En core–Ambassador Malott’s Article on DOJ’s Move on 1MDB

July 26, 2016

En core–Ambassador Malott’s Article on DOJ’s Move on 1MDB


Ambassador John R. Malott (center) and Friends in Hanover. Va.

Some people were surprised when I said that the US government’s seizure of assets – condos, mansions, hotels, and art work – all of which were purchased with money stolen from 1MDB and the Malaysian people – was only the beginning.

It’s true. There’s lots more to come. There will be criminal indictments coming, most likely including Riza Aziz and Jho Low, who both are very closely connected to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

There will be a mention in a future criminal prosecution of an “unindicted co-conspirator,” who now is widely known as ‘Malaysian Official 1’. When he no longer is in office, he will be indicted in the US.

Here are some thoughts about what happens next on the US side. The US government already has seized these assets, or asked other governments, such as Switzerland and the UK, to seize them.

Riza Aziz–His Days are numbered

So now Najib’s stepson Riza and his close adviser Jho Low cannot sell anything or try to get their money out of the US or other countries. They have been blocked.

Under US law, the next step is for Riza, Jho Low, and others to try and prove in a court of law that the assets that were seized from them truly were purchased with their own money – and not from funds stolen from 1MDB.

Of course, they cannot prove that. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) filing was meticulous, thorough, and totally professional. The evidence is all there. It even includes the transcripts of wiretapped phone calls of a panicked Jho Low talking to his bankers.

Thanks to the FBI and DOJ, it is so clear. We know where the money came from. It was stolen from the Malaysian people, through 1MDB.

Your money, not ours

As US Attorney-General Loretta Lynch and the others pointed out many times, the money was stolen from the people of Malaysia. The assets belong to them.

So the US government will hold all of the seized assets – the real estate, the paintings, the rights to ‘Wolf of Wall Street’, etc – in trust on behalf of the people of Malaysia, from whom the money was stolen.

The assets will not belong to the US government. (How ironic that the US attorney-general seems to care more about this thievery than the Malaysian Attorney-General does…)

In the meantime, the US government will rent out Riza’s condo in New York and his Beverly Hills house. It will take over the management of the hotels in New York and Beverly Hills that were purchased by Jho Low with the stolen money. The US government will collect the profits from all future sales of the DVDs and TV rights of ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. The Monet and Van Gogh paintings will go on exhibition somewhere, so everyone can enjoy. And so on.

And all of the profit that is earned will be held in trust by the US government on behalf of the Malaysian people. It is your money, not ours.

What about Rosmah’s son, Riza?

Young Riza will soon be homeless. The US government has seized his homes.In order to save itself and the films it has in production (including a new film about George Washington, starring Leonardo DiCaprio), I predict that Red Granite Pictures will get rid of Riza.

So Riza will be jobless, too. When the US government files criminal charges against Riza (and I am sure they will), they will ask the court to seize his passport so he cannot leave the US.

The Malaysian Embassy in Washington (pic above) may try to defraud the US government and issue a new passport to Riza, with a new number, so he can leave the country. At that point, we will see how efficient the US government is at catching this.

If the Malaysian government asks for the seized assets to be transferred back to them, the US government will do so.

But will Najib do that? No. If Najib asks for the money back, it means that he is admitting that the money was stolen from the development fund that he headed, that the stolen money went to his stepson and his “adviser” Jho Low, and that he has been lying about this to the Malaysian people for years.

So, of course he will never do that. Asking for the money back will have to wait for a future Prime Minister.

And why would Najib want to ask “for the money back,” when he and his family and cronies already have it – or have spent it?

An international pariah

From an international viewpoint, this is the end of Najib. He is an international pariah. The world now thinks he is a crook. He is a fraud. The world will want nothing to do with him. He will not be welcomed anywhere. When he speaks to the United Nations General Assembly next fall, there will be only 30 or so people in the room, mostly Malaysians. Other leaders will be embarrassed to be seen with him, to shake his hand, to be photographed with him.

As for Rosmah, her credit at Hermes and Tiffany’s and elsewhere is now cut off. Those luxury stores now know the money was not hers. It was stolen from the Malaysian people. They do not want to be complicit in international money-laundering. They have their own reputations to protect.

That is how the world will react. But how will the Malaysian people react? Will Najib get away with this, back in Malaysia? I fear that the answer is yes. If so, it means that Malaysia is now in Mugabe-Land.

The Inspector-General of police (IGP) says that the US government never asked for cooperation from the Malaysian government in their investigation. Yet both the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and the FBI have said that they cooperated with each other in this investigation. The IGP knows the truth, so why did he say otherwise? Why did he lie?

The Malaysian A-G says that this is all speculation and innuendo, and that there is no proof of the US government’s charges. Yet the US government has issued a very thorough, professional, and detailed 136-page filing of evidence with the court. It is there for the AG to read. Instead, why did he choose to insult the integrity of the US government? Why did he lie?

As long as Malaysia’s IGP and A-G continue to deny the truth in the face of the overwhelming facts, we know where this is going.How ironic it is, that is the US government – the FBI and the US attorney general – who are doing the job that the IGP and Malaysian A-G should be doing.

As US A-G Lynch said, this is the Malaysian people’s money. It is not America’s.We want to give it back to you.

12 thoughts on “En core–Ambassador Malott’s Article on DOJ’s Move on 1MDB

  1. This 1MDB episode brings shame and reduces the credibility of many Malaysian institutions such as such PDRM, AG Chamber, Parliament, Judiciary, BNM, etc., etc., I wonder what would people like Tun Suffian Hashim, Tun Razak, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Ghazali Shafie, Tun Hussein Onn, Tun Dr. Ismail, Tun Omar Lin, Tun Lim Chong Eu, and many others would have said and/or done about it. The present cadre of self-appointed and proclaimed leaders seem to exhibit a lack of sheer courage to call a spade a spade and to fight for the “truth”, let alone able to demonstrate an understanding of 1MDB’s debacle on the nation which in one stroke amplifies the reputation that is unwelcome nor wanted. It seems that what is good for the nation has slided far into the oblivion.

    I am pretty sure the mindsets of those leaders is to stay put on a status quo, and once in a blue moon to visit Kaabah for an umrah hoping for a thorough cleansing of sins, only to return home to Malaysia to continue on the same path, if not to strengthen their resolves to satisfy their greeds. These are the very same players who want to outIslamize each other.

  2. In May, Jho Low had started selling some assets indicating they had already known the DOJ was close. Riza Aziz returned home to discuss things over and likely prepare for the eventuality. There are many countries without extradition treaty with the US especially in the Middle East, West Asia where they have extensive contact. Its clear they have thought of a action plan before this week.

    Its simply time to just act, there is nothing to wait for. UMNO and Hadi’s PAS has to go.. The NSC bill is coming into force this week. These challenges are hard enough, waiting when they have made various plans will make it even harder..

  3. /// There will be a mention in a future criminal prosecution of an “unindicted co-conspirator,” who now is widely known as ‘Malaysian Official 1’. When he no longer is in office, he will be indicted in the US. ///

    To indict “Malaysian Official 1”, the DOJ must first identify who this mysterious MO1 is – he must be unequivocally fingered (who you finger him is up to you). My list of usual suspects are:
    1) Prime Minister of Malaysia
    2) Finance Minister of Malaysia
    3) Chairman of 1MDB Advisory Committee
    4) Rosmah’s husband
    5) Riza Aziz’s step-father

    Please vote who among the 5 is the most likely to be MO1.

  4. Add one more to make it 6 and the sixth person is UMNO’s public enemy No 1 Ambassador Malott – ha..ha..ha!

  5. Let us call a spade a spade. This episode 1MDB does not bring shame to Malaysians. It shames the UMNOMelayus and no one else. The UMNOMelayus have been using their race and religion to discriminate and oppress the non -Melayus. The grand theft of public money was carried out by non other than the head team of UMNOMelayu who had roped in a few corrupted lowly non-Malay underlings to share the loot. Therefore, the shame squarely belongs to the ” specially privileged race”, the UMNOMelayus. Even now in the face of stark concrete evidence these bunch of kampong bred UMNOMelayus are defending the indefensible crime of the century. What does it say of the top elitists belonging to that particular race. Victims of discrimination and oppressed will savor the international shame on the “privileged race of peo Surely it will bring that false pride a few pegs down.” .

  6. MOF#1 + wife smart to have in laws in a ‘stan’ country n moved hard cash by charter plane to that country..followed the example of Daim +TDM to move hard cash to ‘stable’ African countries

  7. Do not get your hopes up. The US Justice Department is known to cut deals, particularly, in civil cases.
    When it comes to public funds, cutting deals is out of the question. — Din Merican

  8. One question though…why do we want to dwell in hypothetical question of what this or that dead person would think or say under the current situation? They are dead and gone. All this fouled-up belong squarely to the living to face and deal with. Those that need to say anything are saying it and doing what need to be done. If all this mean the slow-motion desctruction of Malaysia, so be it. No one owe anyone anything, reputation or right to exist. If those who can do anything do not do anything then we will wait for natural justice to take its course to dispense the rightful indictment. Even the ordinary people, me and you will be taken in by the demand of this justice. Some will surrender it to the will of Allah. Others will try to live with it. Others will move on. Malaysia is a nation among the nations. It comes and goes with the ebb of time.

  9. Apparently, Jibby Boy is unfazed by latest US government action on 1MDB funds, focusing instead on shoring up power at home. He fired detractors and curbed dissent within UMNO, so all that is left are loyalists who are either convinced that he is innocent or don’t care one way or another. An opposition in disarray, marked by periods of public infighting, has helped him. As long as he retains the backing of UMNO’s powerful division heads, the Malay masses will follow to support him, and no one can bring him down – not even that 91 year old over-the-hill megalomaniac who started and taught him the present corrupt system in Malaysia.

  10. I concur with Robert Chelliah’s sentiment. One gauge of his point was the fixation of the Malays with Selena Gomez’s clothing and concerts relative to the siphoning of USD billions into private accounts. PAS’s Hadi stated that we need at least 4 witnesses to quantify and validate the 1MDB’s debacle and it speaks volumes of the collective mindset – and hence the dictum, God will not change the fate of the nation unless the nation changes itself. We never seem to learn, don’t we?

  11. The facts are out there the big fines that banks pay to settle whatever they have done. And it legal in their system.

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