The real reason why Najib remains Prime Minister despite what has happened is his success at creating a long line of eunuchs to serve him. These eunuchs are different from the eunuchs of the Middle Kingdom in only one respect—their Bs are intact—but in everything else they share the same characteristics.

Najib has cut off not their  Bss but something more valuable to a human being: he has removed their self-esteem and dignity; and by putting fear in them, they oblige and kiss his hands and promise to be loyal to him. The cash is too tempting.

They will do anything and everything for him: they fear him, and feel they are nothing without his grace and blessing. Their collective defence of this utterly corrupt patron gives them a sense of belonging and  they are well-rewarded for their zeal.

But the eunuchs of today need millions to wet  their appetite and some even get titles normally reserved for those few whose service to the nation has been exceptional.

These eunuchs do not serve the Government or the country. They see no distinction in (nor do they understand) the modern concept of separation between the head of government and the country. They see no difference between truth and lies.

They see no need for the head of government to be accountable to anyone, since the interest of the Emperor is synonymous with that of the state, like Louis XIV of France. As such, laws are necessary but do not apply to the Emperor if he is disadvantaged or adversely affected by their application.

Our modern eunuchs are ever-willing to die for their Emperor, so it is nothing for them to lie, spin  and behave as if the whole world is made up of fools.

The question is, what about us? Do we care enough about the country and do we feel sufficiently strong to stand up to these eunuchs without fear? If we do, then there is hope, but the sooner we act, the better.

Fire destroyed London 350 years ago, but the city was rebuilt by the great effort of the British people. Our country too has been destroyed, not by fire but by castration. I just hope the Malaysian people can rise to rebuild the country once again.


11 thoughts on “Malaysia–Eunuchs keep Najib Razak in power

  1. The Emperor and the eunuchs live in a symbiotic environment. One needs the other as the other needs one. In a country lacking democratic institutions, freedom of the press and theocracy, what do you expect. I support Tony Pua my college friend.

  2. No matter what we cannot allow this tak-ada-teloq emperor to continue with his whims and wayward ways. The worse, however, is Empress Dowager who wields considerable power behind the throne. Problem is she doesn’t sit behind a curtain to the rear of the peacock throne but right in front in full view of everyone. She is the real power and is a demigod, for crying out loud. It’s pointless to let only one of them go, both must go. Period.

  3. // We cannot blame it entirely on a weakened and disorganized Opposition.

    Not sure one could agree to that. It could always be better organized. At least, we need to know who is in charge, or the plan to figure out who is in charge of the opposition. We are not talking about getting rid of your enemy state and be done here. This is more than mere painting of the room while living in the same room.
    We are talking about breaking down the wall, and wrecking up the floor while living in the same room, with a baby without a cradle who needs to be constantly fed.

    “Every revolution evaporates and leaves behind only the slime of a new bureaucracy.” – Franz Kafka.

  4. “Our modern eunuchs are ever-willing to die for their Emperor …. ”

    I doubt it. Cash only buys you temporary “loyalty”. No cash, no kowtows.
    Like what Dr M is learning to his chagrin (even being insulted by his once
    “loyal supporters”).

    It’s also partly due to the feudal mindset of a significant segment of the population. If the population is like that of France (where according to the late Tony Benn of the British Labour Party) where it is the “government that fears the people”, it would not tolerate such abuse and signs of incompetence by the small gang of multi-ethnic UMNO Baru-BN kleptocrats.

  5. Claire Rewcastle-Brown commenst on the regime’s
    decision to stop YB Tony Pua from travelling abroad:

    “If the constitution does not provide for the right to travel, there is a very good reason.

    The British, who drew it up, simply didn’t imagine an eventuality where someone would be denied their freedom of movement for no good reason at all.

    More fool them?

    Tony Pua is a senior figure, who along with very many other civil society and political figures, is currently being arbitrarily detained in the ‘modern democratic state of Malaysia’ – their passports having been rudely removed by police officers at the airport.

    He is an elected member of the Federal Parliament, which is the highest sovereign body in the land (collectively more sovereign than the Prime Minister or the King).

    On his last permitted trip abroad Pua attended his Alma Mater, which was Oxford University, to debate on a platform alongside a Minister from the Prime Minister’s Office on the future of democracy in Malaysia, together with other panelists.

    Then, a year ago, an order came to prevent his next trip…. based on charges of “activities detrimental to parliamentary democracy”.

    These charges have yet to be substantiated by any evidence or explanation whatsoever and Tony Pua has continued to fulfil his role in the meantime as one of the most prominent and effective members of Parliament.

    In that role, where he acts also as a Finance spokesperson for DAP, he has, of course, caused considerable embarrassment to the Prime Minister, who is also Finance Minister – and also Malaysian Official 1 at the eye of the storm over 1MDB.

    Could this be the reason for the arbitrary restriction of his obvious right to move about as he pleases as a free man in a ‘free country’?

    Malaysia has sadly reached a shocking state of affairs, as all thinking people know and the world has woken up to. An under-talented leader, supported by people who are even more stupid, but equally greedy and corrupted, is panicking as he loses control.

    Najib has stopped trying to justify his actions and he is merely attempting to intimidate. He is abusing all the official levers of authority which he has excessively appropriated while in office, plainly in order to compensate for a lack of confidence in his own ability to lead through his own force of character and the natural respect accorded to good leaders.

    There are still good men and women in Malaysia, but Najib from the day he took office has been packing the bench and every civil service job with yes men as hard as he can go.

    Malaysians have therefore to decide if they want to be ruled increasingly by morons making moronic decisions with no foundation in law or logic… or to mention publicly that they don’t.

    It’s the difference between freedom and bondage and it has to come from the people themselves.”

  6. The Eunuchs are only part of the equation and not the first. The first part is actually the Shamans and Priests- Hadi’s PAS.. IF even the most liberal of the Malays cannot confront THE KEY dysfunctionality to the current mess, what real hope is there for change? Do you blame PKR and Azmin for avoiding the challenge and blaming others rather than lead?

    Yes, the Eunuchs and the naked idiotic Emperor are despicable BUT who says its natural order of politicians to be above THAT if the constituents make asses of themselves with their assumptions?

  7. let’s be honest to ourselves. we can only bring down this corrupt government by armed uprising and to do this we need outside help, yes you guessed it, u.s.a.

  8. Armed revolution is a mad suggestion. If I understand correctly, a successful armed revolution must involve the army, at least the support and involvement of some segments of it. This is unthinkable. Given the almost total buy-out of all the organs of State, the Army breaking any sort of revolution to unseat the emperor is more likely tol be the order of the day.

    Encircling a Minister when he hits the ground and bombarding him with questions for being in cahoots with his mega crook boss and keeping him incommunicado until he is rescued by the police may be a better option. Done repeatedly on a number of selective Ministers things may change. If they do not change, they will probably meet their Waterloo at the next GE and so will the BN, whatever the state of the Opposition may be. When the meek rise the giant must fall.

  9. /// Badar July 28, 2016 at 7:38 am
    you tolong saya, saya tolong you.. ///

    I think for Najib, it is “you help him, he helps himself (to all your money)……….

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