Man, oh man!–Another Racist Political Party in Malaysia

July 26, 2016

Man, oh man!–Another Racist Political Party in Malaysia

by Azmi Sharom

Man, oh man! This new party being proposed by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has really set some alarm bells ringing.

First and foremost, I think that if anyone wants to set up a political party, that’s their right to do so.Go ahead, knock yourself out, have fun.

My concern is what this does to the already incredibly messy and chaotic political scene of the country. The Opposition is in disarray. Top leaders are either locked up or being dragged through the legal process.

Pakatan Rakyat  To Pakatan Harapan– From one Mess to Another

The promising Pakatan Rakyat has torn apart with PAS suddenly rediscovering its medieval roots. The new Pakatan Harapan (PH) is still finding its feet and I do not believe it has captured the public imagination as how the Pakatan Rakyat did all those years ago.

Plus, now with PAS dancing to its own tune (figuratively of course, because I am sure the party frowns on dancing), it looks like three-cornered fights is going to be the order of the day.

If that is the case, then Barisan Nasional will stand to gain the most.All this mess, and that is without taking into consideration any internal politicking in the three component parties of the PH.

I am certain such politicking exists, although I have no idea what they may be, being an outsider and all. But even without such shenanigans, things do not look good for the Opposition.

And into this situation a new political party may jump in. We aren’t even sure what this party is all about. It appears to be concerned with working with the Opposition to get rid of the Barisan Nasional Government.

Yet, at the same time, its figurehead is saying that it may not go up against UMNO. I’m sorry. What? Maybe I am missing some subtle political point here but the last time I looked, the Prime Minister, his Deputy and many other ministers are from UMNO.

With Mahathir’s  New Party? You must be kidding, man

You want to get rid of the current Government leaders but not fight against UMNO? Can this be correct or was there a total misunderstanding and the news report I read was wrong?

Furthermore, I am most curious to find out just what this new party is all about. What is its manifesto? Is it just to fight Barisan? Or will it have other things it wants to champion?

Perhaps it is going to promise to fix the institutional disaster that we are faced with today. A disaster that can trace its roots to the regime of Dr Mahathir (1981-2003).

It would be interesting if it did want to champion this, seeing as how its de facto head does not have any inclination to admit that perhaps, just perhaps, he has to bear some responsibility for the situation we and he find ourselves in today.

Also there is a possibility that this new party is going to be a Malay party. Really? Great, that’s just what we need; another party that reinforces racial politics. I suppose since its target demographic is UMNO and PAS supporters, it wants to appeal to the Malay heartland.

Even if that is the case, it is a sad state of affairs that these people seem to think that the only way they can do this is by reverting to a political norm that has in the long term caused a divisive and divided society.

And how about their potential partners? How can the PH accept a race-based party when all three parties in PH are not race-based and have spoken out against such things in the past? Additionally, just what exactly is the relationship going to be between this new party and the PH.

Will someone like Dr Mahathir–a megalomaniac by inclination– allow himself to be merely an equal partner or will he want to dictate everything? There is no clue whatsoever as to how this new party will fit into the existing system. All this does is add confusion to an already depressing state of affairs. And I do not know if it is going to help or not.

Let’s be frank, the reason I keep singling out Dr Mahathir is because without him, this new party will not exist. He has been campaigning against the Prime Minister for a long time now and you must be naïve to think that this new party, whatever it may be, will be formed if Dr Mahathir didn’t want it to happen.

But how influential is he anyway? In the last two by-elections, there seems to be no indication that his presence can make a dent in the UMNO support.

Will his party do better? Who knows? Yet, the PH are probably hoping that the Mahathir factor can help turn that particularly Umno-centric demographic.

They obviously decided that it is worth it to consort with their former enemy to do so. The question is, what if the Mahathir factor is not a factor at all? Will it then be worth it to have him in the same team?

Only time will tell.

Azmi Sharom ( is a law teacher. The views expressed here are entirely the writer’s own.

12 thoughts on “Man, oh man!–Another Racist Political Party in Malaysia

  1. Ambitious politicians only leave when the Almighty summons them as they may think that they are indispensable when the Almighty made all disposable and with an expiry dates. Sadly they may have become senile and thus do not realize this ultimate truth while preaching others to leave when the time comes and that they may have exempted even from this ultimate truth as they exempted themselves from many aspects while in power.

  2. @sotong kurita July 26, 2016 at 1:50 pm

    In what way is Azmi sometimes ‘talking cock’ (as you put it)? Have you got any good suggestion or opinion worth sharing?

  3. I don’t see how the new political party can be a multi-racial one, even in name only, like PKR.

    Which former UMNO Baru cadres would want to rub shoulders with infidels as UMNO Lama & Baru members used to refer to non-Muslims for the last 60 years?

    The really, truly game-changer is for Mahathir, Mukriz, Muhyiddin to join PKR.

    What better way for the GOM, (Grand Old Man), to make amends to Anwar than that? The Malays will then see a true UMNO, i.e. a “United Malay National Opposition”

  4. Until Tun Mahathir recognises his flaw and limited understanding of the Chinese in his earlier work documented in ‘Melayu Dilemma’, I would agree with BraveNewWorld that what was generated would merely be another racist party.

    Suggesting that there are other Chinese amongst Chinese. Some of them call themselves Mohists.
    Following is the Mohists’ suggestion to a nation’s ill. Following site best conclude their thoughts and document who they are.

    If the state is in disorder, then expound “promoting the worthy” and “identifying upward”; if the state is poor, then expound “moderation in use” and “moderation in burial”; if the state overindulges in musical entertainment, then expound “condemning music” and “condemning fate”; if the state is dissolute and indecorous, expound “honoring Heaven” and “serving ghosts”; if the state is devoted to aggression and intimidation, then expound “inclusive care” and “condemning aggression.” (Book 49, “Questions of Lu”).


  5. @Wayne, The only real game changer is for existing biggest opposition party to open up, and loosen up its’ grip for top posts. When there is transparency and excitement within party, excitement for the rest of the nation comes easy.

    Stop the contest for Penang. Start in-party contest and open enrollment process for DAP now. Make Malaysia for Malaysians really count.

  6. Politics in Malaysia is not that of ideas but that of race and religion. It is only natural for a die-hard over-the-hill megalomaniac racist to start another racist political party, for racism sells in Malaysia. Yes, this is about demand and supply. Malaysians, especially the Malay-Malaysians, check your inner-selves. When there is no demand there will be no supply.

  7. UMNO Baru is NOT a political party. AT BEST IT IS A CULT. But in truth they are ORGANIZED CRIMINALS…Hadi’s PAS IS THE TRUE CULT.. So in contrast, a racist party vs organized crimes and cults, its not so bad..

  8. Well said Azmi Sharom!
    ( and sotong kurita – Azmi aint talking cock here. What can u mean by yr comment anyway?)

    In many many peoples’ minds the mess we are in was started bt Tun M.

    Before he can make amends he needs to list his past errors(a long list i feel) and apologize to the rakyat.Perhaps another tear jerking performance is whats needed, ala at his hint at retirement.

    The fact that he is forming another Malay party does not augur well. I was talking to a chap yesterday who felt that Allah has panjangkan umur Tun M so that he can right his earlier wrongs – well i dont quite share all his sentiments .
    No no no Not another race based political party !!!

  9. Octo and his loyal lieutenant MY, can make a difference by ‘penetrating’ the rural heartland. We cannot be blinded by the realty of their ethnocentrism, but we should remember that there are significant numbers of rural Nons, who are just as marginalized as their ‘bumi’ brethren.

    The new party (when it forms) will be ‘non-racial’ and membership will be open to all, especially the retired otherwise apolitical civil servants and public academics who comprise primarily of ‘Sons’ but also has a smattering of Nons.

    The G-25, G-40 or whatever, can cooperate along with other unhijacked NGOs. After all, the present Civil Service is already paralyzed and moribund – making ad hoc nonsensical policies and drifting away from their avowed G.O. (general orders).

    The fact that Pokemon-Go has an iconic FLOM in it.., tells us that Boleh sudah ‘Tak-Boleh’! Apa lagi Melayu Akan Hilang diDunia?

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