Public Policy in the 21st Century

July 17, 2016

Public Policy in the 21st Century

Our Public Administrators must abandon old mental maps and deal with the realities of our globalised, technology and internet driven and fast paced world. Even Najib’s Blue Ocean strategy is out of date. We must learn to deal with open systems. Times are unpredictable and uncertainty is the norm. Innovate or become out of date. We need to do things better, faster and cheaper with new capacity to detect and anticipate emergent issues. Listen to this lecture and start thinking differently by creating inventive solutions with an innovative mind set.

Build national resilience through partnership with society and non-government organisations. It is our shared responsibility to make our country better. Our administrators must recognise that there are many ways of producing solutions to our problems. The best way is to be humble by recognising Government cannot deal with these complex challenges without the cooperation of all stakeholders.–Din Merican


7 thoughts on “Public Policy in the 21st Century

  1. All this are big empty words. Just play by the rules and not with them and if you do have the time do not use the forms of democracy to undermine its substance. Learn form the motherland Britain.
    You must have read her book from cover to cover to form this conclusion. Why not share your views in full with us. Public administration must be that simple. Why not send me your resume so that I can engage you to teach at The Techo Sen School of Government and International Relations here in Phnom Penh.–Din Merican

  2. Quote:- “Innovate or become out of date. We need to do things better, faster and cheaper with new capacity to detect and anticipate emergent issues”

    This statement implies that, in the context of government and governing, these things are not happening or not happening as often as we would want and therefore something must be done to governments.

    Well, we in the private sector we do this as our daily bread because there is no such thing as a “budget deficit” which is actually a cover-up for “losing money” which in our private sector case means facing bankruptcy something which governments are only now beginning to have a taste and fear of and hence the urgent tone of the above statement.

    So, in my layman’s view, (as I’ve never been in government), I can see where Ms. Bourgon is coming from, that there has to be a change of mindset in officialdom.

    Nothing new of course about changing mindsets or creating “mental maps”, (even a famous ex-goreng pisang seller has or appears to do it at age 91), but to ask governments to do it, this I got to see, because those who can do, those who can’t teach and those who can’t teach go into government.

  3. The majority of the people from the majority race in this country, i.e. the Malays, including the leaders (from the same race) must change their mindsets, (also in their thoughts and actions that are determined by their mostly distorted beliefs in Islam or in listening to the wrong advice) in order to meet the challenges within and outside the country and to move forward and keep pace with the fast pace of our advancing world. It’s time for people to close ranks and work towards the betterment of the country. All personal agendas must be ditched especially agendas that are hatched by their over-powering spouses.

  4. Hak55, what constitute corruption? In Malaysia corruption comes in many forms and through labels, clear act of corruption has become legitimate. Remember Donation. Then there’s the fees and service charges paid to foreign labor agents. Are these necessary? How about AP’s for selected few? Why not everyone pay a fee straight to the govt for an AP?

  5. Quote:- “…the fast pace of our advancing world”

    This is precisely the problem. Those who cannot keep up, (and unfortunately they form the greater majority in any country), whether in 3rd Worlds or 1st, have to fall back on something slower, providing a comforting sanctuary, and what can be slower and a better unimpeachable sanctuary than religion and when religion is coupled with the overt identity of a certain race, those left behind have a perfect weapon for an offense and defense.

    Quote:- “…what constitute corruption?”

    What indeed.

    In Malaysia, corruption has now morphed into a not-too-subtle rallying call to uphold, preserve and defend the race and religion against treasonous objectors who have been identified as “kafir harbi” which, on this one-size-fits-all label alone, can be killed off with impunity.

  6. Thanks Dato’. My mind is willing but my body is well passed its use by date. I admire people like you who continue to do battle. But having said that and watching those principles so close to us in the 60s and 70s being taken lightly I hope that level heads will prevail and we will all adhere to the rule of law. Beyond that God please help us and give the wisdom to our leaders to do the right thing.

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