Paul Low shamelessly hangs on to his Cabinet post

July 24, 2016

Paul Low shamelessly hangs on to his Cabinet post

by Stephen Ng

COMMENT:  At least Wahid Omar, Idris Jala and former finance minister II Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah have ‘abandoned’ the present cabinet of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

One person whom I have been trying to persuade to leave the cabinet is Paul Low Seng Kuan, who is still hanging on to his ministerial post as if this was the divine decree that he received when Najib’s office first contacted him about the offer.

Sadly, as a Christian, Low has chosen to be part of a cabinet in support of Najib, even at a time when the whole world can immediately see the link between Najib and the Malaysian Official No 1 mentioned in the civil suit filed by the US Department of Justice (DOJ).

In the court of public opinion, one does not have to wait for the entire case to be dispensed by the court. As long as the DOJ is able to produce concrete evidence showing the money trail, that alone is sufficient for the public to know how the money had allegedly been laundered.

Dr. Loretta Lynch  and colleagues in DOJ, USA are dealing with  Kleptocrats (the Foxes) in the Malaysian Hen House because our MACC and Attorney-General failed us.

Between what the DOJ has revealed during its press conference in Washington DC and Najib’s long denial of the scandal, Low should be able to decide for himself who is more transparent. As a minister working within Najib’s cabinet, I want to know if Low has in fact advised Najib to own up to the scandal, or has he not?

The facts and evidences are all there on the table. Nothing that could be revealed by the DOJ was not hidden away from us. The Bible says, “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.”

Perhaps, what the DOJ has disclosed this week is too shocking for Low himself, who had once shocked even the average Malaysian, when he likened too much transparency to a naked woman.

What saddens me the most is that someone can use Scripture to justify his position in cabinet, and thereafter, do all the whitewashing. At a meeting where Low attended, Low had said that Najib “is serious about fighting corruption”.

Immediately, he received a very strong response from a discerning theological professor who said that he did not honestly think so. This was way before the expose of the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) by the Wall Street Journal or Sarawak Report.

As a former president of Transparency International ( Tunku A Aziz was the Founder of TI Malaysian Chapter), Low should come clean, and tell the world whether he is now able to convince Najib to own up to being the Malaysian Official No 1, so that others like DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang are not implicated.

No matter how the spin wheel is turned, it will still point to either the Prime Minister, the Finance Minister, the chairperson of the Advisory Board of 1MDB, the “senior official in the government of Malaysia”, “senior person of authority in 1MDB” and “relative of Riza Aziz”.

Where does Wong Kim Kong now stand?

Low has be upfront now to tell us if he had a role to play in the setting up of the well-funded Christians for Peace and Harmony Malaysia (CPHM), and naturally, the other person I want to bring to the forefront is Wong Kim Kong, who is chairperson of the organisation.

I am not against anyone or organisation in particular, but I am angry when people are pretending to be neutral and using the Christian platform in an effort to defend the indefensible or endorse a particular person.

It is such hypocrisy that has to be exposed so that the truth can prevail, but even at this juncture, I would urge that Low redeem his reputation by leaving the cabinet if he is still true to his conscience and our God.

After the DOJ’s civil suit, Najib does not appear to be able to escape the infamy his 1MDB scandal has earned him; therefore, the only right thing to do is to state your stand and dissociate yourself from him.

STEPHEN NG is an ordinary citizen with an avid interest in following political developments in the country since 2008.

13 thoughts on “Paul Low shamelessly hangs on to his Cabinet post

  1. Can serve better by being in rather than out
    May be the justification for continuing to being a Minister.
    Also the remuneration package with pension eligibility could be another incentive not to resign.

  2. The question is not whether Paul Low or Tunku Aziz is shameless but Hadi Awang. Hadi Awang now makes no sense parroting UMNO most sycophantic leaders..The question must be asked – Hadi Sudah makan’ Deal juga? – Is Hadi also part of the 1MDB?

  3. Having survived this far does anyone think that Najib Razak would do the rightful thing and resign with remorse. His and his wife’survival instinct, to preserve their liberty and lifestyle as dictated by their ego, will not resign and let the due process take its course. On the contrary, considering to what extent he has converted all the enforcement institutions to his bidding including the usurping the Agong’ s constitutional powers, he would unleash every ounce of his dictatorial power to remain in power by treachery and deceit and by inciting civil disorder. This would allow him to declare Emergency rule or some thing close to it until 2018. ZHe will defend his disgraced position “even if bodies have to be crushed”.
    Gloom and doom has engulfed the once shining nation.

  4. Paul Low, Tunku Aziz are indeed shameless species. Responses from Apandi,Hadi, Azalina, Keruak, Rahman Dahlan and the two Sabris are awesome. These people and BN Ministers are “God”s gift to Malaysia. All these people are so very fortunate that the 15 million Muslim Malays are more Christian than Christians, so forgiving and accommodating.

  5. I think we are all angry and a loss for words with likes of Tunku Aziz and Paul Low. Both had been responsible with roles in Transparency international. The avatar there after has been less than honest so to speak. Causes in all truth we do not know, Paul Low is a minister and can be lively hood and Tunku Aziz i am really not sure. Tunku did have opportunities with Penang Inst and went on a rampage of opposition, He still well and truly now believes Najib whatever flaws he may have is the best thing for Malaysia and bends over the back to write about it. Perhaps a few kind words, dinner invites and place at high table , maybe even Najib personal demeanour is enough , Yes people have been known to change for less. That is why “love is blind” . Another is Chandra Muzzaffar. What flabbergasts a lot of us is not that these blokes have joined and then abandoned the opposition . that can happen as it has for Chandra and Tunku Aziz. But to abandon the call for integrity and ignoring damage to Malaysia from the very people who can join the many NGO and people to fight to halt the hemmorage of corruption . It is way too sad.

    Paul Low is well and truly blind – like Dhirastra in Mahabharata , blind to his sons and misdeeds – A lot of politics and sordidness can be seen via Mahabharata to make sense and also invent strategy,

    So we have people as some would say, a bag of rice, a job and even simple dinner invites to high society then suddenly everything changes. Remember Ezam a very close assosiate of Anwar , then later abandon PKR for UMNO friendly, Even became senator later. Mokhtar Hashim after release from prison had a good life with umno as a treasurer in negeri sembilan. 10 years prison for murder. Yep all can be managed.

    Where do we draw the line on this cari makan – lively hood thing . Its all sad.

    malaysians should sue

  6. Quote:- “Is Hadi also part of the 1MDB?”

    I don’t think he is personally involved in 1MDB. He sees 1MDB as a godsend opportunity to seize whatever political advantage he could as a weakened Najib needs PAS’s help and if ever Najib falls he would be in the right place at the right time.

    Can’t blame him.

  7. The ongoing actions and behaviour, as demonstrated in both Paul Low + Tunku, as demonstrated in their many public statements on corruptions/integrity, cast a shadow on current + future leadership of TI. Perception of public is TI top ppl appear to b wolves in sheep’s skin, awaiting for opportunities in govt where they their true spirits

  8. The group of najib’s arselickers are so full of shit that they cant think straight anymore becoz their brains are full of shit. May Allah forgive me for being crude.

  9. What a pathetic & shameless person this Paul Low is. I won’t be surprised if his grave being spitted or vandalized in the future.

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