Public Intellectual Kassim Ahmad tells disgraced Najib Razak to resign

July 26, 2015

Public Intellectual Kassim Ahmad tells disgraced Najib Razak to resign

by Kassim Ahmad

After the indirection mention of his name with two others related to him by the United States Department of Justice two days ago, it is best that Prime Minister Najib resigns. There can be no use whatsoever for him to continue to hold office, seeing the financial scandals that have surfaced involving him and his cronies. He should own up and ask for forgiveness from the Malaysian people. The Malaysia people are known for their magnanimous treatment of repentant wrongdoers.

The UMNO supreme council should call into session an extraordinary UMNO general assembly which will accept his resignation and recommends the calling of the 14th general elections. Our Parliament should convene and call for the General Election.

An UMNO general assembly should also elect new delegates and a new supreme council. This new general assembly should pass a resolution to root out corruption completely from the party and the government. If Singapore can do it, why cannot we?  A system of cadre-and-leader training must be instituted to bring about a zero corruption system by giving rise to principled politicians. Our people must not and should not accept less than that. We should base ourselves on the shining example of Prophet Muhammad, the leader who wrought an exemplary vessel of statecraft

Our Federal Constitution should be changed to reflect a just system of governance, as ordered by God in the Quran. This would better suit our constitutional stipulation that “Islam is the religion of the Federation.” With due respect to the famous jurists of the Reid Commission which drafted our constitution, they seemed unaware of the Prophet’s seminal constitutional document, known as the Medina Charter, the first written constitution in the world.[1]

It should be noted that the Medina Charter assigns the autonomous administration of religions to their respective its adherents, thus at one stroke of the pen eliminates religious conflicts. The state does not concern itself with religion.

Kassim Ahmad–The Rebel  and Fellow Kedahan I admire and disagree from time to time–Din Merican

Government, as are other affairs,  is carried out through consultation by the community. This is far more satisfactory than the Western concept of checks and balances. It is strange that the two hand that God gave us is made to fight one another! Why can they cooperate to enjoin good and prevent evil? More over this checks-and-balances theory has not been able to prevent the rise of colonialism and the creation of the Zionist State of Israel, a clear illegal and unjust occupation of Arab Palestine.

6 thoughts on “Public Intellectual Kassim Ahmad tells disgraced Najib Razak to resign

  1. Kassim Ahmad is better off telling Hadi’s PAS top leadership to resign and follow Amanah’s lead. Fact is all of UMNO is corrupted thoroughly. Even UMNO Youth parrots him, defending him – the next generation also corrupt through and through.

    Hadi Awang himself sounds like a syncophantic UMNO Minister. He definitely taking something from Najib. Political Islam has failed the Malays and clear and present danger to them and the country.

    UMNO Baru Must die BUT it starts with Hadi’s PAS and after UMNO Baru dies, Hadi’s PAS should also go.

  2. Pak Kassim calls for Najib Razak’s resignation which I support. But that it is too easy. The Prime Minister must account fully his blatant violations of the Law and made to pay back to the Treasury all the money he and his family have taken from our national coffers. What the DOJ, Switzerland and Singapore are trying to recover is a mere tip of the iceberg. Najib should made to pay heavily for betraying Malaysians.

    Pak Kassim should not pin any hope on UMNO and our Parliament to act. Even our Rulers will not be able to do anything. It has to be aggressive and persistent civil society actions, and international pressure. I am hopeful that the DOJ will institute criminal charges against Najib and his cohorts, starting with Riza Aziz and criminal at large, Penang born and Wharton School educated JhLo.–Din Merican

  3. It looks like this Low-lying fellow is the master-mind to this grand scheme from the beginning……, and all the VIPs had to lick from his hands…..

    Shall we not just leave it to ‘ fate ‘ ?

  4. Malaysian Public Intellectual 1 tells Malaysian Official 1 to resign. Resign and all will be well; all will be forgiven………

  5. If intellectuals like Inche Kassim can be this naive what more to say of ordinary people. Look at the mess in the Muslim world with documented Medina Charter and all. To precribe Medina Charter for the world would be no different from ISIS wanting a more radical Islam. They too want a global Caliphate. Real change has to come internally to stick, not from external sources.

    Our life revolves around reality, imagination and aspirations and sound sleep. All these elements one can perceive, see and feel in the practical sense. These are outside the concepts of God and Religion. – the extras to do good to or wreck the lives of others as history shows.

  6. Quote:- “The Prime Minister must account fully his blatant violations of the Law and made to pay back to the Treasury all the money he and his family have taken from our national coffers”

    Assuming the PM agrees, (though there is no chance in Hell he would even if he could), he can rightly ask, “why only me?” How about the “3Ms”, Mahathir, Muhyiddin, Mukriz, none of whom are angels surely, plus a whose-who List a mile long with august names from UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, and the Sabah-Sarawak safe-depositors which, if cashed-out, may even put 1MDB to shame.

    Please, we are talking about corruption for the last 60 years. Najib happens to be the World famous poster boy due to its sheer audacity and gigantism.

    If Najib had not played too much footsie with Singapore, made Mukriz the home or defense minister, or better still DPM, Mahathir would have closed both eyes, 1MDB would have been listed on the KLSE, the billions from the IPO due to a massive revaluation of the cheap land bought from the Malaysian government would have covered up the RM42b hole, Khairuddin Abu Hassan & Matthias Chang would not have gone to the US, Switzerland, Singapore etc, to make police reports, therefore no foreign governments would have initiated any investigations as all their central banks had already allowed the money flow to flow unhindered, because it would be inconceivable that billions of US dollars could flow from country to country and not one, not one of them raised an alarm. Everything the central banks / regulatory authorities are doing now to out-do each other is merely covering up their own arses.

    So too bad that Najib has to be sacrificed alone on the hastily constructed altar of self-righteousness. The altar should be made big enough to accommodate more than one person.

    Should we therefore forgive Najib as Kassim Ahmad suggested?, certainly not because we will then, applying “Islamic Fairness”, have to forgive the countless copy cat thieving PMs that come after Najib ad infinitum.

    Perhaps the religious people are right. We can and do kill each other all day long, but only God can have the final final say.

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