NO, Tunku Aziz, 1MDB is “a modern day wonder”, not the US Probe

July 23, 2016

NO, Tunku Aziz, 1MDB is “a modern day wonder”, not the US Probe

by Bernama


For Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim (pic above), the total lack of communication with 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) in regard to the filing of civil forfeiture by the United States Department of Justice, are among several features that intrigued him.

In his article published by Malaysia Outlook news portal, Tunku Abdul Aziz who was former United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Adviser, questioned the method used in obtaining information which he described as a “modern-day wonder”.

“How could anyone conduct a thorough and professional investigation without seeking and obtaining information from primary sources such as 1MDB officials and other relevant authorities, including Malaysian law officers,” he asked.

Najib Razak, Architect of “IMDB modern day wonder”

The civil lawsuit for the recovery of assets in excess of US$1 billion accused of being plundered from 1MDB, was announced by US Attorney-General Loretta E Lynch on Wednesday (July 13).

Tunku Abdul Aziz said it was regrettable that the Americans had chosen to fight their war against cross-border corruption by hiding behind a smokescreen of high-minded moral principles that could not stand up to close scrutiny.

“Yet in the same breath, and stopping just short of naming names, they impute improper motives to our Prime Minister (Najib Abdul Razak) and cast aspersions on his reputation and character, without being able to produce an ounce of proof.

“It is worth reminding ourselves that there is absolutely no suggestion in any of the investigations conducted so far by the authorities in Switzerland and Malaysia that Najib had stolen anything from 1MDB,” he said.

He said the Public Accounts Committee, comprising government and opposition lawmakers, after months of exhaustive investigation and in regular consultations with the auditor-general recently produced their authoritative report that exonerated the prime minister from all allegations of wrongdoing.

“In short, the allegations against him were reckless, vindictive and frivolous. In all the circumstances, Najib is innocent until proven guilty under the law.What is shocking is that there are many among us who cannot cope with the truth and the truth is that the prime minister is innocent until proven guilty,” he added.

– Bernama


26 thoughts on “NO, Tunku Aziz, 1MDB is “a modern day wonder”, not the US Probe

  1. The only voice that matters now is firstly KJ, then Supreme Council. You can hear their phones ringing each other up non-Stop.

  2. Quote:- “…Najib is innocent until proven guilty under the law.What is shocking is that there are many among us who cannot cope with the truth and the truth is that the prime minister is innocent until proven guilty”

    Yes, Tunku Abdul Aziz is an ostrich until proven otherwise.

  3. In criminal investigations, there are many sources to obtain information and ingredients of offences. There is no law that requires the suspect must give a statement before arrest effected and charge made against him.

    After his arrest based on prima facie evidence available, the suspect is normally given a chance to defend himself by giving a statement. If his statement does not absolve him, the investigation agency will proceed to charge him. Then the trial process will follow.

    Who says Najib is guilty ?None has been arrested yet and charged. Everybody named in DOJ statement is “innocent” until proven guilty.

  4. My respect and regard for Dato Din Merican and my upbringing make it difficult for me to really put down what I am feeling after reading Tunku’s Aziz post. I do not wish to litter Dato’s blog with all the expletives I can muster so I concede. No swearing but keep on biting my tongue.

  5. It appears either Tunku Aziz is even stupider than we thought, or living proof that eating dedak every day can make people become dumb imbeciles.

    1. Najib Razak himself (eventually) freely admitted that yes, he did receive RM2.6 billion in his personal account. This is public record.

    This fact was later corroborated by none other than the Malaysia Attorney General, a move which has proven to be akin to shooting the PM/Finance Minister in the foot when the US Department of Justice used the confirmation to their advantage.

    Has Tunku Aziz stopped to ask, now how could a sitting Prime Minister have billions in his personal account? Is it proper for a sitting Prime Minister to have billions in a PERSONAL account? And how could a sitting Prime Minister have billions of money in a PERSONAL account which he then kept hidden from his Deputy, Cabinet and high ranking UMNO officials for at least 4 years?

    2. Najib Razak, through his lawyer, also admitted that yes, he did indeed have and spent RM42 million in his personal account. This, also, is public record. No need to resort to third party sources, when the admissions came from the horse’s mouth.

    Najib’s only defence was he did not know where the money had come from, and had spent it thinking it was from the same royal family donation he had gotten earlier. Never mind that a few months later, he then said that he had returned all the balance of the royal donation, 2 years before he started spending the 42 million!

    So many lies, that they could not keep their stories straight anymore.

    Has Tunku Aziz stopped to ponder, now how could a sitting PM have 42 million in his account? How could he use millions from that to pay off 2 credit card bills (a fact later inadvertently corroborated by the same Attorney General when he held up the documents aloof in his hands for the world to take zoom photos of)? Is it proper for a sitting PM to admit that he did have tens of millions in a personal account that no one had known of for at least 4 years?

    It is too bad that Tunku Aziz decided to totally destroy whatever credibility and self-worth he had left, as it completely negates his earlier attacks on the DAP.

  6. As usual, Tunku Aziz, the poodle dog of UMNO, will question and blame the accuser – not the accused.

    The funny thing is that what the people and parliament in Malaysia cannot do – to convict or evict Najib – the US investigation and enforcement agencies will probably get it done.

    So, DPM Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, make your move now otherwise Mahathir can upstage you and derail your plan of becoming a long haul PM

    From Mr John Malott’s observation of US actions, two things stand out (1) The No 1 Official (as named in the Justice Department filings), who stole the money was Najib and which money went through many “cut-outs” to a Saudi prince, who then sent the money to Najib. (2) “Aziz” ,Najib’s step-son and “Jho Low.” may be indicted first for ‘money laundering, wire fraud, and obstruction of justice’ with Najib listed as “unindicted co-conspirator” to be indicted in future when he leaves office.

    The Ambassador’s sardonic comment that the Malaysian government’s claim that the money came from a Saudi prince may be the truth but then he could be one of many thousands of princes in Saudi Arabia is a cutting taunt that was meant to be.

  7. Hiding your head up a camel’s arse for too long, tunku. This creep is a Malaysian wonder, using all the benefits of the modern world but retaining the feudal mentality of a tunku.

    He thinks the US system works like the bolehland type where the royals and the elite politicians can plunder from the rakyat as in the days of yore and yet talk about modern principles of innocent till proven guilty.

    I am just waiting for that one residing in Kuala Kangsar to come up with his high-faluting speeches on governance and transparency and islamic principles, blithely unaware that his types are part of the rotten system that is being perpetuated by the bolehland elites.

  8. How does Tunku Aziz NOT consider wire transfers/payments from 1MDB to X to Y to Z and other bank statements in black and white as PROOF !! Sure beats me the way Tunku thinks. Many of us most certainly would have done a much better job at or in ALL the positions he once held but not in his present post as we will have the honesty and decency of not able to say his words.

  9. I supposed we could ask, who cares what Tunku Aziz thinks anymore? He moved to “The Dark Side” many years ago. It’s hard to believe he used to head Transparency International in Malaysia, dedicated to exposing and fighting corruption.

  10. The man has been licking najib’s arse too much until so much shit went into his brain. So what comes out from his mouth will all be shit.

  11. Dear Ambassador Malott

    Tunku Aziz did not suddenly turn to the dark side. A person who professes to fight corruption would not abandon his belief that corruption is evil regardless of the circumstances. He has always been lying to us on his stand on corruption or he is racist who willing to abandon fight for “Ketuanan Melayu.”
    People change over time. Tunku Aziz is no exception. But this is way over the top when he abandons principles he practised over all the years I knew him, going back over nearly 50 years.–Din Merican

  12. A sovereign fund transferring fund for gambling and settling gambling debts
    A Sovereign fund sponsoring wine and women binges
    A sovereign fund issue bonds and use the proceeds or part thereof for personal gains
    and all these are the deeds of the “Chosen One”
    In Chinese history, the rakyat calls for a change in the Mandate of Heaven

  13. Why should the DOJ seek information from the thief? Thieves will always deny and never cooperate. Aziz sold his soul to the devil. He will die like a worm.

  14. This self entitled rent seeking knob polisher is desperate to hold on to his rice bowl. Typical of a shameless hypocrite who can spot the tahi lalat on his neighbour’so front lawn but oblivious to the hugelie of shirt on his own back yard.

  15. Correction. The auto speller is a real pain.

    “This self entitled rent seeking knob polisher is desperate to hold on to his rice bowl. Typical of a shameless hypocrite who can spot the tahi lalat on his neighbour’s front lawn but oblivious to the huge pile of shit on his own back yard.”

  16. Tunku Aziz is a confused man. He’s also a has been and no longer relevant. why even waste bandwidth or even time to read his writings since he got all his neutrons crossed wired.

  17. Wonder how much is this Tunku paid for defending the un-defendable. I suggest him to ask for a pay rise before the culprit is locked up.

  18. #the allegations against him were reckless, vindictive and frivolous…

    Tun has just suggested that DOJ as vindictive and frivolous? Ambassador Malott said it well. We are on Mugabe land now.

  19. Dato

    That’s a big change. I guess you are right about. It is sad that a principled person gave up all his values now.


  20. Turning oneself into shit is not a problem to the nation n rakyat. Putting this shit in the macc is a big problem for the nation n rakyat.

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