Hillary Clinton selects Tim Kaine as her running mate

July 23, 2016

Hillary Clinton selects Tim Kaine as her running mate


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has selected Tim Kaine, a centrist senator from Virginia, as her running mate. Mrs Clinton broke the news in a tweet late on Friday. She plans a formal announcement on Saturday.

US Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and US Senator Tim Kaine during a campaign rally in Virginia.

Mrs Clinton passed over more left-leaning candidates in favour of the 58-year-old senator, who is a strong supporter of free-trade agreements.His home state of Virginia is a major battleground in the coming election.

Who is Tim Kaine?

Mr Kaine speaks fluent Spanish and could help the Clinton campaign maintain its support among Hispanic Americans – a growing voting bloc. An experienced politician who has been toughly vetted, he is considered a “safe” choice for the vice-president slot. He personally opposes abortion but supports abortion rights.

Grey line

Analysis: Kim Ghattas, BBC News, Washington

Clinton went for substance not sizzle, a safe choice rather than a firebrand who could excite the party faithful.

She felt confident perhaps that she could keep left-leaning Democrats on her side while broadening her appeal with a centrist running mate, reach out to those independents and even moderate Republicans turned off by their party’s candidate Donald Trump.

Most of all her aides had told me she wanted someone she felt comfortable working with for the next four, even eight years, someone who knew how to get things done, and Virginia Senator Tim Kaine’s record as a former mayor and governor fits that description. He’s also never lost an election.

He will disappoint some liberals namely because of his pro-trade position, which he will have to temper now.

The Republican National Committee dismissed the ticket as the ”failed Democratic status quo”. But even some Republicans, like Arizona senator Jeff Flake, said Mr Kaine was an all around nice guy.

Mrs Clinton says her running mate has a relentless optimism, a much-needed attribute in an election season often described as dark because of the rhetoric of Donald Trump. Mr Kaine was a finalist to be Barack Obama’s running mate in 2008 and served as Virginia governor before his time in the Senate.

Mrs Clinton also reportedly interviewed liberal firebrand Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Senator Cory Booker, an African-American senator from New Jersey. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack was said to have been on her shortlist.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, in a text to his supporters, described President Obama, Mrs Clinton and Mr Kaine as “the ultimate insiders” and appealed to voters to not “let Obama have a third term”.

Republican Party chief Reince Priebus tweeted scornfully: “Hillary Clinton’s choice of Tim Kaine does nothing to unify a fractured Democrat base repelled by her dishonesty and cronyism.”

Hillary Clinton's Twitter announcement about Tim Kaine

Tim Kaine's tweet after being chosen as Hillary Clinton's running mate


4 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton selects Tim Kaine as her running mate

  1. I live in Virginia, and Tim Kaine is my US Senator. He also was our Governor. He is a great choice.
    Ambassador Malott,

    Hillary made a timely decision to choose Citizen Kaine as her running mate. She needs a reliable and non controversial man whose idea of public service for the people I admire to stand beside her. Now she is ready to fight the good fight to 1600 Pennslyvania Avenue and what a way to go the convention in Philadelphia next week.–Din Merican

  2. Never thought i’d see ‘her’ running mate. It was alway ‘his’.
    Took a while, but the US has caught up with other countries where her preceeded him to lead a country. Including in bolehland, where the bag lady has given Loretta enough reasons to Lynch Mr Pink Lips.

  3. BBC news reporter says that Trump supporters really hate Hillary.
    Spurred on by Fox News and the right-wing echo chamber in the USA, no doubt.

    Hopefully, Southerner Tim Kaine will help her to capture the votes of independents and moderate Republicans upset with the hijacking of the Republican Party by the Christian Right and Tea Party extremists.

  4. This election is about winning voters that do not want the other side. One thing Trump is good at is negative campaign. Hillary better show some teeth if she is going to win this one.

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